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  1. The New ROHM

    The new labeled rohm tren e looks bit lighter than the older stuff? Tren e ive seen is usually a dark orange rusty colour.
  2. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Good gains in 5 weeks there looking fuller and leaner
  3. Hello mate. I started cutting nearly two weeks ago in order to get under 10% before starting a blast/bulk... However now the gyms are closed so no weights = no maitnanance. Would bodyweight training be enough to maintain muscle during a cut whilst on a cruise? Or will I lose a large amount of muscle from doing this. (I have no room for equipment and all bands are currently out of stock so bodyweight would be only option) Thank you
  4. massive strength drop

    Deloaded in beginning jan mate just...im gonna try a few days off
  5. massive strength drop

    Anyone here had a random huge loss of strength? What does it mean (im on mini cut atm but only in week one and surely muscle loss cant happen that fast? Plus ive always maintaned strength during cuts even with huge defecits) benched 145 for 6 on incline 2 week ago last week I did incline db press, then this week when back to incline I only managed 2 reps on 130because ..wtf?! Even my warm ups felt heavy as f**k.... Pissed me off big time i ended up leaving
  6. Come off or cruise? Covid 19

    Don't know if there's any science to it but I come off completely and do feel a it unwell after 2-3 weeks. And that's every time or maybe just a coincidence
  7. Hello mate back again for couple of qs Firstly all other values came back normal except these kidney values came back normal except these two and also liver all okay except this one and not sure on what others are eGFRcreat (CKD-EPI)/1.73 m*2 Result86 mL/min/1.73m^2 Serum creatinine Result104 umol/L Normal range59 - 104 umol/L Serum ALT level Result99 u/L Normal range10 - 35 u/L Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC) Result351 g/L Normal range315 - 350 g/L Monocyte count Result0.9 10*9/L Normal range0.2 - 0.8 10*9/L Iknow creatinine is just in range but it's literally at top end... is it concerning or is that to do with diet/muscle mass Also the gfr looks low what is your opinion? Second question is about oils. I always though if you stuck a vial in the fridge it would crystallise. If it doesn't does that mean it's bunk or just more solvent has been used? Thank you as always
  8. Been bulking now for 12 weeks and wanting to start ą cycle to carry on with bulk. However I'm not too happy with bf levels mostly just around waist/lower back. (abs still visible just softer looking... More to do with the waist size increase) Would there be any benefit to anaggressive mini cut for 2-3weeks before starting the cycle or when I start the cycle and back to bulking would the fat just return back fast. Cheers
  9. Rohm again

    Hya mate have you used the tren e? I get a bad bit of pip from the test hep and was wondering if it's same with the tren e
  10. AestheticManlet's New Log

    How's training going mate hope you are well
  11. Has anyone used it recently... How do you rate it? Cheers
  12. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Good luck with prep mate not like you need it though. Great physique man Out of curiosity what lab are you using atm mate?
  13. Hello mate, I'm currently bulking I'm around 15percent body maybe a bit lower, but want to do a mini aggressive cut for a for around2-3 week. Before carrying on with my bulk. So far I have been using 150mg test I wanted to start a tren e cycle for the remainder of my bulk, my question is if I pin today and also start the defecit today for the next 2 or 3weeks before going back Into a bulk would muscle loss be likely? As the tren e wouldn't have built up yet on my time in a deficit? Defecit is going to be 1500 cals(3lbs a week aim) As always, thank you
  14. My mate has got some hgh kits that he is selling for cheap (still not exactly cheap but cheaper lol) after not training anymore Only thing is he has has had them sat there for about a year, not kept in fridge. Will they still be okay or would they have degraded by now? Cheers
  15. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    What split you following/how many days a week? Looking good at that weight some size