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  1. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Easy to say when you haven't lost somebody you love dearly to this virus, isn't it? But yeah, f*ck all those 40K people who have died. Let's just go to the pub for a p*ssup.
  2. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    This was London last night... So much social distancing going on! But yet the gym's are two dangerous to open.
  3. If you're not eating enough you may as well throw your gear in the bin. And scale weight is just deceptive... It's the mirror that counts. Unless you're competing forget the scales. I can't even remember the last time I weighed myself. That's my opinion on the matter anyway. 0.5mg Anastrozole ED is overkill as well. And you wonder why you haven't gained as much as you'd like? I don't even run a ai unless it's needed.
  4. Test feeling estrogen ?

    It's all hype. If you have low T to begin with you you may feel all those feelings ie: "alpha, strong, happy, energised" The only thing I ever felt was strength increase, and maybe just a little bit of sex drive increase. You've gone into this believing all the hype and now you feel let-down. All you need to do, is focus on eating and working out. That's it.... Also, I don't know anybody who claims you should be on Clen with Test... You need to be very careful of the rebound, especially if there is minimal muscle mass and a sub-optimal diet. Last thing, The beta-2 receptors adapt to clen in about 2 weeks so you need to be at least doing 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Your coach is giving you stupid information.
  5. i don't know, maybe because you linked to a fu**ing snuff site.
  6. FINALLY they have mentioned gyms!!

    Probably not even worth going when they do eventually open up. Social distancing and plus only a small amount of people will be allowed in, you'll have ques running around the block again.
  7. 1. Increase Tax on The Rich 2. Reverse Universal Credit 3. Increase Pension For Older People 4. Lower Retirement Age 5. Increase Minimum Wage To A Comfortable Standard 6. Reverse Bed Room Tax 7. Increase Housing Benefit 8. Anybody Without A British Citizenship Forced To Pay For Medical Bills 9. Reduce Immigration / Setup Better Boarder Controls To Deal With Immigration 10. Increase Benefits Allowance For Comfortable Living But Lower Enough To Keep Job Search Incentive. 11. Legalize Cannabis For Medical Usage 12. Rebuild The Mental Health System For Those With Mental Health Issues
  8. Ronnie Coleman on Joe Rogan JRE

    Couldn't agree more with this statement. I actually believe what Ronnie was saying about what he used and took, the man is a genetic freak. Even today there is nobody lifting or working out with the same intensity that Ronnie did. The man's body just responds on a level that 99% of the population will never be able to achieve. You really just can't put into words how much a genetic freak this man was... there's no words for it, even today's Mr Olympia's are miles behind a top conditioned Ronnie Coleman.
  9. Little Britain taken off TV and Netflix

    I wonder if "White Chicks" will be taken down as well... Probably not because that doesn't tick there political agenda.
  10. I've been on 100mg now for 4 weeks. Although I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner. I'd probably start off at 40mg and bump to 50mg after two weeks.
  11. What makes a simp?

    Probably one of those people who donate to E-Thot's on Twitch thinking he gonna get some lol.
  12. To much speculation anyway, I predict a second wave of Covid-19 so lockdown will be forced again. South Korea are currently experiencing a second wave and they where one of the country's to crackdown hard first. Things are being opened up way to soon. What do you think's going to happen when pub's and clubs start opening up in a months time when people start flocking there? Try social distancing drunk people? Not going to happen. You will see clusters start popping up all over the country again.
  13. Satan Pharma

    If I had to pick the top 3 labs at the moment for putting out constant quality it would be: 1# Dunning Labs 2# Dark Ghost 3# Nexus