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  1. Any helicopter pilots?

    I’ve just bought a bell 222 for going shopping in. It’s deffo worth getting your license, driving is for peasants. This is ukm you should know that
  2. New addition

    Nice mate. Are those white handles wide grip handles? Or is it neutral grip only
  3. Buying for women is frigging hard

    I’ll give her a cervix a good prodding if you want mate she’ll enjoy that. just pay for my travel expenses and an ice lolly for when I’m done and it’s a done deal.
  4. HCG year round?

    This. I know one guy who can’t have kids down to his aas use. Whilst the chance is still low it’s still there. Effects everyone differently, to say it’s overrated is ignorant.
  5. HCG year round?

    Nothing like planning ahead
  6. payment for gear

    This is why I’m glad I get all mine for free g4p really does pay off
  7. Do a good deed.

    I always do, most people are ignorant f**ks and don’t care though. I still do it because you do get the ones who appreciate it and it makes you feel good.
  8. Starts cycle 2 weeks ago, doesn’t even know how to eat.... it’s already wasted
  9. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    s**t physique either way
  10. Tren base pre workout??

    I think @nWo did a cycle with mtren and rated it highly, great results but sent him fu**ing mad iirc was you using it pRewo? It’s not something I’d use personally as I have no reason too
  11. Ment cycle and my thoughts

    And why do you measure your waist pushing your stomach out? Serious question lol
  12. Ment cycle and my thoughts

    Any bad sides from it
  13. Anadrol

    Never tried injectable version, or any injectable oral something I’d like to try out in the future for sure
  14. Anadrol

    By the 3rd day strength and pumps And extra fullnes was all up, blood pressure started creeping up aswell after that it was like daily changes love the stuff, it was pharma tho
  15. A pic of me hairy spider should do the trick will cost you though