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  1. To thin.

    If you want to gain some muscle and cut a little bit of fat at a time then 250cal deficit is fine. You can also speed up the fat loss progress with 500cal deficit, but this will increase the risk of not gaining much muscle. It depends on your goal.
  2. Night sweats - what do you do?

    Oh, sorry about that. In that case, I would assume he's experiencing high T levels in his blood stream and hence the excessive night sweating?
  3. Night sweats - what do you do?

    Just speculating, but it may have to do with the fact that your body temperature is elevated by cardio or a fever. I noticed this to really affect me after intense cardio. Maybe the fact that our bodies have adapted to intense work may come into play. Your body might maintain that elevated temperature for a long time. Why it concentrates on my neck and shoulders baffles me. I am not in the medical field, so I can't guarantee that this is true. This is just what I have noticed. Like I said, I am just speculating.
  4. Anxiety causing behavioural change

    "In a way, anxiety itself is a behavioral issue. It is the activation of the fight or flight response when no fear is present, and upon activation it is not uncommon to find many different types of unusual behaviors and symptoms that arise as a result." Source: https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/symptoms/behavior That's why the only way to really stop these behaviors is to take steps to control, manage, and reduce your anxiety.
  5. To thin.

    Personally at that body composition I would continue eating under maintenance while being on a proven beginners program that focuses on linear progression as most beginner programs do. Don't eat carbs before your training and stay in a 250 deficit over the whole day and do 20-30minutes of low intensity cardio after your training for vasculair healt - it will help with your conditioning, and since you are new to training, you wil get some muscle gains automaticly, because your body isn't used to training (beginner gains). Hit the compounds, drink a lot of water, eat tons of protein and get enough sleep. Don't try to go super heavy with the weights, and don't be afraid of asking for guidance in the gym, so you don't get injured.
  6. PT Career?

    Being passionate about fitness and living the fit lifestyle is an amazing accomplishment in itself. So I find it great that you want to take that passion to the next level and help others live fit! The simplest way to become a personal trainer is to purchase a certain organization's fitness manual, study independently, and take an exam. It is possible to get most certifications in this manner. In addition to the manual itself, there are often study guides, seminars, and practice tests available from the organization. Some colleges also offer courses where you can study and take exams to become a personal trainer. Upon hiring, some gyms will take you through their own certification courses, which are often weekend classes or seminars. Benefits: You get paid to do what you love You can help change people's lives - It can be very rewarding to see the positive changes in clients. Possibility of flexible hours, making your own schedule: Downfalls: Only getting paid when you have clients: Limited income: Long-term security - Clients will often desire young, fit people as their personal trainers.
  7. Want to lose beer belly, but gain muscle!

    You can't reduce just your belly, unfortunately. In order to lose it you'll have to eat at a caloric deficit. You can't turn fat into muscle, it doesn't work like that. You can gain muscle with fat as you are doing, then go on a cut and lose the fat, revealing the muscle. Just keep in mind, it takes about one week to lose 1 pound of fat if you eat 500 cals below maintenance. Read this link: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?p=553453753#post553453753 (The above link is a thread named "How to lose fat for noobs" - it has all the information you'll need to lose your belly.) If you read the thread fully, it advises a 40/40/20 ratio of protein/carbs/fats, while eating 500 calories below maintenance. This works very well for most people. So, continue on with your bulk to gain muscle, then when you're ready to lose the belly, follow the advice in the thread closely.
  8. Medium and minimum glutes + biceps femoris

    Maybe some other time, hun
  9. Medium and minimum glutes + biceps femoris

    Hi (sorry for my bad english)
  10. Best places you’ve been on holiday to ?

    This link has all your answers https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/brazil/safety-and-security I didn't experience any crime nor did I see any victims of crime. If you are considering going there, I would recommend a few things. Don’t wear expensive jewellery and watches. Don’t carry large sums of money and consider wearing a money belt. Don’t use your mobile phone in the street and keep cameras out of sight when not in use. Leave your passport and other valuables in a safe place but carry a copy and another form of photo ID, if you have one, with you at all times. In short, Keep your possessions close and avoid taking valuables to the beach. Bunch of sons of bitches there
  11. Best places you’ve been on holiday to ?

    Definitely, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro! Naturally, no trip to Brazil will be complete without visiting the famous Ipanema Beach. Although Brazil has heaps of prettier beaches where you can rest and relax, nothing beats the vibe of this place. Located near Copacabana and Arpoador, sit back, relax and people watch around you. This area also gets pretty crowded with lots of babes during the weekends so go snag a spot early in the morning if you want to get a prime spot with great view
  12. Move more weight or squeeze the Rep?

    You should not only squeeze the muscle at the end of a rep, but through the entire range of motion. Most people who workout only contract and squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement, but to build muscle faster you should be contracting the muscle through the entire range of motion. Then there are people who just swing the weight back and forth WITHOUT contracting the muscle at all. The fact is, muscle needs stimulation and tension to grow. Your muscle does not know the difference between a 20 pound weight or a 40 pound weight, it only knows tension.
  13. Usually I don't. I especially don't mind when a younger person has questions or needs advice. All too often you see people at Gyms lifting incorrectly or just look lost. When I first started lifting, I had older guys at my gym helping me out and giving me advice and it was much appreciated. I have no problem returning the favor. However, if someone just wants to come up and talk to me about nonsense, then I have no patience for that. All too often people use the Gym as social hour instead of its intended purpose, and no headphones or iPod can keep them away.
  14. Lower or slam dealift

    I think actual performance is going to differ depending on your specific goals. There are plenty of powerlifters at my gym, and when they’re handling seriously heavy poundages, once they’ve gotten the weight up, no way are they going to risk injury slowly bringing the bar down for fear of scuffing the floor. Of course they have some solid rubber padding on the floor, and for the most part, most of the competitive guys aren’t out to make as much noise as they can and turn every head in the gym every time they drop the bar (as some newbies or even wannabes may be prone to do).
  15. Heya people

    Welcome, mate. You have come to the right place.