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  1. Tren cough

    I actually found that pinning in my VG's reduced tren cough when using Ace... As it has the least amount of nerves and blood vessels in that area. So nicking a vein is going to be highly reduced pinning that area.

    I'd rather just drop the EQ and up the dosage of the tren, it's so mild it's not worth really running with Tren.
  3. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    Yeah, they look clear and g2g now. Maybe it was the picture you took at the time..
  4. New customer to SG, touchdown to come

    First picture one in the middle looks like there some kind of contamination in it? For some reason there gear always looks dirty. I don't think I would even touch SG to be fair.
  5. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Imagine men knowing what women actually like? There is a reason why women watch Rugby and Football, and it's not always for the sport.
  6. TEST, DECA, EQ, DBOL... There's your answer.
  7. Not everybody who takes steroids uses them for the bodybuilding purposes. There are strong men out there who use purely just for strength reasons... I've even known people in the corporate world using testosterone just to give them the edge and aggressiveness...
  8. Crashed NPP

    Hot water bottle was always my trick. Hot water from a kettle then place the vial under the water bottle. Always worked. or Hot water from a kettle in small glass and place the vial in that. Obviously not to completely cover the vial in water.
  9. Bunk test gear?

    if you're happy then that's all what matters
  10. Bunk test gear?

    " so probably i gained around 10-15lbs muscle," I doubt that very much... Try 5 / 10lbs That water weight will drop rapidly now.
  11. I do find that within time PIP does become easier, but It's also something that doesn't completely go away. It can depend on the compound you're injecting to how much you're injecting and even where you're injecting.. It's something that I've found over my years that you just have to get used to. But it shouldn't be that bad where you can't sit or do daily activities.. The most I experience now is probably a slight bruised feeling the day after injection but by the second day it's almost completely gone. My advice is firstly, change to a 25g Injection needle, It was a world of difference for me. Secondly take some ibuprofen, and then apply some warm heat like a water bottle and maybe look for another lab.
  12. What's for tea ? Dinner if your posh ?

    Roast Potatoes, steak., and Peas.
  13. First post and it's a lab bash.... To get an infection is pretty rare, but to get an infection twice on the run from two different labs one after the other seems suspect..
  14. the African Varriant will be the one to start the third wave... It's already been hyped in the media and TV now.
  15. No, I don't prep. I' never going to compete, so i don't see the point in being this strict with food. As regards my diet, it's not to clean, and not to dirty... I add dirty food tho because I'd stuggle to grow on a clean diet.