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  1. Millionaires of UKM

    Not a huge BM fan but nice that, clean an subtle
  2. Trying to train my calfes

    Decent run, 10 minutes rest then calve tabatas on the stairs, fast but controlled reps 40s on 20 off to start with 4-5 rounds, for something a bit different
  3. Eddie halls new house

    @BLUE(UK) On a side note, if I was worried about folk jumping my gates/fence, I wouldn’t be showing off my house and grounds. Thought exactly the same, best of luck to him though, potential to be a hell of a gaff, will need some serious money spending to follow those plans though
  4. Millionaires of UKM

    Looks a decent product, videos are satisfying seeing people get there stolen motors and tools back,
  5. None millionaires of ukm

    As above
  6. Autism

    Ha, fotgot about that, that 'business' must have fizzled out quickly
  7. Millionaires of UKM

    Fuckin red transit baby..... One day I'll have a clean 14 plate transporter...... one day.
  8. Impressive physique (WiP) but...

    Looks in good nick, personally would rather have that physique that an body builder physique, hard to say if he has or hasn't, think its achievable with good genetics, hardwork and good diet, but a bit of test would certainly help
  9. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    Out banging a frying with a spoon, full retard that
  10. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Correct mate, sort of old school gym but with the latest equipment only round the corner for me aswell
  11. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Hard labour in warrington, good vibes...
  12. Road to aesthetics

    Yes mate, good days an less good day days.... all money in the bank though probably smash it on the next one, cant be excellent all the time
  13. Road to aesthetics

    Might be feeling a bit week after partying for a couple of weeks?
  14. LEGIT natties only

    @SwoleTip @simonboyle wish you 2 would hurry up and just suck each other off, the sexual tensions making me feel uncomfortable
  15. Voltarol any good?

    Got a mate who swears by it for his knee, tried it on my shoulder a couple of years ago, but did nothing I noticed for that. Might be different person to person or problem to problem