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  1. Hi mate , im running 600mg of test and currently on 4th week of my bulk. I'm gonna run this for 14 weeks, i was thinking about adding an oral towards the end of the cycle to continue improvements, what oral would you advise.
  2. Keep everything simple. Don't overcomplicate things. Stick to basic compounds and progress, and don't get too fat on a bulk
  3. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Just started my bulk phase up a few pounds and strength is getting better by the week.
  4. Alot of people overdue it on protein , thinking they need alot more that they dont need. If cutting I like up protein slightly, but as said before i like to up and utilise carbs on a bulk. Improving my performance in the gym and saving me a bit of money on protein as potatoes and rice are cheap.
  5. Ive wanted to try mast, but still just on test the now and dont want to add more drugs ontop of that the now. I feel great on test does mast make a huge improvement ontop of that.
  6. Best Childhood Console Game

    Super mario 3 for the nes
  7. Leaving plates on machines, theres too many that goto talk and no train , putting weights in wrong place. Spending forever on equipment. Now with covid. Its only 1hr slot at my gym, so want to get in and get it done.
  8. No really mate its his life, he can do what he wants. But hes also clueless so could end up in a bad way.
  9. Has anyone on here died from their stupid approach to training. This guy gonna end up killing himself and all for something that you could achieve natty lol.
  10. Lol 3g of tren. Is this not like your second cycle. 2g of test , then 3g of tren is it 4g next. Youll be 91kg in no time.
  11. Microwave rice bags?

    Micro wave bags of basmati are 39 pence in aldi. I just find them convenient to use when working alot and on the go. Just chuck a few in your bag.
  12. Worst video on the internet

    Alot of s**t on bestgore. Seen a cartel video of t think a father and son getting chopped up with a chainsaw. Those caryels and brazilians are mental.
  13. Lol yeah mate it must be a popular choice