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  1. Yes bac water worried about Im Incase of infection, if it’s causing this kinda reaction subq never had issue before.
  2. You would have hit a nerve mate. Happened to me. It’s why I hate doing quads
  3. Chicken chicken chicken

    Get 2 kg from Aldi for just over 8squid.
  4. Would rather pin the individual compounds. That way you can dose things the way you want. especially if you are just after test n deca then deffo just get em individually. I don’t trust the blends to be accurately dosed but I’m just a paranoid c**t. saying that, nexus rip blend was fantastic. So was the N.p. one. As I only use a small dose they were perfect and convenient for me.
  5. Fight over game of pool

    Simply beautiful
  6. Hello mate. I’m getting lumps when pinning peptides. My legs are quite lean and can’t get enough fat to pin them there. So been using abdomen area and getting lumps which last a couple days. Any way to avoid this? I do not want to pin the lumped areas but will be running out of places to pin sub q
  7. @ElChapo how long would you suggest to run 100mg anadrol for? cheers
  8. New triumph

    Pharma does bring better results imo...oils and especially orals aswell as viagra and Cialis.
  9. This is why I try and avoid commercial gyms at all cost...every fucker in there winds me up
  10. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    There’s something about that face. I just can’t quite put my finger on it
  11. Cheers mate That was my thoughts aswell, I didn’t want to post it as I am constantly trying to learn so sometimes it’s good to confirm my thinking.
  12. Hello mate I’m interested in your opinion on his Hematocrit. Would you really say he needs to donate at that value?
  13. Makesure you do your research first
  14. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    I had a very small back before training now it’s the biggest body part by a mile, actually a bit out of proportion tbh compared to arms chest etc...heavy bb rows dB rows rackpulls pullovers
  15. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Your traps are bigger can see improvements on the back pic deffo...but you look way bigger from front tho...you need to start hitting the rows hard man