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  1. Lifting is stoopid

    I do enjoy though, so what you gunna do....
  2. Is your table top made of old laminate flooring?
  3. Dog Thefts

    Didn't know you could have a dog debarked? Do they take its voice box/woof box out?
  4. Any 5kg plates around

    Think @Fors331 mentioned he has some excess kit, might be worth getting on to him?
  5. So when do we think gyms will open?

    Could order some weights and a kettle bell for at home to mix it up a bit.
  6. Will this fit in your flat?

    Do you know if they come with the squat shoes and lifting gloves in the picture?
  7. Gyms remaining open

    A thai boxing gym a couple towns away stayed open, long winded story, but the police apparently started to fine the people who turned up to train instead of the gym, and closed it that way.
  8. Heavy bag workout

    You'll probably end up fu**ing the bike off because its hurting your arse and ankles....
  9. Heavy bag workout

    Could have a look at how thai boxers work the bag with clinches and knees, as these you wont need as much flexibility as you would for kicks, punch you way in work clinch and knees punch again as you move back out would add another dimension, and something new to work on.
  10. Probably not a direct bus route to it, so it would be a right pain in the arse for fors to get there.
  11. Heavy bag workout

    Excellent answer. If the bags a bit light can add bags off sand to make it the desired weight. Smaller bags in the middle with a few inches of cloths still round the outside so the bags dont burst.
  12. when he posted about his dog having the shits in that other thread, I instinctively knew hes not got a dog
  13. Any North East lads doing MMA?

    Paedophile lizards?
  14. The gym build

    No doubt mate, enjoying training at home, stick what ever tunes or podcast you want on and get on with it, smith machine and olly bar plus lat pulldown and low row will be awesome and free up more exercises, decent little set up with the dumbbells and ez bars I've already got.
  15. The gym build

    Just picked some 32's up to go with the 27's and 32's 42-45's next when some come up local.... move house in a couple for weeks 2 big garages too choose from so smith machine/power rack coming soon cant wait to mat it out and get set up!