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  1. Free and single

    Im waiting
  2. Free and single

    Pics or no comment
  3. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    I sometimes get pain there. Hurts to twist my shoulders side to side I find pull ups get rid of it
  4. Chest injection technique

    Must be looking in wrong place mate it won’t let me copy link for some reason. If you go on it it’ll show all the different muscles to pin...go on pec and it has 3 different links for 3 different sites on chest to pin. or just follow what I said and you’ll be good to go. Inject slowly aswell
  5. Chest injection technique

    Oh yea forgot to mention that. I use a short orange aswell mate don’t even feel it go in, it’s a nice site imo.
  6. Chest injection technique

    go on spot injections website and look at pecs it’ll show you where to pin. for me 3 fingers above nipple and 3 fingers away from centre of chest gives me the perfect spot to pin. Sit down and if for example your pinning right pec then Bring your right arm across your body and rest it on your lap to make the chest fuller and stick out more and inject, start with half a ml to a ml first to see how you get on with the site. For me it’s pip free after the first one or two.
  7. That’s fast mate I hear people say usually 7 weeks or so some people respond faster than others
  8. How long did you feel it took for the deca to get to work mate do you think
  9. New journal

    A 1000 then went to 1500 deficit From food only then some cardio aswell...don’t think you could get away with doing it for much longer than 6-8 weeks though because it’s aggressive
  10. New journal

    Was 4 weeks between them
  11. New journal

    Happy new year to you too mate let’s make it a good one if I was you instead of trying to recomp I’d do a super strict mini cut for 4 weeks I did it with some good results I’ll be throwing one in probably about March when I get too fat lol
  12. New journal

    I just checked jp thought he was more expensive than that. Just looked up that other lad you mentioned...is he supposed to be a good coach? Has had successful clients? Never heard of him before. I know how you feel mate about smaller guys with better arms. I think it’s because they’re not actually that big the rest of them is that small it makes the arms look bigger lol. I’ve also noticed like you said I’m gaining weight and size but the arms look smaller as the chest shoulders and back are getting bigger. we need to use this year to get bigger arms lol
  13. Sounds like the Tren you’ve been pinning contains thallium, arsenic which are extremely toxic forms of heavy metals which can be found in some Chinese raws. They can not be removed in the cooking process and remain in the final product which you are injecting into your body. it is most common with Tren and the most common side effect of this poisoning is a consistent cough lasting for weeks which is triggered randomly throughout the day for no apparent reason and accompanied with facial bloat. Once it gets to the stage of the cough it is usually too late and the damage is done. Read up on arsenic and thallium poisoning...if you had injected intravenously you’d be dead already but as you’ve been injecting intramuscular you will have had a slow albeit big build up of it in your blood stream and probably do not have long left to live.
  14. Rohm test e

    Real rohm has only an expiry date and it’s made up of dots. And they call their test e test heptylate.
  15. New journal

    I did try an arm day...but didn’t follow it long enough to see how effective it is. Truth is I fu**ing hate training arms for some reason I don’t mind tris but just don’t enjoy bis. Maybe that has something to do with it. Tbh I’m starting to see some changes since training them with lower volume One max set one back off set and focusing on getting stronger on them. I don’t know which coach yet. I’m going to have a look around. Who are you thinking of? Jordan peters would be great but is pricey for me atm , I know Jeff off here used him and he made good results with him and looks fu**ing class aswell. there’s loads out there now a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones