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  1. That's s**t mate hope you get it sorted
  2. Red meat

    I'm eating 500g cooked 5%mince meat and 1 circa 220-250g sirloin steak a day, 5-6 days a week every week. Any issues with this?
  3. Options

    Deffo a troll lol
  4. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    Put it this way. By the time your finally allowed to go there, you will have such a mahoosive juicy pair of titties you wont wanna get rid.
  5. sibutramine... oh man

    Yeah sleeping on a cut especially wheen very lean is nearer impossible. It's the worst part for me
  6. Some of the s**t cyclists use you wouldn't even imagine, test, nandrolone, hgh, clen, epo, amphetamine, cocaine, igf1, insulin and that's before even getting onto the heavy painkillers/sleepers/tranquelizers etc they take as well. And that's an amateur...and you think bodybuilders are bad seriously the public are so naive when it comes to sport and drug use(not just aas)
  7. Mortgage application & Gambling

    The only problem I see here is you are buying a house with your girlfriend.
  8. Why no calf gimmicks

    Sit on ennd of bench with feet on a raised object and weights on your knees and do a seated calf raise, I do them with dumbells on each leg
  9. Prefer logging my lifts on phone and timing between sets. Also have my programme on phone. It Isnt a distraction and easier than pen and paper. Sweat dropping all over the ink and hands shaking likke a shitting dog between sets make writing stuff down a pain in the arse. People do take the piss tho
  10. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
  11. Roadmap out of lockdown?

    It was just on sky news on TV that Furlough scheme is being extended til Jan 2022 for the fitness industry. That sounds like they won't open til next year ffs
  12. Roadmap out of lockdown?

    Gyms were able to remain open during Tier 3 so I'm hoping it will not be long after schools