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  1. Usual stuff, Creatine, protein, etc. It’s with the courier, but don’t wanna be waiting
  2. Epistane cycle done properly

    I am using it’s my third week and i did bloat up and was on Imodium for a week. It’s too early to say if it is effective. I did find that probiotic yogurt and prebiotic supplements have got it under control. I think it’s effectiveness will depend on how you train, diet, recovery and other supplements you have in your stack. For gaining lean muscle I also use other things, such as Alpha lipoic Acid and Acetylene L Carnitine which can reduce fat build up and protect against muscle wastage
  3. Pump products

    I haven’t tried glycerol , but think u need a decent amount, and that the downside is it doesn’t mix well and u need to drink a lot of water?
  4. What’s everyone’s favourite preworkout ?

    I’ve used most of them, and find that if I use the same one it becomes less effective over time. Things like Citrulline and glycerol tend to be ubderdosed to the point that there’s no point . It’s cheaper in the long term to buy base ingredients: Creatine, Alcar, Beta alanine. Just add to a full can of energy drink (Asda do cans of 8 for £2)
  5. Anyone expecting to get their stuff delivered before Christmas or unrealistic?
  6. Brexit and Lost gains

    Post brexit, food labelling will be changed and so you may not be aware. Yes I’m aware of chlorine existing in the food chain, even our water is treated with things such as fluoride and chlorine. But as for fruit and veg I eat mostly organic
  7. Deals on whey at moment?

    How big is the bag?
  8. Deals on whey at moment?

    It depends on the kind of protein you get. I get iso97 which is one of the purest you can get. Concentrated tend to use fillers and bulk up the protein quota using things like soya. If you want to get value, go for bigger bags, a 5k bag of protein from bulk or MyProtein often works out cheaper than if u keep buying smaller bags.
  9. Maybe nobody else gives a toss about what they eat. But I’m not relishing the idea of chlorinated chicken from the US, or cost of food, or access to good quality supplements.
  10. Labour. But seriously BREXIT will mess with my training. I have stuff from Poland, Germany, etc that will be impossible to buy. Also anyone who wants to compete wil find I hard now they will need work permits, etc. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to have to wait three months for my stack to arrive
  11. Yeah I saw something like that on instagram. It was a clear bag with the worlds, “this is vanilla protein, not cocaine”. Not sure who’s post it was, maybe Tom Coleman. I think formulas of products can vary though, like j think the US version of C4 is different to the U.K. variety
  12. I did consider that, but protein comes in 5kg bags. Creatine, and all the others 1kg bags. I did consider buying preworkout which is readymade, but I have my own “brew” with Citrulline, Carnitine , etc . I know bulk and MyProtein do small packs but they are expensive
  13. Ok. So I’m planning to go on holiday and I’ve looked at gyms in the area. Just wondering if anyone has had problems carrying supplements, such as creatine, protein, since many of these are white powder or pills I don’t want to have to explain why I have plastic bags of white powder going through customs..
  14. Never used, but they are getting a lot of attention lately. Anyone using/tried results?
  15. 2 weeks in and need to stop

    Antioxidants: increase glutathione production: glutamic Acid+Cysteine+glycine + aplha lipoic Acid+milk thistle+vitamin C+E