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  1. Steak steak steak

    Closest one looks wank, 4th ones a chicken, you've not got a clue.

    Are you two the same person?
  3. Are you talented?

    Surly a talented bread makers a thing??
  4. Any personal trainers here?

    @wavefunction is that you in the pic next too your name?
  5. My top 5 bodybuilding foods out of a tin

    Best cooked in a microwave full power lid full intact for 40 minutes
  6. Favourite gym wear ?

    Where you train bro, looks awesome
  7. Favourite gym wear ?

    Boxing boots, muay thai shorts an different local mma gyms t-shirts I've never train at, throw round houses in the mirror inbetween sets,
  8. Doesn't bother me, usless there a pr**k, them being a pr**k has nothing to do with them being foreign though, more to do with some people are pricks. Plenty of English pricks knocking about. So no dont find a accent irritating.
  9. Wow, she sounds absolutely awful.
  10. I’ve done a very silly thing guys

    Whys that mask covered in blood big man?? Mrs @vetran smashed you in the nose again?
  11. Help! More gear required?

    Probably up the tren 1.5g, add 10mlg cialis daily, hit good strength C-cain hard thursday afternoon though too Monday evening, let us know how you get on, you could even start a log with videos of the break downs an psychotic episodes
  12. My Rant. Please add if anything related.

    Just stay in your own lane, and do your thing, dont let other people bother you especially if you think there full of shite, not worth wasting your energy being pissed off.
  13. Car insurance what the hell is going on???

    Similar to this, put mine up 40 quid, they phoned to see if I want it I said no as it's gone up an I have another years no claims. Nipped of to speak to her manager, came back and knocked 90 off, which I was more than happy with
  14. Would love a job researching the absolute obvious, piece of piss and probably pays well with a nice pension