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  1. Sort of beginner cycle

    Is there any point to sarms if you are already pinning test? Why not just do occasional blasts in between your trt cruising? What do sarms offer that test can't provide? If you are worried about acne, take low dose accutane during your blasts. 10mg x 3 per week works well for me.
  2. Yeah. Streaming is here to stay. Watch what you want when you want. Video rental stores are already obsolete it won't be long until TV completely transitions into on demand / streaming services. Waiting around for specific timeslots is outdated and pointless with modern technology.
  3. Slin pins for IM injections?

    22g is a harpoon. Fine for drawing but I would never use anything that big to pin.
  4. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    There is no inherent meaning to life. We are all here by random chance. Might as well make the best of it while we still can.
  5. Slin pins for IM injections?

    I found some 1ml syringes that have luer locks so I could just swap the needles. The barrel is so thin I was worried that thick oils would cause the plunger to get stuck. But sounds like it is not a problem. Thanks.
  6. The oils I have are pretty thick and the plunger on slin pins seem pretty flimsy compared to reg 3ml syringes. How hard do you have to push down to squeeze the oil through? I know some people go subq with low volume but I was planning on using 1ml barrels for IM. Anyone here use slin pins for IM over large volume syringes?
  7. Test e vs sust

    I always wanted to try sustanon but timing the injections seems tricky. Has anyone just mixed prop and e together and pinned twice a week? Or do I need to do it more frequently because of the prop?
  8. Reducing water retention

    I hold water in my face but not really anywhere else? What can I do besides keeping e2 in range, drinking lots of fluids and cutting out sodium? This is on test only btw.
  9. Every cycle is my last cycle. Until I do the next one. It could be 6 months later or it could be 2 years later. But I always end up doing one last cycle.
  10. It was such a long time ago. If I remember correctly I put on about 20lbs and kept 10lbs. I ran test and still to this day I run test only. I've tried 19nors in the past but the sides to gain ratio was not worth it for me personally. 12 weeks is good if you want to do multiple cycles per year. I am at a point in my life where I do infrequent cycles. Maybe once a year so I like staying on longer. Just remember to take what other people say as a guideline but use your own best judgement. Afterall it is your health on the line. Best of luck.
  11. Looks good but I would just do a full 2ml/500mg per week and make things simpler. I never get the full 10ml out of a vial due to wastage. So 2ml per week ends up being 4-4.5 weeks instead of 5 weeks per vial. So buy more test vials and ancillaries than you think you need. 12 weeks is the minimum length I would run longer esters. I am about to start another cycle and probably go 16-20 weeks.
  12. It's different. I think it is the beans that these shops have access to. 90% of people won't notice or care but that 10% are the loyal customers who come by twice a day everyday.
  13. Owning a coffeeshop in a high foot traffic area is probably one of the best small businesses you can run. Unlike a bar you don't have to deal with obnoxious drunks and you don't need to hire a lot of workers. Only downside is you need a lot of capital to start and I imagine the competition is fierce. Charging £5 for a cup of coffee when the raw ingredients cost less than 5% of that is mindblowing. Yet you have people lining up every morning to get their daily fix. You have customers for life as long your product is decent quality.
  14. Fertility after 10yrs harsh steroid use

    What would you do differently? Right now I am still recovering well between cycles but I know eventually I will have to stop or go on trt. I tell myself that I should just quit while I am ahead. But I always end up doing another cycle. Sometimes 6 months later, sometimes over a year later. But for whatever reason I get that itch again randomly.
  15. When I first started making good money I felt like I was accomplishing something buying all these new fancy toys. Only to lose interest in them shortly. That's the problem with buying happiness with money, you have to keep finding something new when the novelty wears off. Obviously you need a certain amount of money to pay the bills and live comfortably. But beyond that I found that it really doesn't matter that much. It is called the hedonic treadmill. Shortly after experiencing great fortune or extreme misfortune, humans return to their original set point of happiness. Which is determined by your brain chemistry set by your formative years. So if you had a shitty childhood then you are f**ked for life. Even if you attain great riches later on.