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    Lowkii got a reaction from Tricky in How long until thousands are dying everyday?   
    When you put this virus to other stats it's extremely small on the scale. For instance if we take Cancer. 450 people will die of cancer today in the UK, that's 3,150 people a week, 6,300 every two weeks and 13,950 every month... Annually speaking from year to year, the Flu will kill 290,000 to 650,000 people per year. That would equal to millions and millions of infections world wide.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from EpicSquats in How long until thousands are dying everyday?   
    Depends... I was reading today that if people stick to the social distancing and lockdown messures enforced then the people with the stats at the top are saying around 7K deaths in the UK. it's said that one person without social distancing can infected 3 people.. With distancing being practiced they say we can get it down to 1:1 ratio.,
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    Lowkii got a reaction from LethweiUK in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    Looking at the stats on Wikipedia most country's cases seems to peak around 6/8 weeks. Italy peeked at around 4/5 weeks and now the death rate is starting to fall in that country. It's also said that Germany has also peeked and are starting to come down. China peeked at around 8 weeks and it seems by the stats I'm looking at most countrys follow the same path.
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    Lowkii reacted to daringhorse in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    It's being exaggerated thats for sure. When you look at the numbers, there are a few THOUSAND cases. If we say there are 70+million people in the UK right now, 9533 cases have been identified. That's 0.020% of the population. When we talk about deaths it's 0.0010%. So the coronavirus so far has effected not even 1% of the population. And it's killed so little that it's several noughts of 1%. We would need 700,000 POSITIVE cases in the UK for it to have affected 1% of the entire population. At the moment that's not even the TOTAL number of cases in the world. The total number is about 500,000. It's probably rising but that's out of SEVERAL BILLION. So the percentage of people affected IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW is.... 0.0006%.

    To put this into perspective, the Black Death, a real pandemic in the medieval ages, killed 70,000,000 to 200,000,000 people in 5 years. In terms of the UK that's the UK gone, no-one lives, or very very few.
    Influenza, or the flu as it's known, kills 290,000 to 650,000 per year as per the yearly outbreak. We would need hundreds of thousands of people to die within the next year to compare this pandemic to anything historical that was severe enough to wipe out large parts of the population. The graphs/data don't lie, that's not going to happen. The total number of cases are increasing as are the deaths but in conjuction with a long term forecast, it would take several decades (10-20 years) for this virus to cause the damage others have done in the past.
    Common examples of the flu causing serious damage is the Spanish flu in 1918 which killed at the lower end 15,000,000 people in 2 years. If we put that back into context with the UK, that's 21.42% of the entire population of the UK gone in 2 years. 2 years! That's some SERIOUS numbers and many of your friends and family would have died or people you knew and people they knew. That's going to have a serious effect on your community. Another example is the Chinese flu, lasting from around 1956 to 1958, killed 1-4 million people (depending on sources).

    The coronavirus, if we determine by it's onset and first cases (roughly October/November 2019) has killed around 25,000 people. Most of these deaths are in those 80+ years old and with underlying, usually MULTIPLE, health conditions. Anyone upto aged 40 the numbers show 0.2% of likelihood of death pertaining to the coronavirus. The biggest factor is cardiovascular disease. 84% have recovered so far from the virus. 84%, not 14%, not 4%, 84% and that's because most have MILD symptoms of the virus which is similiar to the mild symptoms of the flu. 5% of total number of cases so far IN THE ENTIRE WORLD are critical. The growth factor of the virus has been diminishing for SEVERAL months and peaked in past months.

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    Lowkii reacted to daringhorse in Are Juicers far more vulnerable to CV?   
    I can see why you'd want to stay on mate. I'm the same when it comes to what I think. Just made the most progress in my lifting career ever during this cycle. Took 2 and a half years off with pre-workouts being my own workout supplement. Completely clean and injury free last few years, tonnes of progress in the gym but nothing that would hinder me for strength training (cardio goals mainly). So perfect transition. Worked out my cycle and prepared for it for several months before getting on it. Was in the best place mentally, emotionally, physically. First time I've trained like a pro athlete in terms of programming, diet, supplementation, mobility work.


