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  1. This any good?

    What's you pre-workout dose? Interested to know....
  2. This any good?

    If sh*t goes south it's not so easy to come back from... trust me, I'm probably going to spend the rest of my life on trt for some of my stupid actions, and I'm only 29... End of the day, it's your body, do what you want, but please brother, respect these drugs... it's not a game. It's addictive, I understand that also. It feels f*cking good. EDIT::: I'm not in any position to start criticizing people I've done dumb sh*t myself. My current cycle speaks volumes as it is.. 1g Test and 1g Deca... with 200mg anadrol... but that doesn't mean I can't guide people in the right direction. EDIT:: That's a cycle I've worked my way up-to over the years... I haven't just jumped into that. Just needed to say.
  3. This any good?

    Let get this right.. You're already on Tren, and now you want to add M-Tren also? Some people are just asking for trouble. Just out of curiosity.. how many cycles have you done before jumping on Tren?
  4. Happy to buy gear online?

    Pharmacom are consistent most of the time, no dobut, but there are reports of underdosed and bunk products. I've had underdosed myself. I'm not saying this to put the lab down but to be fair they overcharge on there products where most people get the same raws as Pharmacom. It's bs! I know people out there who charge half the price as Pharmacom and there raws are superior in everyway and put out quality year after year.
  5. 200mg's of Anadrol daily... Thought I could walk through walls.
  6. I know.... lol. Doctor said it was 6CM in length and was one of the biggest abscess he's ever seen. Imagine trying to poo pieces of glass out, because that's what it felt like when I went to the toilet. When i was in the hospital it was that bad I ended up going to the toilet over 19 times in the space of day because it made me feel like I constantly needed a poo kinder like how piles would feel, but 100 times worse... In the end all I was poo'ing out was blood. All this because of shaving.. I've since made the descion that it's probably better to have an hairy a$$hole then go through that again.
  7. Trust me, I understand what you're going through and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I've had an abcess before (not related to steroids) it was located in a very delicate place. Between my testicles and bumhole, or if you like "the gooch". I don't talk to many people about it just because having to explain where it was located is difficult enough.. It was growing up and inside my anal, and it was all because of shaving would you believe it? lol. Doctor said if I left it any longer I would have got septicemia. My white blood cell's where extremely high by the time I arrived in hosptial. It was an ingrown hair that got infected. Being a place where bacteria will be high it was stupid for me to start shaving there. Took a good couple of months for me to heal through daily doctor vists and having the wound packed and cleaned... I also had a "drip" placed into the wound which helped to drain it further, after 3 months I went back into hosptial to have it removed. 4 years later I'm still fine.
  8. You don't need to inject just where the needle is... you can inject anywhere along where I've placed the arrows.... It keeps scar tissue to a minimum because it's not in the same place all the time. Just keep it near the outside. The glute is one big muscle, there are plenty of spots to inject. If you look on SPOTINJECTIONS it's not even near where the needle is on the picture, it's about in the middle of the glute.
  9. Thanks for naming the lab.. It's so important we know it's name I can't even begin to express. Please get well soon.
  10. Hygene anabolics

    Any updates on the orals mate? How's the anadrol treating you?
  11. You still haven't told us what lab you was using... It's imperative that the forum knows what this lab is. As for what happens next, they will either put a drip into the wound after they've cut it open so it can drain all the sh*t in there which will take a couple of months... After you may have to have second operation to remove the drip. Secondly, you will probably have to make daily doctor visits to have it packed with some type of weed so it heals from the inside up.
  12. New lab cenzo pharma

    Orals... mate. A aprt from tren and orals, it's the only time I've ever felt like I was "on" as they say.
  13. New lab cenzo pharma

    Yeah, I brought into all that cr*p about feeling like superman also, you don't feel anything.
  14. At this point, the infection has already set-in. The antibitoics arern't going to do much.. I know because I've had an abscess before (Not Steroid Related) and left it to long.. That a$$ is going to get sliced clean open... Then you'll spend the next 3 months going to Doctors everyday having to have it packed... Lesson here? Don't buy facebook gear next time. These people on facebook selling gear don't give a sh*t about your health.
  15. If the infection is already set in, then no, it will not go away and you will be operated on. If you catch it early, like the first day it could get better. There's also nothing wrong with injecting into the lower or middle glute... So long as it's on the outter side. It's all part of the muscle... The glute is one big muscle after all.