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  1. When you put this virus to other stats it's extremely small on the scale. For instance if we take Cancer. 450 people will die of cancer today in the UK, that's 3,150 people a week, 6,300 every two weeks and 13,950 every month... Annually speaking from year to year, the Flu will kill 290,000 to 650,000 people per year. That would equal to millions and millions of infections world wide.
  2. Depends... I was reading today that if people stick to the social distancing and lockdown messures enforced then the people with the stats at the top are saying around 7K deaths in the UK. it's said that one person without social distancing can infected 3 people.. With distancing being practiced they say we can get it down to 1:1 ratio.,
  3. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I must be looking at the wrong news then.
  4. Cv-19 when will it pass

    And maybe due to climate differences as well... We can only hope that with summer on the horizon it will slow the spread. Look at Africa, hardly any cases.
  5. Cv-19 when will it pass

    It was falling for the past 3 days....
  6. Cv-19 when will it pass

    South Korea ended there lockdown... No rises in cases for weeks.
  7. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Looking at the stats on Wikipedia most country's cases seems to peak around 6/8 weeks. Italy peeked at around 4/5 weeks and now the death rate is starting to fall in that country. It's also said that Germany has also peeked and are starting to come down. China peeked at around 8 weeks and it seems by the stats I'm looking at most countrys follow the same path.
  8. Are Juicers far more vulnerable to CV?

    Appricate you writing this mate... Like I said I've been on for 22 weeks so far, I don't plan on pushing it to much further. The original plan was a 26 week cycle and I;m going to stick to that. I guess my comment could have suggested that I was going on some perma blast.
  9. Coming off the gear while having no access to a gym seems contradictory. Wouldn't it be better to stay on to minimize muscle loss?
  10. I have no intentions of stoping... If more gear is needed I have no issues getting some either. Then again, I'm only using Test and Deca... If I had tren in my cycle I would probably drop it. It's amazing how many people will run there cycle through out getting a cold, but then this coronavirus pop's up and everyone's losing there minds.
  11. Keifei Pharma

    Up there with the best of labs mate. Used there Test E a while back, nice clean oils. No pip.
  12. Are Juicers far more vulnerable to CV?

    lol, I'm not going off sh*t. I've been on for 22 weeks so far. I'm 29 years old and I've been through a lot worse then what any Coronavirus could throw at me... You couldn't even begin to realise.
  13. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Ever heard of The Georgia Guide Stones? George Bush Senior, and the likes of his family "The Bushes" all ways used to talk about a new world order. And if this isn't the perfect opportunity to enfore new polictcal incentives, laws and regulations I don't know what is.. We are being bombarded with news and events that have successfully created an atmosphere of fear among people. It's order out of choas., Problem, Reaction, Solution. And as we can see Governments are using this as an opportunity to bring about the rules and regulations. Just last week Denmark passed a law which enables forced coronavirus vaccines. Im my opinion It is the closest thing I see to bring about the vision they have been talking from the days of Herbert Walker Bush.
  14. Any young guy in his 20's or 30's using testosterone/steroids doesn't have to really worry about this coronavirus. It would be like nothing more then getting a cold for most people. I heard just the other day that a women of 101 years old survived getting this virus, but as usual the media doesn't tell you any good news, instead they feel the need to tell you about every single little death. All this fear is being spread by the media. The same people resposible for all this panicing buying in supermarkets... If the media just stopped talking about this coronavirus for just little while instead of it being pushed down our throats 24/7 people would calm down. But will they? No! Because they media grow's with fear.
  15. Say goodbye to meals like this

    Because people are selfish little sh*t's... All the Nurses on long duty shifts can't even buy any food. Same goes for the elderly because they can't get out.