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  1. Hamilton

    I get the riches bit but when was he ever in rags?
  2. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    I feel another U turn coming on. Deaths will be nudging 60 in about 2 weeks. 50 yr olds and above will be starting to be called in by March for vaccinations. The clamour to open up will be deafening in 4 weeks time. As soon as the weather moves towards 20 deg and the flowers start blooming people will be in the streets doing what the f**k they want.
  3. So when do we think gyms will open?

    Pubs are more important than gyms I feel. For many older people the pub is their hub of social interaction and also the heart of many a village - it is much much more than just somewhere to buy a beer. My Dad lives alone and the pub and the community around it is a major part of his life. Widen your perspective.
  4. Tv sound effects loud, speaking quiet

    I cannot listen to a TV without external speakers - anything with dialogue is a struggle. If you have a flat screen TV (who doesn't?) then a sound bar or other external sound system is an absolute must. Any system will have settings to change the sound configuration to suit you.
  5. Getting trt prescription

    Good shout. Yeah that and the military are the only ones where a certain type of test could be requested I would have thought.
  6. Getting trt prescription

    Struggling to work out what employment would test for steroids. I can't really think of any to be honest.
  7. So when do we think gyms will open?

    Peoples attitudes will change very quickly with this. The government and media are doing their very best to keep the threat level pumped up but the public can see the data for themselves and will make up their own mind. The clamour to open up will be deafening in 4 weeks time.
  8. So when do we think gyms will open?

    If the deaths per day trend carries on downward the way it is then there will be a lot of pressure on the government to open up sooner rather than later. There will be a lot of clammer to open gyms so I reckon it will be another 4 weeks.
  9. E currency for dummies

    The thing that really grates and I am sure there are many in the same boat is that I have always kept my ear to the ground on tech matters so I heard about blockchain and crypto currencies very, very early. I remember thinking of buying some Bitcoin right at the start but never did and I also remember pricing up a powerful machine to do some mining for myself. I was using Army barracks electricity at the time so could have had it chugging along 24/7 at no cost to myself. If I had still been single at the time I would surely have done all the above but marriage and kids tends to divert your attention somewhat. Goddamit
  10. Anyone been vaxxed yet?

    I am betting there is a black market for the vaccines. I can imagine some vaccinators being approached by people to phone 'recommended' individuals when there are spare shots going at the end of the day. At the moment some people are just phoning friends and family but I bet there is something else going on as well. I can imagine this will be the next scandal in the media.
  11. Push Up Board?

    Surely just do them with dumbbells? that's what I do and you can have as many angles as you want.
  12. I think I posted on the other thread by mistake. Back on here. If I do get authorised by my Bank what does everyone think is a good little test one to buy this afternoon? ie what is on the up
  13. Gamestonk!

    Tricky to do this isn't it? I added my debit card as payment method and tried to buy a £100 of BTC as a test and it was payment declined. So many bloody checks. Oops wrong thread.
  14. What is dot - polkadot?
  15. Silent keyboard

    Quiet is not the way to go. You really want the loudest clacky blue cherry MX keys to make yourself feel like a productivity god. I love these https://www.keychron.com/ But if you really must have silent then these are supposed to be quiet. https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/k120 Or if you use Mac then the magic keyboard is expensive but quiet.