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  1. Breathing difficulty as I put on mass?

    If your goal is to gain weight then why are you gonna lose weight? Unless you freaky are carrying alot of bodyfat. I breathe heavier when I put on weight especially when it comes on quite fast. It's just part of it
  2. Hopefuly it's nothing mate, could have been worse if you didn't notice and pinned the gear still. That's the only reason I still aspirate just to make sure I don't see stuff likke that
  3. Our Sets - Videos

    Im siree there used to be a section in here for set of the week or sommething, it's a good idea I just can bring myself to filming myself in the gym
  4. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    She reckons you've broken a vertebrae? Surely not, atleast she's got you in for a scan fairly quick by NHS standards if that's who your going through. To rule it out.I hope it's not that mate You said it Was an injury you reopened, how did you hurt it the first time round was it through pulling?
  5. Can you buy a slin pin sized needle to attach on a syringe? Even using a short orange the difference between that and a slin pin is might and day for me
  6. Podcasts

    This. Reallly good some of em are informative and some are funny as f**k aswell
  7. Thoughts?

    Bum him in front of his children and show them who the daddy really is
  8. Injection site swollen

    5 threads aren't enough mate needs to be 6 to get an answer. I've heard it's common to get welts etc with s**t gh. I've had it off peptides before but wasn't really bad, I got used to it
  9. The best physique of all time?

    And people who are new will listen to them aswell. Absolutely no excuse to look that s**t after training 10years natty never mind with aas. Even with the worst genetics lol its mind boggling really
  10. Road to 800kg total

    Will give those snatch grip rack pulls a go never thought of it before cheers mate. Bet it'll help bring the traps up, pull ups are strong as f**k!
  11. The best physique of all time?

    I think that's a problem on here, people look at the rep count and assume those with high ones aree very knowledgeable etc when it seems its often the opposite lol as most that do have high counts usually have the worst physiques from what I've seen