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  1. Mountain bike trail riding

    My flex, hit bits of jumps on it, downhill trails and a 20 mile ride at least once a week, and its do plenty more than I ask. Two lads I ride with have Santa Cruz's you certainly wouldn't go wrong with one
  2. New addition

    Nice mate, great to have in a home gym
  3. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    Recon natty there, pro sportsman, good genetics and dietect, seems a decent chap either way.
  4. Bodybuilding Forum Rankings??

    @TheRealDeal seems a pretty big dog, sure he was telling a newer member, that he (tge newer guy) didn't know him and mentioned how long he'd been on and how he the old hands here know him. I for one was impressed that
  5. Who should die first!

    B for Brian damage
  6. Who should die first!

    Youd probably employ him then be a t**t with him, then make him have you a brew read for when you arrive every morning
  7. Daddy wants milk

    Yes it had no tits.
  8. Daddy wants milk

    I milked a bull once took a while to get started but when it did..... mmmmmm
  9. Everyone get the final gym session in?

    Yeh man, shoulders tri' and bi's, got a bit of a home set for lock down so all good here
  10. Why have puppies gone so expensive?

    His brindle s mostly light with dark stripes rather than dark with light, hes a good dog, had to get him done as him was a big humper, other Male dogs were his preferred shag of choice, still tries to sling dick now and then no where near as much as before though
  11. Why have puppies gone so expensive?

    @KETONES Couple of pics of my 30kg bro,
  12. Lee Labrada's Lad

    Some meat on them legs!
  13. Your gyms still quiet?

    Both I go too are chock-block
  14. Chinese tonight

    Salt & pepper chicken Salt & pepper chips Chicken fried rice Curry Prawn crackers
  15. Ultra marathons, triathlons that type of thing I'd assume