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  1. Mike tyson

    The fight will be on the same times as other fights on the west coast. Set your alarm clock for a 5:00am ring walk.
  2. Mike tyson

    Is it just me or does Tyson look a bit of a porker there? I was considering buying the fight but have since heard that they will break them up if they get a big serious. Also, they are using pillow gloves and have been expressly told not to look for a KO. Granted there is no way they can enforce the no KO rule but you do get the feeling that if someone does touch the canvas it will be waved off. Dubois v Joyce is the real fight on at the weekend. I am pleasantly surprised they didn't try and get PPV for that
  3. Benn vs Formella

    Benn impressed me there. As you say not a big puncher but what he does throw is spiteful, fast and reasonably accurate.
  4. Benn vs Formella

    Never heard of Formella either but his record is solid. Has only lost once to Shawn Porter and that was on points. It all suggests a big step up for Benn. Not sure if anyone knows how good Benn is but we should know quite a bit more tonight. I didn't bet on this one as odds are poor. Although If they were offering more for Formella I might have been tempted.
  5. Babic vs Little

    Street sweepers and taxi drivers. Granted Little is only a small step up from those but it puts enough doubt in my mind to risk a few quid.
  6. Babic vs Little

    I got a couple of quid on Little. I don't think he is likely to win but he is worth punt at those odds - Babic has not convinced me so far.
  7. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    Ah, but how long are the intervals?
  8. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    I think Moseley said he could do 315 pound for one rep. If so then that is entirely believable. when I was younger I could bench 300 at about 170 pounds natural and there was always loads of guys lighter than me who were a fair bit stronger. My brother was smaller and could always bench heavier weights than me - particularly annoying as he barely trained. I remember one guy at a leisure centre gym who was no more than 150 soaking wet who was built like a Kenyan 5000 metre runner. On the treadmill he was running intervals at 5min mile pace effortlessly. But what really knocked me sideways was when he went over to the bench press that someone had left 120kg on and he pushed out at least 6 reps without a warm up and no spotter.
  9. Anyone else not trained during closures?

    I do a 25 min run/walk every morning to wake myself up. Then around 6:30 after work will go for another 30min run. In addition to this on Tue/Thur/Sat I will do some light dumbbell/ kettlebell work for 30mins Can't understand people who don't do at least a modicum of exercise everyday. Observe people in their 50s who have never done any scheduled exercise and take a good look at their jaw lines and their belt lines - don't be one of them.
  10. Who should die first!

    Can I add people who multi quote? Or even people who quote for the hell of it. I saw a post the other day that was 2 full pages in length and it was relevant and full of good information. the next guy to reply quoted the entire post and added "good post" - that person, he is the one who should be first against the wall.
  11. Can anyone recommend a nice looking stand for 5 ketllebells and 4 dumbells Since lockdown we have this equipment in our conservatory but need a strong but good looking place to put the weights. There must be a website that has a few different options in one place. Kettlebells are 12,16,20,24,32 Frankly, I am fed up with the mess
  12. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Yeah, we are 3 episodes in and really enjoying this one. 9yr old orphan girl discovers chess - it turns out she is really, really good at it. Great fun.
  13. Lipoma removal?

    I have had about 6 cut out over the years. Only the ones that were the size of large walnuts though. I have hundreds and hundreds of smaller ones. I have one in my right chest by the nipple that some people have mentioned is gyno but I assure them that no its the same as loads of others all over my body and that one was there when I was about 10 yrs old. Used to bother me a bit which is why I have had the bigger ones out when I was younger. It has been 15 years since I have had one out now though. Tends to happen if you get some kind of localised minor trauma in an area and then once formed they can grow quite quickly when you put on weight. I have noticed a few that went like that.
  14. Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    Biden-Harris are pretty screwed going forward from here though. They won't be able to get much through congress with the numbers and there will be the economic impact of Covid to deal with in the next few years. They will also be pressured by the fanatical social justice element who will demand sweeping changes as promised - again, they don't have the numbers to deliver. If the republicans can find a well rounded candidate in 4 years time then the next election will be a landslide. What has become apparent from this election is that many americans quite like Trumps policies but just can't bring themselves to vote for the man himself.