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  1. PRP for tendons

    Its actually free through health care in my country, which is especially why im thinking about it. Did you need to take a long time off/rest after the PRP?
  2. PRP for tendons

    Tennis elbow from lifting weights. Achilles tendon from running. No inflammation or pain, its more a condition of degenerated scar tissue. HGH and rehab has helped A LOT. I'm wondering if PRP may also help
  3. PRP for tendons

    I'm considering getting PRP done on my shitty tendons while taking 4 iu HGH daily. After the procedure, the hospital advises two days of complete rest and one full month before going back to your normal activities. Have anyone else had PRP done and what have your experiences been? Were you also told to take a full month off? I am doing physio rehab and a full month seems like a long time without the rehab exercises @ElChapo @SwoleVan
  4. Yeah I had a feeling that being in a deficit was a bad idea. Thanks, I'll make sure to stay in maintenance. Maybe even a slight surplus is not the worst idea?
  5. BPC-157 Log

    Thanks, you too buddy Yea at this point I have just accepted that I will not lift heavy again. Not worth the risk For me its more about quality of life/longevity
  6. BPC-157 Log

    I dont know guys. I did every peptide in the book, mgf, tb500, bpc, i even did ipa+mod six times daily.... HGH gave better injury recovery than all of them combined. Maybe I just respond really well to high levels of IGF 1? Dunno.. This time around tho im combining 4.3 iu HGH split, with bpc 157. We will see I was injury free last christmas, then I got greedy and pushed the weights.. elbow, ankle and lower back flared up again.... urgh
  7. BPC-157 Log

    Well, I just grabbed 20 mg bpc 157 so fingers crossed
  8. @ElChapo i remember you saying that t4 is lìnked to wound healing and that HGH converts t3 to t4. Is there any point in supplementing with t4 on top of HGH for injury recovery? Also, is it a bad idea to be in a slight calorie deficit when trying to recover from an injury?
  9. BPC-157 Log

    Have you given any thought to bpc 157's upregulation of HGH receptors in tendons? When injecting HGH it slowly rises over four hours if im reading the graphs right. Perhaps injecting HGH and following it with bpc 157 1-2 hours later could provide a nice synergy? Altho unfortunately its an animal study, it still cant hurt to assume that the same logic applies for us https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6271067/ "In conclusion, the BPC 157-induced increase of growth hormone receptor in tendon fibroblasts may potentiate the proliferation-promoting effect of growth hormone and contribute to the healing of tendon."
  10. GH: 3iu ED or 4iu training days only

    3 iu split twice every day should be more anabolic
  11. GH: 3iu ED or 4iu training days only

    2x daily, am/pm should yield the highest IGF 1 output. Once i started splitting my daily 4 iu dose Into two shots, the anabolic effects became much more noticeable
  12. BPC-157 Log

    @swole troll do you feel like local injections with bpc makes any difference?
  13. BPC-157 Log

    My achilles tendon flared up again a few months back. Since i have been running: Hgh, ceylon cinnamon oil, fishoil, cucurmin, hydrolized collagen, vitamin D, C, zinc, multi I recently added mega cissus and five days later my tendon improved massively. I suspect there may be some synergy going on with the HGH. On the topic of bpc 157, when injecting i feel warm tingling sensations in the injured areas post injection. It definitely does something. I don't inject on training days tho
  14. If only dosing 250 mcg once a day, the 5 mg bottle will last quite some time. How long should it be good for in the fridge once reconstituted? @Pscarb ?
  15. Mega Cissus dose?

    Just got a bunch of mega cissus from myprotein. Hoping it will help with joint and tendon issues. How are you guys dosing it? 2 - 4 capsules daily?