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  1. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    @ElChapodo you know If DHB got some effects, like EQ, on collagen synthesis?
  2. red welts from hgh?

    More water helped me. Used instead of 1ml per 10iu, 3ml.
  3. Headaches

    For me it‘s always rbc or to much water retention in a short period of time.
  4. 23 Y/O Beginner AS Cycle Oral only ?

    oh, that might be a pretty interesting statement. could you maybe explain "I find Ostarine to be more effective than Anavar", please? do you mean in a oral only cycle? in general combined with other aas? max dosage you ever used ostarine?
  5. Feeling like death on EQ?

    just to chime in, funny thing is elevated rbc side effects are a pretty personal thing.. (well kinda like a sides) if my markers are still in range but more on the upper end sides are already creeping up..
  6. defo stronger than eq as @GMO said. also makes you look different. but for me it has some undesirable thermogenic effects in the summer which make me sweat buckets. which is pretty annoying at my job and sexy time with my girl. therefore, and other reasons, I like EQ way more in the summer. But for the winter it would be perfect.
  7. GHRP2 saturation dose

    this is just a personal reference. not science based. but I found 2 shots á 150mcg (with lunch & before bed) working better for me than 3 shots á 100mcg.
  8. if you don't get any sides from EQ -- this could also be an option. Sometimes you find 500 mg/ml concentrations so it's pretty easy to get a decent dosage. I think EQ is also different than dhb and not a "weaker" version or vice versa.
  9. Best healthy fats to eat on a cut?

    dark chocolate 85% + & avocado and oc as @Abc987 said peanut butter dark chocolate and avocado also got a lots of other health benefits.
  10. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    @El Chapo or @ghost.recon (maybe one of you had a client or a friend or whatever experience with it...) Would you recommend Ostarine or anavar for women? Reading a lot of mixed reviews...My Girl actually asked me. Just looking for her most side free first experience. pinning is sadly not an option..for now...
  11. Need to cut down really fast!

    get those carb out, for me something like eating carbs only between 8-14 o'clock works. training at 17. whey iso shake at 16:30. low fat quark after gym session with more iso whey. you'll be awake all night pissing. and dandelion root with cranberry extract works and a lot of water. like. a LOT LOT LOT. can't look at the ytube video, but this bloke got you more covered maybe..just some extra first hand experience from my side.
  12. RX Primobolan E 100mg/ml

    On the jp forum people asked the same question over the last 3-4 month..Nobody said it wasn‘t g2g but nobody also said it‘s his go to lab at the moment.. just fyi. No own experience. wondering also quite a bit about their dhb and their ment (just wanna try this sometimes and whine later about my new set of bitch tits I got from it )
  13. Powerlifters and anavar

    And don‘t forget the classic „are you sure it‘s Anavar and Not winny or whateverdrol??“ (especially on USA Boards). people just expect to much from certain things and get a totally wrong mindset... still thinking that anavar is the most side free and strength / bulk friendliest oral with a nice tad of improved recovery after a hard session.
  14. Night sweats - what do you do?

    nothing you can do with tren & deca. going super low carbs in the evening helps a bit but in the end you're still sometimes soaked. ah. actually this is not right. I got a lil usb fan next to my bed blasting "fresh air" in my face. this reduced it....a bit..
  15. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    @ElChapo driest long estered test? Sustanon? so like.. test suspension > test a >test p > test pp > sustanon > test E/Cyp. (from the common test mixes/esters/variations) notable difference for you between Test E/Cyp and Sustanon?