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  1. shoulder tendonitis

    Just as an update I ended up stopping the weights full stop because no matter what I did the shoulder played up. I think then due to lack of use it got weaker and worse. Any way after about 9 months I could finally sleep on it. So slowly started doing some pull ups laying down under my bench bar and slow built up so I can do some bent over rows, Started introducing some curls and a few sets of dead lifts. Apart from a minor bit of tenderness it is going well and great to get doing some thing again. Just concentrating on building up the back and shoulders which is what I should done in the first place and it might not have happened. I haven't tried any sort of pressing as of yet
  2. shoulder tendonitis

    Well thanks again every one some brilliant info. I have made a start tonight. Bloody great to get the blood flowing again.
  3. shoulder tendonitis

    Will do thank you. Be nice to get moving again doing any thing
  4. shoulder tendonitis

    Got to admit very little to any. Was sort of hoping the pressing may sort of do the lot lol
  5. shoulder tendonitis

    I swapped to dumbells about a year ago as I train at home and it saved unpacking the rack. Just unfold my bench grab a couple dumbells and crack on. So lots of pressing but i think maybe flared the elbows too much. But more than likely caused by lack of warming up. Hitting 50 this year so things are a bit worn. Time is of the essence so it so tempting to just crack on. So I think that is what has happened. I have a bar very similar to the pics above in fact I thought it was some sort of curling bar. Looking forward to trying some new stuff out now. brilliant folks
  6. shoulder tendonitis

    Great to hear cheers
  7. shoulder tendonitis

    Cheers swole that in its self is encouraging. I can't do curls and any sort of press horizontally. Or any thing that involves weight on the shoulder it seems. But I have not tried vertically it never occured to me. Will have an experiment. Thank you
  8. shoulder tendonitis

    Any one got any good news please? Been training about 4 years and things were suddenly going really well. Muscle building and weights going up then bang now got lots of pain in various parts of the shoulder. From what I have read seems to be tendonitis. Have laid off weights for 3 weeks though I did have a little dabble but immediate pain so stopped. Bit of a pisser and I can feel all me hard work slipping away
  9. groin strain advice

    Yes still have it. Just going to live with it but frustrating. As you say running really aggravates it. Going to try strengthening the area
  10. groin strain advice

    cheers folks. Been googling and what I can read it sounds like a sports hernia which you can tell apparently because if you press it it doesn't hurt where as a normal one would. They say stretching is no help but strengthening the surrounding muscles does. So they say lol
  11. groin strain advice

    Yes it was a GP. I have been reading up and apparently if you can press it with no pain which I can it is probably a sports hernia Sore as fook at moment sitting down but I can walk around fine
  12. groin strain advice

    I say groin but it is just above the old boy on the right. Looks on google shows it as the lower abdominal. Had it a few months now. Say a doc at the start and she said there was no hernia. It also stops aching once warmed up or did. I took a couple of weeks off and it went so started back on the weights and it started to flare back up but went once warmed up. Any it has been quite bad the last week or two and going for a jog didn't' do it any favours. I have started a new job and sat at a desk for 8 hours solid and when i get home its sore and stiff and seems worse since starting the job. But now it doesn't seem to go away when warm. I just tried to do some curls standing up and could feel it hurting. Just remembered i have some compression shorts from my running days and they seem to help it. Also ibuprofen takes it away Any tips welcome because it is driving me nuts and just when things were going well on the weights front after 3 years I started to notice things growing lol