    I'm 12 weeks in so I could stop now but what annoys me the most is with the gyms being shut I can't even train harder than I did before to maintain my progress which is what I will need to do to maintain my strength. So if I stay on I'm just stagnating and if I come off without the same quality strength training workouts and the gyms not being open I've just trained all that time for very little only to get back on the natural competitive Ironman training again.

    Still though, I'm coming off. Already down to 450mg a week from 600. This week I'll be down to 300mg. Next week I'll be on 150mg. And it's whether it's worth just getting by on a TRT cycle until everything resumes, or just scrap it all, give my receptors a break, give my body time to recover, let it start working naturally again. It's best to come off just for the overall health of my body. Steroids arent 100% safe but the risks are more balanced if you're getting an equal or more value out of taking them. Now theres little value being taken for your goals except for big values on paper when you get your bloods done. Not worth it imo but I see exactly where you're coming from
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    Lowkii got a reaction from neverminder in Bojo announces the lockdown   
    Ever heard of The Georgia Guide Stones? George Bush Senior, and the likes of his family "The Bushes" all ways used to talk about a new world order. And if this isn't the perfect opportunity to enfore new polictcal incentives, laws and regulations I don't know what is.. We are being bombarded with news and events that have successfully created an atmosphere of fear among people. It's order out of choas.,  Problem, Reaction, Solution.    And as we can see Governments are using this as an opportunity to bring about the rules and regulations. Just last week Denmark passed a law which enables forced coronavirus vaccines.  Im my opinion It is the closest thing I see to bring about the vision they have been talking from the days of Herbert Walker Bush. 

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    Lowkii got a reaction from The40YearOldVirginMuscle in Stop testosterone because of Coronavirus   
    Any young guy in his 20's or 30's using testosterone/steroids doesn't have to really worry about this coronavirus. It would be like nothing more then getting a cold for most people. I heard just the other day that a women of 101 years old survived getting this virus, but as usual the media doesn't tell you any good news, instead they feel the need to tell you about every single little death. All this fear is being spread by the media. The same people resposible for all this panicing buying in supermarkets... If the media just stopped talking about this coronavirus for just little while instead of it being pushed down our throats 24/7 people would calm down. But will they? No! Because they media grow's with fear.
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    Lowkii reacted to Mike Gunnz in Say goodbye to meals like this   
    Yep it’s older isolated people with limited mobility I’m worried for. I’d like to see supermarkets open exclusively for the elderly until say 11.30am.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from Mike Gunnz in Say goodbye to meals like this   
    Because people are selfish little sh*t's... All the Nurses on long duty shifts can't even buy any food. Same goes for the elderly because they can't get out.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from M73 in Anyone considering buying equipment to train at home?   
    Got my dumbell's, which go upto 50kg, barbell, and benchpress, which I can easily get over 300lbs on with my home weights.... and a squat rack. I built entire body with just those things. From a skinny 130lbs, to almost over 250lbs. I've never really used a gym. Always preferred the home gym... Those weights have been used for over 7 years with a continuous 6 day's a week training schedule.
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    Lowkii reacted to Jackoffblades in Food and film   
    Let’s see Paul allan’s card 
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    Lowkii got a reaction from Fina in China - suddenly no Covid?   
    I didn't know this forum was full of conspiracy theorists? All I see is people throwing numbers around without real data or evidence to prove these numbers. 55,000 are NOT infected in the UK. These are numbers that are kept being thrown around by the media and certain scientific data models.. Of which I would put a very slim chance of being accurate. If you want to know how accurate there data models are go study some from there Global Warming predictions from years ago. It's laughable. These guy's can hardly predictit what the weather will do the next day,
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    Lowkii got a reaction from Fina in China - suddenly no Covid?   
    I didn't know this forum was full of conspiracy theorists? All I see is people throwing numbers around without real data or evidence to prove these numbers. 55,000 are NOT infected in the UK. These are numbers that are kept being thrown around by the media and certain scientific data models.. Of which I would put a very slim chance of being accurate. If you want to know how accurate there data models are go study some from there Global Warming predictions from years ago. It's laughable. These guy's can hardly predictit what the weather will do the next day,
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    Lowkii reacted to Jamiewilliamsss in I know the proper way to do a test cycle but has anybody just blasted and cruised   
    Basically I’m gonna do a cycle very soon I’ve read the stickie and I no this is probably the sensible way But I’m not sensible and I’m defantly not drawing my own blood for a blood test and I’m not that kean on the whole hcg thing , so has anybody just jumped on test and blasted and cruised from the very start ? I think If I’m being honest this is what I’m going to do Most my gym just take it aswell with no tabs on the side just test alone ( obviously which other steroids at times )
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    Lowkii reacted to LethweiUK in What are you gonnna do when corona virus closes all gyms?   
    I’m not really worried about it mate the prediction is it’ll max out in three weeks.

