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  1. High free T Low SHGB ...?

    My question is do I proceed with 125mg test E as TRT and neglect the Low SHGB and thyroid results or should I take any other precoutions regarding these?
  2. High free T Low SHGB ...?

    Well my libdo is s**t ( normally on 1 ml sust or test I wanna bone anything All day long LOTS of body hair more emotional but in the parranoid , suspicious worrying way not wanna eat choclat and watch chick movies on Netflix also when do I Shoot test again blood test was 48h ago so tomorrow will be day 10-11 without any injections I made An appointment with the endo today but thats 27/11 so...
  3. Soooo long story short did A very short cycle After couple months on 1 ml sus every week. 250 sus + 250 primo E5D wasnt feeling to well Also cause of some private Issues so decided to stop and do normal TRT ( 125 Test E ) but first blood work THIS is 9 days after my last shot of sus and Primobolan Soooo for what I see is test around 1073 Wich is quite ok estrogen 30 ( prefer 22-24 for myself ) very Low SHGB very high free test Low TSH and Upper limit T4 WHAT TO DO GUYS ???