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  1. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    Around 3 years ago. I’be never tried those labs mate except dimensions dbol which did nothing either but their oils were supposed to be good tbf. Never tried them personally
  2. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    Yeah I had bloods that is how I knew it was bunk..My levels were same pre cycle If you’ve already got it you may aswell use it
  3. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    Ran it and was bunk only one vial tho. Never know like a lot of ugl can be hit and miss
  4. Genxtropin

    I’ve not started these yet mate cos I can’t train properly during lockdown to warrant their use. Which is torturing me cos I got loads of the stuff in my fridge begging to be used two of my mates are using them and are both getting sides and are rating it highly which is what made me get them. Pscarb rates them too
  5. Genx-tropin???

    Not a good sign mate 2 of my mates getting similar cts symptoms on half of that
  6. Have you already got it? If so too late to ask init lol could be good could be s**t only one way to find out
  7. Not into cars but that’s fuckin nice
  8. Shouldn’t be such a weak phaggot pussy to get stuck under 300lbs in the first place
  9. Keifei oxybol

    Yeah it’s supposed to be a decent lab mate tbf try a box n you’ll see soon enough
  10. Yeah a lot of powerlifters push the oral doses crazy high...dbol Anavar tbol the lot I won’t name names but I know guys taking 350mg oxys Ed..with other orals on top..I guess it has its place leading up to a strongman or pl comp but for physique reasons there’s no need for high doses like that
  11. Keifei oxybol

    You’ve got enough there to find out for yourself lol...I’d try em anyway you’d know soon enough I felt pharma oxy by 3rd day
  12. Uncrowned Mr Olympias

    Mike Mentzer 1980 me 2020
  13. Yeah it is! I spend most of my free time during this lockdown reading through your guys old posts here on the forum. Loads of great info and debates! I ask as it’s the one thing I can’t seem to find any solid info on in regards to kidneys. Not sure it’s something I’d use personally but I like to read up on things and I agree the protocols people are using these days are crazy! Doses too high, length too long thanks for the reply!