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  1. A thread about bacon butties

    Weird isn't it, usually I am a bread snob and wouldn't touch a slice of Warburtons or Mothers Pride but the exception is for bacon sandwiches. For the perfect bacon sandwich the bread MUST be the blandest slices of white or the taste will over power the contents. And if anyone dared serve me margarine instead of butter I would send it straight back - that is just wrong.
  2. Conor Benn vs Sebastian Formella

    That's Chisora's job though isn't it? to be the gatekeeper to the top 5. it's an important role and I am sure it's fairly well paid as well. At this point in his career Derek has no illusions as to the part he is supposed to play.
  3. Kell Brook v Crawford

    I fully expect to see Khan vs Brook next year. By that point they will have nowhere to go career wise and a last hurrah to bring in some pennies would be difficult to turn down. There is a bit of niggle already baked in so just add some hype and it will still be packaged as a PPV next summer. The public lapped up Haye vs Bellew twice so if that can do it then so can Khan and Brook.
  4. Curry

    I find them variable, a vindaloo from one curry house can have me sweating drips onto the plate while another can be almost tepid. We always have a curry on a Saturday night and the one earlier this evening was a Dhansak from a new place in town. Very disappointed, it was like the chef couldn't even be bothered. £30 quid for a meal for two and they dish up rubbish like that - I wasn't happy.
  5. New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    Personally I am really glad to see that the young have still got some gumption and have pretty much ignored the restrictions. Students are now the front line troops in acquiring some kind of herd immunity for the country. We should be clapping them on Thursdays as they are taking one for the team here. Different perspectives eh?
  6. TRT clinics for Health Checkup

    No not really, just a laymans knowledge, I have done about 30 of them over the years so have just read up on and paid attention to the numbers and how I was feeling at the time. You are asking in the right place though. there are a lot of knowledgable guys in these forums.
  7. TRT clinics for Health Checkup

    Ferritin below 80 is usually when most people start to feel a bit off so I would keep an eye on that if I were you.
  8. TRT clinics for Health Checkup

    Donating every 12 weeks? that indicates there could be an issue somewhere. Where does your HCT sit and how is your Ferritin level with so many donations?
  9. How is my bench form

    Reminds me of when I first hit 100kg in the bench press as a young man. Bench was setup in my bedroom at home. Hit the 100kg with my brother spotting on a Friday evening and then went out on the piss. 10 pints down I come back to the house still full of myself and attempt it again with no-one in the house. I still remember the panic and the agony of rolling it down my chest and onto my hips - I had bruises for days
  10. Mike tyson

    This thread is hilarious. Still got it? he was past it 30 years ago. THIRTY years ago. It is just an exhibition match. If you put him in with a current fighter even a much smaller guy like Canelo and he would not last a round.
  11. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    Although I have never tried weed I am curious though as to what effect it would have. I am sure CBD could be thought of as a gateway substance as the minimal effect I get from that has got me wondering what something with a high THC content would do.
  12. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    Lol, its like I have an aura around me that stops people even mentioning stuff like that. My new gym is full of guys who talk about what steroids and protocols they are on. When I appear they start talking about the weather, sport and cars. I must look like a copper, that's the only thing I can think of
  13. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    Although I certainly haven't lived a sheltered life, drugs have never been a part of it, even weed, never had it, never been offered it, never been exposed to it and don't know anyone (I think) who takes it. I have spoken to people who find this incredulous, but I have just never moved in circles where it is a thing.
  14. I have always used Ipamorelin and MOD-GRF when I have used peptides but for this month I decided to add GHRP-6 purely for curiosity sake I guess. I have been taking it for a week now twice a day 100IU a time alongside the IPA and MGF and I was expecting to feel the fabled insane hunger that this supposedly produces. But so far nothing at all in fact I am eating less I think. I got this from pure peptides and got the premium EU stuff.
  15. Whatsapp ..... WTF ?

