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  1. SARMS - MK vs HGH

    What's your experience with mk667?
  2. That's kinda where I am. The last 5 kg of fat seems stubborn. Is it very important to train fasted with yohimbine? I mean, is it worthwhile taking it if not training fasted ?
  3. SARMS - MK vs HGH

    Totally agree. I was being a bit unclear. In terms of the hgh/igf 1 promoting effects, exogenous hgh far exceeds peptides, mk667 etc. It's just so much stronger. Even 3 iu gave me dramatically better results than pinning peptides 5x daily. It really took me by suprise too. I will never go back to peptides. and mk667? Forget abouuuut it. Massive water retention and blood glucose issues
  4. SARMS - MK vs HGH

    Hgh Is much stronger than anything else
  5. SARMS - MK vs HGH

    Hgh -> gh releasing peptides -> mk 667 From better to worse
  6. Coming off HGH cycle

    No cancer risk unless you have cancer. Igf 1 actually shows to promote cancer protection. Damage to the heart? Remember we make this hormone naturally, every single day. Imo it's relatively safe unless you're reckless and shoot 8+ iu a day like a maniac
  7. Coming off HGH cycle

    No offense but I call bullshit. I would like to know what peptides you can inject 1x daily that can give igf 1 levels of 4-5-600 and simulates every single hgh effect (amazing recovery, baby skin, better libido, deep sleep, well being etc) It seems like there is a witch hunt on non pharma hgh products, despite blood work time and time again showing consistency with igf 1 levels
  8. Ipamorelin + Mod GRF long term

    I was also loving the ipa/mod combo. Ran it for a year 5x daily with 0 side effects
  9. Gh

    @Pscarb do you see any point in localized muscle injections of HGH for muscle strains? Also, how would you time your HGH dose? Some people say 4 hours pre workout (for fat loss), others recommend a few hours before bed, for utilizing the hormone during sleep Thanks
  10. Deca and joints

    Imo stuff like HGH will get you nowhere without proper rest and good physio rehab After I recieved six quite painful shockwave treatments for my tennis elbow, my chiropracter looked at me and said: okay, now the rest is on you, you gotta start doing rehab right away and rebuild
  11. Joint support supps (namely supportmax joint)

    Intresting. How long does the chili balsam last? It doesnt make the sleave all sticky?
  12. How much is the site worth?

    That's right brother!
  13. Joint support supps (namely supportmax joint)

    Intresting topic! @swole troll it might be a coincidence, but a month after having increased my hgh dose to what should equate to igf 1 levels of 600, stiffness in my achilles tendon (tendionosis) dramatically improved. We also talked about it before, but I don't think you should throw the idea of PRP away, altho it's hit and miss, I heard some pretty incredible things about it for some people with very stubborn tendon injuries. Also relatively safe and affordable. There's also a similar blood procedure called regenokine (I think), which work by lowering inflammation (PRP stimulates it). Hence the importance in figuring out if one has tendinitis or tendionosis. Shockwave therapy also did magic for my elbow tendionosis. Quite painful but very effective in stimulating healing and removing scar tissue. I also regained amazing flexibility I think stuff like cissus, curcumin etc is pretty subtle compared to the treatments mentioned above
  14. Deca and joints

    @unclezillion what's your opinion on hgh for tendon/joint injuries?