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  1. Best HGH

    True! I also read that it protects against cancer tho, but yes, if you already have cancer, then HGH is a bad idea Its complicated tho right? Teenagers have the highest levels of IGF 1 and the lowest numbers in cancer Personally i think HRT doses of hormones can be a good thing, but thats just me I also think that high doses like 5-6 iu daily long term is not a good thing
  2. Best HGH

    My plan for long term health is 3 iu ed
  3. Meditrope mauve #87

    Has anyone gotten their hands on these?Usually I am able to get an exact amount on the iu, but this time i was told that it needs to be tested independently, that I should take it as 12iu and that the rest is a bonusNot sure what to make of that?? Would be Nice to Know how much im taking lol
  4. Hgh is it worth it

    This. Injury healing/recovery/anti aging. Not muscle growth
  5. I do 4 iu HGH daily and my BG is Perfect 8 iu daily sounds very very high
  6. Real IGF 1 (insubolic)

    Their IGF 1 product is called insubolic. You make some good points about the shipping process. Would you say that IGF 1 is a lot more fragile than HGH? I have had HGH in powdered form sit in the post office for weeks during the summer and still be fine. Anyway they are discussing insubolic here: https://roidsource.me/forum/oral-steroids/2135-igf-1-recombinant-human-igf-1-insubolic?limitstart=0&start=6 https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/increlex.134403135/ I hope me sharing the links are okay, im just trying to figure out what the heck this insubolic really is
  7. Real IGF 1 (insubolic)

    Im also based in EU, and the IGF 1 is shipped from the US. They are not able to send it with cold packs. I wonder if it can even handle 2-4 weeks of shipping? Their stuff also comes pre mixed in water already btw
  8. Real IGF 1 (insubolic)

  9. Have anyone had a chance to sample this stuff? It came out six months ago and they claim that it is similar to increlex, aka REAL man made IGF 1, unlike all the crappy lr3/des stuff. Also quite affordable. Im thinking of pulling the trigger on this stuff
  10. No it would increase it. Splitting results in higher GH serum levels and higher IGF 1. More bang for your bucks
  11. PRP for tendons

    Its actually free through health care in my country, which is especially why im thinking about it. Did you need to take a long time off/rest after the PRP?
  12. PRP for tendons

    Tennis elbow from lifting weights. Achilles tendon from running. No inflammation or pain, its more a condition of degenerated scar tissue. HGH and rehab has helped A LOT. I'm wondering if PRP may also help
  13. PRP for tendons

    I'm considering getting PRP done on my shitty tendons while taking 4 iu HGH daily. After the procedure, the hospital advises two days of complete rest and one full month before going back to your normal activities. Have anyone else had PRP done and what have your experiences been? Were you also told to take a full month off? I am doing physio rehab and a full month seems like a long time without the rehab exercises @ElChapo @SwoleVan
  14. Yeah I had a feeling that being in a deficit was a bad idea. Thanks, I'll make sure to stay in maintenance. Maybe even a slight surplus is not the worst idea?
  15. BPC-157 Log

    Thanks, you too buddy Yea at this point I have just accepted that I will not lift heavy again. Not worth the risk For me its more about quality of life/longevity