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  1. Best brand of Legit Epistane 2019?

    Body consciousuk was probably the best I've ever had, at 15mg per cap, it gave gains bigger than dbol, but more lean. I've used a lot of different epistanes: Epidex Bodiconscious EPI (30-45mg) Brawn Epi (this gave good gains even at 30mg Cel epistane Dragon Pharma Epi It's my favourite PH, because the sides are minimal compared to others. Hdrol and Pmag get me lean, but they really need a lot of cycle support, especially Tudca, as the liver pounding will make your pee dark and mouth feel dry (Epi will do this too, not as much). Tren was nowhere near as good as either of these, for strength or leanness imo but was majorly great when stacked with both. I did a cycle using 50mg Pmag, 20mg Epi and 90 mg Tren Ed and I got incredibly lean and strength went through the roof. I was losing bodyweight, maintaining fullness and increasing strength. Hardly any sides. If you want to get good size on Epi, dose around 40mg,and stack with 4 Andro and 1 Andro. You will get comparable gains to a cycle of real tri-tren and test. I've used real gear for a long time and for me, some of the PHs rival or beat them. Real Tren had all kinds of nasty issues, including weird freaky WTH dreams, sticky thick sweat, breathlessness, puffy nips, gyno etc... The PHs nowhere near as much, bar maybe superdrol and msten (pounding on the liver, hoarse voice, low mood, a little fatigue or foggy eyes) , but if you run them right with correct support supps, and base hormones like 4ad, you can counteract the sides fairly easily. Note: Epi never gave me prostate issues, but if you stack it, make sure you keep prostate support in check, one time I didn't and had the worst scare, was having all symptoms of prostate enlargement and damage but thankfully got it sorted and am good. It's no joke though.