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  1. Sjacks go home....

    I got warning points for replying to a troll on here who's been stalking me (nothing to do with @Matt6210) I think everyone just needs to calm down. Too much Tren rage.
  2. Sjacks go home....

    You thought I was serious? Come on! I actually think you're ok so I wouldn't want to annoy you, my apologies if you thought otherwise.
  3. Living Longer

    I'm not the one attempting to destroy helpful threads through trolling, that's you and a select few others.
  4. Sjacks go home....

    Let's clear this up... 1. My account was suspended, I thought it was banned, I deleted the log in info, came back when I started training again and created a new account. Not the 1st time anyone has done that. I didn't threaten to molest anyone, a far left lunatic woman who was constantly attacking a community Facebook page and wouldn't go away got trolled and being a crazed leftist, she called the Police. As no crime had been committed, they couldn't do sh1t. Funny, lots of lefties celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher and there was no outrage because she was a right wing figure, never mind she was probably the best Prime Minister this country ever had. As soon as a lefty gets hurt, buckets of tears and don't you dare laugh or it's a hate crime. f**k your one sided politics. 2. 3. I used to be fat and I'll fat shame anyone, fat is disgusting and fat people need to lose weight. The simple fact is I am here writing an explanation because I'm right wing. If I was a lefty and had praised the killing of say white police officers as an example it would all be swept under the rug because politics is biased towards favoring left wing ideology. The people on here who have been trolling me have feeble minds, their brains have been molded by the mainstream media and the establishment at large to hate the very country which sustains them. This is like being in favor of killing yourself, a suicidal & idiotic way of thinking.
  5. Living Longer

    Another moron who never contributes anything of value to UKM steps up to the plate. Bravo m8.
  6. Living Longer

    Me personally? Yes but not a lot, however this isn't about me, it's about all of us extending our lives.
  7. Living Longer

    Listen, you started trolling, I responded, you didn't like my responses. Advice: don't start slinging mud if you aren't prepared to get dirty yourself.
  8. Sjacks go home....

    I think the people who never contribute to this community should start contributing.
  9. Living Longer

    Your memory is failing you again. I thought I'd leave you and your retarded troll friends alone for a week and not respond to your nonsense yet you all just continued referencing me as often as you could. For your information: I'm not going anywhere but you are free to leave this site if you wish. Have a good night
  10. Living Longer

    Information was obtained from several different medical publications and research papers, most of these were too technical to be comfortably digested by the general public so I combined the information and created an article with simplified language - you're welcome. Aside from that, why are you trying to disrupt a thread which could benefit others?
  11. Living Longer

    No but a small amount can boost your health if you have low test as many guys do when we get older.
  12. Sjacks go home....

    Of course you can't remember, memory is a critical part of intelligence and you don't have any
  13. That's insane. Total mug's game.
  14. Sjacks go home....

    I wasn't the one who started a thread about getting someone banned from the forum, he was mad that I called him a chav who is on the dole and has 2 matchsticks as legs!!
  15. Sjacks go home....

    @Matt6210 Triggered the fcuk out!!