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    Lowkii reacted to Seppuku71 in Is anybody else racist?   
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    Lowkii reacted to fakenattymatty in Giving up aas   
    Would rather live to 50 enjoying my life than to 100 pissing myself and not knowing what day of the week it is... each to there own, all the best
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    Lowkii got a reaction from jjtreml in CoronaVirus - predicted death toll on UK   
    I'd say probably a couple hundred cases, if we are unlucky. We have a good system in the UK for dealing with outbreaks, so I'm not worried.
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    Lowkii reacted to dtmiscool in Your biggest/craziest cycle to date??   
    I’m just starting to look a little flat atm and I’m currently on 800mg test 600mg tren. 
    Going to extend my blast after week 12 next week and switch to just test at around 2g and run that for a further 6 weeks before finishing up. 
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    Lowkii got a reaction from LethweiUK in For the ladies   
    Couldn't agree more with this statement. I haven't watched porn in years for this obvious reason, plus after the deeds was done I always felt dirty... then you look at the screen and think wtf was i watching.. lol. Porn does create insecurities, that's a fact. It's no lie that most men at some time have or is still watching porn and so think most men are walking around with monster dicks.... All i know is that I'm happy and content with my size until I see some porn and i start questioning everything.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from jjtreml in Delivery of Sphinx is this legit?   
    it's legit mate.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from calindan in Transitioning from Tren E to A   
    I don't really weigh myself anymore as the scales tend to flucuate a lot with myself.., All I will say is that a couple months before I started my Deca cycle I was 230lbs.. I haven't weighed myself in months. I go by what I see in the mirror most the time... Diet isn't the best as I find it hard to gain size eating to cleanly so I mix it up. The size came on nice and thick from the Deca. Muscles looked more fuller and round.. I had one of those moments where I looked in the mirror one day and thought "holy sh*t" I'm getting huge... Was running Gram of Test E with the Deca... I'll be keeping the Test the same with the Tren Ace as I'm still looking to put size and mass on. Plus it will keep me nice and full.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from simonboyle in No photos/lab tests on other labs?   
    Another retarded comment... Do you know how much it actually costs to get gear tested?? I'll more then welcome this if you want to use your own money and post the results. Of course you can do bloods but it's not always the most accurate.
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    Lowkii got a reaction from Frankie.88 in Depressed at the thought of never using AAS again..   
    Gyno is not the end of the world. You got to learn how to keep it under control when on cycle. It would never stop me going back on.
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    Lowkii reacted to Shergar in DG Topics and opinions   
    Who cares who wrote what letters and who prefers which lab, DarkGhost for me are one of the best I’ve ran and I’ve access to very decent labs, as said above they do higher dosed gear that many don’t do and use very little solvents they also produce injectable orals which are quite rare but no impossible to source these days.
    If your happy with the boards favourite- Nexus then crack on but I agree nothing should be getting deleted or bashed on an open forum where we are all meant to help each other out and share and discuss success stories as well as the bad ones.