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  1. So 300 test 250 eq and 133mg tren per week? I would happily do that. Only comment is I have read everywhere about the need for 500 eq minimum? thanks
  2. Thanks for the feedback . Are you saying my stack is too heavy or the other fellas suggestion is too heavy?
  3. Thanks for feedback. Am tempted to up the EQ. The tren i will start at 266mg then if im taking it nicely then up it. First time on tren.
  4. Hello all, Started my 4th Cycle 3 weeks ago. 30 years old - 6ft 1 - 95kg Amounts and Type: Weeks 1 - 16 - 500mg per week Omega EQ per week Weeks 1 - 16 - 600mg per week Omega Teso Mix Weeks 8 - 16 - 266mg per week Omega Tren Ace Been doing 4IU's of Pfizer Genotropin HGH per day for 2 months. Carrying this on for another 4 months. Weeks 8 - 16 - 50mg T3/T4 combined mix per day. 10mg Aromasin daily 500 units of HCG twice per week for 18 weeks. Caber Other supplements: 6mg Boron per day Multi Vitamin daily High strength Omega oil tablets daily 408mg Lymecycline tablet for spots per day. Food: Circa 3500 calories per day. Order food of meal prep companies such as Athletes Kitchen. They provide 3 meals per day. I have a separate 3 meals which i prepare. Various snack like almonds etc. 3 protein shakes per day. 1 ltr of coconut water daily 2 liters of water daily. I have had no problems so far. Appetite has gone up a lot, which i dont mind. Only issue is my body temp is generally higher and finding myself a little more puffed out. Put on 8lbs already and my strenght is higher. I will give regular updates if people are interested.
  5. HCG before bed amazing dreams

    Well did you wake up walking like John Wayne....
  6. use AI for PCT too and HCG up to pct.
  7. HCG before bed amazing dreams

    Dont... thats where valium comes in
  8. Has anyone had very vivid lengthy erotic dreams after injecting HCG an hour or so before bed??? Not sure if it was just a coincidence or what. I have just started PCT and doing 2 weeks more of HCG but never done it before bed. I am using HCG every 3 days 500 ui. And this dreaming has happened both times before bed.
  9. Thailand is great. Brought back Bayer Schering test E 60mls worth and a few tubs of Var.
  10. frag or ghrp

  11. frag or ghrp

    Personally Frag stripped my gut fat within 10 weeks. Doing nothing different in my routine. I did 250 twice a day. A lot of fake so i think people have been stitched up. Bette than clen or HGH for me.
  12. Need HCG mate. More important to be on HCG on cycle than doing a pct in my view. Bang 200mg eod.