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  1. Fight over game of pool

    Jesus lol. He bounced that cue off his head like it was nothing. Kid didn't know were he was after that. Bloke at the back was just laughing his head off as well.
  2. Superdrol & Anadrol

    There's a thread on reddit detailing such a cycle... It's worth a read: [Compound Experience Thread] Multiple Oral Cycles : steroids
  3. Why does everyone base everything off morning wood? I'm 30 years old I've rarely ever get morning wood. Occasionally I may, and that's even when blasting high amounts of test. I'm blasting high test and high deca right now and everything is fine. I don't think I would ever mix tren with deca tho, seems a tad to much.
  4. Oh dear... This has to be trolling. So your coach is setting up this steroid cycle but he hasn't even done you a diet plan? Forget the steroids and start eating food. You say you've being lifting for a year but your weight is almost anorexic for a male. IF you diet is rubbish, which it clearly is how are you expecting the steroids to work?
  5. Is gentech good

    used there anadrol once, didn't feel a thing.
  6. Worst video on the internet

    I haven't watched it myself. But "3 Guys 1 Hammer" is probably the worst thing you'll see on the Internet. It's an actual snuff film. I advise you not to look it up if you haven't seen it. I heard it put some people in mental house because of how bad it is.
  7. I'd don't think I'd go any higher then 3g's of test. I'm using 1500mg at the moment. I hear Dallas McCarver was injecting 5000 a week at one point tho. For a beginner 500mg is plenty.
  8. 3000 new cases in 24 hours. 62 Schools also reporting outbreaks.
  9. Eminence Labs, Anyone Used?

    Not true. I've never been scammed once in all the years I've been using. I've never brought bunk gear either.
  10. Aspirating on side delts?

    When I first started out I just aspirated because that's what everyone said. Once I got used to injecting I stopped doing it because I thought it was creating more pip messing around with the needle while it was in my body. So I don't do it anymore.
  11. Do I look same in these 2 pics?

    Couldn't have said it better. Give it a couple more weeks he'll be back complaining his dick doesn't work and he's depressed.
  12. I feel normal. Some times libido can increase from time to time but I find it to be minimal if you don't suffer from low test to begin with. Outside of the gym I couldn't tell a difference. It's only when i enter the gym and the weights feel light I can tell I'm on something.
  13. There's a time limit? I never come off. Perma blast for life! jk... I just blast for a really long time, when I can't be arsed to pin anymore I just go on a cruise.
  14. Southern ghost primo 200

    Looks like somebody's kick them around in the dirt a bit. I've never received vials that look that dirty... Then again it's what's inside that counts but it wouldn't fill me with much confidence when they look that dirty. There not even filled even.