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  1. Hi ther guys, im a little worried here and im seeking advice, its my first cycle, and im using testosterone enathate 500mg a week, split into two injections, 250mg, on monday and thursday. I also take arimidex, .25mg every day. Im just on the end of week 5, and have just had some blood tests done via medichecks.com, i did not get any precycle blood work done. Anyway, i want to know if my testosterone, and estradiol, are in the correct range, for somebody who would have taking testosterone enanthate 500mg a week, for 5 weeks. I personally don think they are and this is starting to worry me, but please take a look. Im questioning whether my gear is legit, or underdosed, i have SIS labs, and my source is an official reseller according to them. The reason i got a blood test is because, of i didnt get and increase in sex drive, however since starting this cycle, i have put on muscle mass, and my lifts have gone up faster than usual, im pretty sure my balls ahve shrunk my about 25 percent too. Here are my results, Testosterone- 8.95 nmol/l 17 beta oestradiol- 27.3 pmol/l these were from a finger pr**k sample, you send off in the post Thanks Harry