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  1. Gyms opening!!!

    It is, but I handle sides very well. Not that unrealistic for people to run that high of a dose... Just depends how you handle it.
  2. Gyms opening!!!

    I train at home but I just started running tren e at 1g a week.
  3. Underground raves.

    Summer next year I predict clubs opening. June/July. Depends how fast the vaccine gets to work on the population.
  4. Didn't the original British Dragon get busted? So anything now would just be a copy, right?
  5. you don't stop trolling do you? Do you actually have a life outside this forum. you've been here since July and you almost have 3K posts.
  6. 1500mg, I plan on doing 2g's soon. I'm currently at 1200mg at the moment. I can defo feel a difference between 1200 and 1500. In a good way was well.
  7. Can this be real

    Stop being a little b*tch. It's just a f*cking label. Jesus!
  8. She's Only Trying To Help Guy's...
  9. Nonce Hunters - Official Thread

    This one's a classic:
  10. How was the universe created?

    lol, this is the same guy who thought the laws of physics ie: "gravity" created the universe. If there is no universe there are no laws of physics. Just more refusal of enthusiasts to abandon their faith and accept that there just may be an Intelligent mind behind the Universe.
  11. How was the universe created?

    Load of sh*t. How does one come to a conclusion that the earth was continuously bombarded by meteorites and then it just suddenly stopped? The "protoplanet hypothesis" has some many holes in it as theory as well. Why does it apply only to our solar system? Exoplanets almost immediately debunks this theory... Our solar system contains no Hot Jupiters.
  12. Dbol lovers...

    Bloat is diet related and easily controllable. I love Dbol.
  13. You've been here since 2015. Are you telling me you don't understand which labs are g2g and which aren't by now? There are hundreds of these threads.
  14. 2nd National Lockdown soon?

    Not even in Lockdown yet and they are already thinking about extending it: IF you think Gym's are going to be open in 4 weeks time think again. https://www.rt.com/uk/505188-gove-extension-second-lockdown/
  15. Dark/deep web.

    when I used to do coke a few years ago the darknet was were I would get my product. Never had an issue. Was always next day delivery as well. Not sure what it's like now tho, last time I used the darknet was last year when I brought some weed. Haven't been on since. I stopped doing drugs permanently. Havent't touched coke in years.