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  1. Ive had bloods off nhs, but as said before they just tell you if you are in range. Plus they only check some values and youd save yourself time and hassle by just getting what you need private. I had to phone in and see if i could get a copy of the results and was getting questioned why i wanted the results.
  2. Help required please

    How tall are you mate, plus id say your maintenance calories are higher than 2500 as well. If i was you id be eating at 2500 calories instead of 1800 the now and see how you get on. Take your time and try and lose the weight gradually, keep your activity levels up and keep a note of body measurements and scale weight.
  3. Help required please

    Just keep doing what your doing mate keep active, but id up my calories a bit and continue to keep your activity levels up and when weight loss stalls, lower calories again slightly.
  4. Help required please

    Hi mate how long have you been eating 1800 calories and also have you been keeping up with training or is it just running your doing the now? 1800 calories is low for someone like yourself if your on your feet all day and also doing cardio on the side. You want to take your time and save all your tools for later on when weight loss hinders. Work out your maintenance calories online as a rough guess and go into a slight deficit, see how you get on. Keep up your training and when weight loss stalls again either drop the calories again or add in more cardio. You dont want to go into 1800 calories straight away also as you will more than likely fail and is not stick to the diet.
  5. Low cal sweet tooth treat options

    As said low calorie jelly is really good. I also like ice lolly's they have low calories and a good treat. Zero sugar drinks Pepsi max cherry my favourite. Low calorie ice creams like halo top. Fruits like strawberrys have low calories and can get alot of volume of food from.
  6. Yeah it seems like the case alot theses days. Drugs seem to be the first thing people goto before anything else. I think your going to see who and find out whos doing what when we get back to normality.
  7. Yeah mate your right. Think i was over thinking things, im just gonna continue as i was and wait until im back in the gym before touching any aas.
  8. Hi ive been off cycle for a while over 7months and was due back on recently, but with gyms shutting i postponed it. Ive kept all bodyweight from stopping and was thinking about cutting some bodyfat before going on a bulk when gym reopens. I have minimal weight at home compared to what i use at the gym and have changed my training to maximise this. Is it worth cutting in this situation as im natty and heavy weights are limited. Would low dose test and maybe an oral help hold onto muscle gained more efficiently as im currently natty. What do yous think?
  9. Some great advice in here and i would take note. Personally i fell off the bandwagon with whats all going on, but ive got myself back in it and it doesnt take much either. To lose bodyfat you can do that without cardio im doing it just now . Im cutting some bodyfat to tighten up and when the gyms open im going back into a surplus. Im still workin out at home with limited weight, but im manipulatibg calories to loose body fat it that simple. Go into a slight deficit and train, when it stalls drop slightly again and this is without cardio. Know how many calories you need and use those numbers as a guide.
  10. Gyms reopen phase 1 in America!

    Ive got mcdonalds and burger king talking about opening up where i am lol. Fast food must be essential.
  11. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    Fasting works a treat for me mate, I do the same as Jd says. Ill eat in a smaller window and use caffeine, water , zero calorie drinks to help keep cravings low.
  12. Who has lost muscle in lockdown?

    I have lost some size. For the first time in years i fell out of my usual routine. I stopped training for a couple of weeks, ate crap and stayed up to stupid hrs getting little sleep. Im back training but with lighter weights as only have minimal equipment. It was when my kids said my arms are shrinking lol , i got the kick up the backside. To be fair as soon as i got my food right again my body looked alot better. On the plus side ive had a few injuries benefit as to this.
  13. My wife is fine with it as its my body and its something im passionate about, shes into tattoos so i just say if she wants to do that to herself its her body and its the same with me. Plus ive always been ok on cycle and talked to her about myths and details about them, at first she was thinking about roid rage and costs etc, but i showed her it's all crap and im happier on them plus a bottle of test is cheaper than most protein powders.
  14. Reoccurring injuries ###$#

    Ive had alot of problems from my left shoulder , but think its bicep tendonitus. Its been like that for a long time preventinting me from rowing , pulldown and hammer curls etc. Due to lockdown its getting better , probably due to rest and the weights have been massively lowered.