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  1. Bench necessary or not

    I've been using a kitchen chair aginst a post in the garden for shoulder press, not ideal but doing the job, and a metal bench I have for work for flat, and a pallet with some timber underneath for incline an decline again not Ideal but doing the job, use the metle bench for flies an bent over rows aswell. Should see you right till your bench comes. You been doing much shagging?
  2. How long you recon?

    I've not been clapping and heard nothing. Or is that bullshit, and I'm one of them....
  3. own body weight exercises

    Recon you'd find a video on YouTube if you have a good look
  4. Day 13

    Same, easy work keeping busy, could do this spinning on my cock.
  5. What’s everyone training today?

    Trained back, have been putting it off, usually one of my favourites, glad I did it, chest an tri's tomorrow, shoulders an bi's the day after, hour on the bike each day too
  6. What’s everyone training today?

    Tried ice ect years ago, made no difference unfortunately, use compression sleeves now, they do work, can get away with maybe 8 or so runs say over 3 weeks then they creep back in an have to leave it for a good week then go again, pain in the arse! as I love runs, never have a easy one, so there enjoyable.
  7. What’s everyone training today?

    It'd be total shin distraction for me adding another 20kgs to a run!
  8. What’s everyone training today?

    Same, no head butts in muay thai though, one for those who think muay thai's not brutal enough!
  9. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    Think it would definitely be worth looking in to how and where it started, if its China think it should be said that it started there as it's the truth, at leaset you could try and stop the behaviour that caused it, and stop it happening again, rather just dealing with it when it happens next time. Just my humble opinion.
  10. What’s everyone training today?

    Good going that
  11. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    Speaking of AIDS
  12. Day 10

    Sains-bros, 5k with dog, but bad ankle stopped play at 2 an a bit
  13. Who's got a drone?

    Sounds like a helicopter would be more suited to your needs if your looking to be in the air for more than 10 minutes.
  14. olympic plates

    Seen a bloke selling a piece of oak sleeper as a bench on eBay for a £100, obviously he's taking the piss though, wrote a nice advert for it though
  15. What’s everyone training today?

    6k run followed by shoulders, nawty little pump on, gunna eat like a motherfucker now.