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    Looks Lovelyjubly
  2. Tren cough

    I'm more interested in how the f**k you are injecting It wrong enough to pass out?! Lol
  3. Libido taken a hiding

    Bloods or not mate your not getting that libido back. These guys are just trying to make you feel better. I however, speak the truth. You may aswell give up all hope of ever having an intact libido. Serious. Going back on cycle will make it worse, not better! Id bite the bullet and go transgender and become a bottom, that way you don't need your willy and can still enjoy a good bit of fun
  4. Nexus Test E 300

    Check the verification codes on their site
  5. Calories too high?

    All that estrogen makes him to feminine for my liking mate
  6. Calories too high?

    He's taking 1.5g test so normal terms don't apply lol
  7. Calories too high?

    Looking huge mate Looks like you changed your bedding but your furniture Make your bed next time, will make you look even bigger
  8. All known labs to absolutely crush sex drive. That's why so many stay away
  9. Progress so far!

    What's your goals mate if its size don't be bothered about hitting 1rm, fair enoigh if you enjoy it but id leave em out
  10. Depends on solvents and Carrier oil but yeah it could do
  11. It's gonna make the worse if you just stsrt a cycle straight away. Train for a good few months first
  12. My thoughts exactly upon reading title lol
  13. Inone and pharmaqo

    Any different sides compared to deca or npp? I have a mate who loves deca but can't run npp. I wouldn't touch deca with a bargepole
  14. I know people who even reuse the same pins, never mind barrels lol I just couldn't do it myself