    You would need to be a particularly high profile target for this to be the case - you have nothing to worry about.
  16. Whatsapp ..... WTF ?

    No one has mentioned yet that is has end-end encryption which is a big feature for many.
  17. AwfuLL at Pull ups

    I am 55 and I don't really do them much as I have never been particularly good at them but when I joined the Army 30 years ago we used to have to do them as part of PT lessons. When there is proper motivation to improve you will be surprised what you can get your body to do. At the start of basic training I think I did 10 good ones and I was one of the best, most were about 4-5 and some could not even do 1. By the end of 12 weeks training I did 22 and everyone in the troop got over 6. Young bodies and minds are infinitely adaptable, they just require the right motivation and stimulus.
  18. Best Childhood Console Game

    I am old so the first home games for me was Pong followed the year after by the Atari VCS and Space Invaders - extremely challenging game when you switched on invisible invaders, invisible shields and fast speed There was other highlights, Defender (Planetoid) on the BBC B was incredible for the time, arcade quality and no stack of 20p pieces required. Elite a couple of years after that was a definite tectonic shift as well. A few years later I got one of the first Japanese imports of the Sega Megadrive with Thunderforce 3 - the first time I had seen properly animated sprites larger than the screen itself and the processing power to shift enough pixels for a true bullet hell experience.
  19. Would you snitch?

    Fascinated by the people who subscribe to the 'snitches get stitches' mantra. How on earth do they differentiate? If someone robs your gran and you know who it is. Is it snitching to phone the police on them? What about if you suspect the neighbours are guilty of some form of child abuse? is it ok then? Or if the guy across the road drives to work while the kids are walking to school and you know he was out drinking till 4am? In the OPs example of course I wouldn't but for the 3 examples above I would be on the phone eventually. I would give the guy in the 3rd example one warning and one warning only but if forced I would report him as well.
  20. Pullovers

    I do remember back in the 80s the theory was that heavy breathing pullovers would expand the ribcage for young bodybuilders. I never really got into them so can't say if there is any truth in it - certainly the exercise has fallen out of favour as you rarely see anyone doing them these days
  21. CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Words fail me.
  22. Average gyms

    It is not always easy to tell thought is it? I mean some people are obviously using but there are many borderline cases. When I first started training in the 80s I achieved 16" flexed arms at only 5'7" in height in just one summer of training using nothing more than crummy Weider supplements. My brother in particular had mutant like growth ability, he didn't even train hard - he could put a quarter of an inch on his calves just by pissing in the sink after a night out.
  23. Old age!

    I think that maybe people on here could be a little more ambitious with their projections. Plenty of 70 yr olds living productive and active lives. Stallone is 74 and was never a stranger to either compounds or heavy lifting. I am mid 50s and doing perfectly well thanks - we all have no idea what is in store for us but at this point I still expect to be active and exercising well in 15 years time. I certainly agree though that once your body and mind starts to decline to a point where you can no longer function then maybe it is kinder for everyone if an easy way out is available.
  24. Lack of sleep.

    When I was commuting to London every day I would wake up at 5:30 so I was surviving on 6 hours a night - sometimes less. I have been working from home ever since March and without the need to get up for my 90min commute I started to get a decent 7.5 - 8 hours a night. did I feel better for it? nope I felt bloody awful. I have since started to get up at 6 even though I have no damn reason to apart from that it makes me feel better. I think it's all about the quality of sleep not the actual time you are in bed. Once I go out I sleep like the dead, we had a break in last year and they smashed the lock on the door and ransacked the downstairs and stole the car and I didn't hear a thing - slept through the entire thing
  25. AwfuLL at Pull ups

    You really just have to keep at them. What can help is to every now and then just hang from the bar and get your shoulders and grip well used to handling a bar. But apart from that you just got to force the body to get better at them, so multiple sets, assisted, negatives etc etc As mentioned above weight is crucial as well.