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  1. @ElChapo can you pinpoint (or give a link) as to how to correctly do injections like hgh? For instance, I saw a medical clip stating that if you want 0.2 cc of the medication, you should always inject the same amount of air into the vial, before drawing the water mixed medication?
  2. BPC for Tendons Report

    @SwoleVan Have you done massage on your tendon? I have stayed away from it, and have just massaged the surrounding tight muscles, and stuck with the tendon rehab exercises every fourth day ish
  3. BPC for Tendons Report

    Perhaps in the beginning it makes sense, with very very light exercises. But i assume that once you get better and add stronger exercises, recovery days is crazy important I can tell you that i did the heavier slow exercises for chronic tenniselbow every 4th day and it was just fine. Im symptom free now. I am trying to approach the same method with my achilles tendon. Anyway, good luck to you too brother
  4. BPC for Tendons Report

    So zero benefit from PRP?? That sucks Yeah i think sufficient off days when rehabbing an injury is crucial. With daily training i would actually be worried of not getting enough rest. When i looked online for achilles tendon rehab injuries, physios are recommending the heavy stair exercises like three sets once or twice DAILY. just seems nuts... Some form of rehab is most likely essential for healing tho Currently im doing rehab exercises every 4th or 5th day and also massaging the muscles once on a recovery day. I think that is much better. As long as no flare ups are occuring, training a little heavy on the injury is prolly a good thing, i agree
  5. BPC for Tendons Report

    Nono, no steroids I researched healing compounds extensively, and my conclusion was that AAS steroids is not the way to go for injuries, and a lot of litterature indicates it may even make injuries worse. HGH is your best bet. Also stuff like vitamin c, zinc, cucurmin, collagen I also had very very good results with shockwave therapy. Most times tendon injuries is tendionosis and not tendinitis, which means no inflammation is present, thus your tendon should respond very well to 10 minutes of heat and light stretching. I do this every morning I considered PRP, but it seems you are in bed rest for 1-2 months after a shot, and i thought, f**k that i dont want to pause my rehab If you have 50k lying around, stem cells also sounds promising. I have sort of a back up plan in my mind, maybe one day with saving up money i will get the procedure.. hah, we will see Also i would echo swole trolls point and say, be very careful and conservative with rehab, if new exercises causes flare ups, back down!
  6. BPC for Tendons Report

    3 months in and muscle injuries improved 6 months in and tendon injury improved I run 4 iu HGH of meditrope Started at 3 iu I have been on for 10 months ish now and injuries are still improving, it really does seem like the longer you stay on the better
  7. BPC for Tendons Report

    Insanely important point. Nothing more frustrating than going two steps forward and one step back in rehab, due to being too eager when seeing progress
  8. BPC for Tendons Report

    Yea i was also super dissapointed with bpc for chronic tendionosis. Now HGH on the other hand, at 3-5 iu did magic for my achilles tendionosis!! Especially combined with rehab exercises
  9. How have you guys been going about with dosing bpc 157? When I am rehabbing an injury with exercises, i am reluctant to only use bpc 157 on the off days where resting takes place. My logic is that since bpc is supposed to increase blood flow, you want to avoid dosing it too close to training/massage. Sort of like its not recommended to apply heat to an injury straight after rehab training it. Thought?
  10. Storing HGH powder in a freezer

    Fair point
  11. Storing HGH powder in a freezer

    You could buy an ekstra fridge for the garage
  12. Thanks a lot, this makes me feel a lot more calm! Then I will proceed with my daily 4 iu dosing, with a piece of mind
  13. @ElChapo Welcome back brother, glad to hear you weathered the corona storm. Some of the other forums stress the importance of taking days or even months off HGH, to avoid cells losing sensitivity to HGH and avoid the body developing anti bodies to HGH. From my understanding, for most of us, staying on without breaks should not be an issue? I plan to stay on 3-4 iu for life. Any truth to the whole "take a break" thing?
  14. Hgh sensitivity / anti bodies

    I did in the beginning, but anymore. I also drink a lot of water, like 4 L, it helps with water retention. I also dont go above 4 iu HGH.
  15. Hgh sensitivity / anti bodies

    If you are after anti aging or injury healing, worth it! Fat loss and muscle? Likely not worth it