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  1. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    What is happening in the 3-4 weeks before the "kick in" time with long esters? I mean it has to be doing something having 10x normal amount of anabolic hormones. What happens in these later weeks that switches on the strength, energy, size?
  2. HCG

    Do people really fake HCG? It is so cheap and widely available. OP you could just reconstitute it and spray it on a preg test if you want to know for sure. Speaking of HCG, how often do people dose per week? I know the standard is 500IU x 2. But this cycle I have just been doing 1000IU x 1 and I haven't noticed any difference.
  3. Are gyms really closing? Is there going to be a 2nd round of lockdowns?
  4. New triumph

    Is this the OG chef? I miss the clean simple white label. No more 300mg/ml? How is the pip with the new oil?
  5. I would do 600mg/wk. At 107kg/235lb 300mg/wk might as well be a replacement dose.
  6. If you are already 47 I am not sure what you are waiting for. If you have never ran AAS before and you are already into your 40s, even a modest amount of test is going to be a drastic difference. If I were you I would just do the standard 12 week cycle at 500mg test just to see how you feel. I think only then will you know if you want to keep cycling, blast/cruise or just stay natural. It is impossible to gauge without actually trying it yourself imo.
  7. If you use AAS during your early years does it guarantee low T levels when you get older? I do infrequent cycles here and there just to give myself the occasional boost. I've recovered quickly every time post cycle. Is this going to come back and bite me in the future?
  8. To primo, or not to primo?

    That's a s**t ton of oil. I guess that is where the phrase no pain no gain comes from. Dallas McCarver's autopsy showed he was on 10g of test/wk.
  9. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    I have some savings that I set aside in case the day ever comes. Especially now that I plan on going back on gear. It is a small price to pay to look good. No one looks better bald than they do with a full head of hair.
  10. Interesting. I took a look into this and it seems like there is a shortage. If multinational pharmaceutical corporations are having a hard time sourcing raws, I definitely do not trust that UGLs have legit ralox. Once stocks are available I will try a 12 week course.
  11. Magnus hcg ??

    On a related note, I have somg hcg kits that I have left in storage for a while now. Been just waiting for the lockdowns to end to start a new cycle. They haven't been reconstituted yet but they also have been left at room temp. Is this stuff still potent after all these months? Do pharmacies keep hcg on shelves or keep them refrigerated?
  12. I use 12.5mg of aromasin eod on 500mg test pw. That is about equivalent of 0.5mg of arimidex eod. I personally wouldn't wait until I got high e2 symptoms to start using an AI again. Just give yourself a week off and then start taking 0.5mg eod.
  13. It’s gym eve today

    How likely are 2nd round of lockdowns? I don't want to hop on cycle for the first time in years, just to have gyms close up in a month.
  14. any feedback for Intex Pharma....

    If you cruise on 500mg/wk what does a blast look like? Every lab I have tried at 300mg/ml has pip. SG, Triumph, Sphinx, etc. But it has been years since I last bought any oils. I still have a bunch stocked up I need to use. I can't believe people are using 400mg/ml+ oils. It has to be underdosed or have insane pip.
  15. Controlling E2... It's actually a little difficult

    If you are running 10x the natural testosterone levels wouldn't it make sense to have your e2 running higher than normal range as well? Of course not 10x as much but nuking it seems counter productive. If you are sensitive to gyno, then you can always run a SERM along with a moderate dose of AI. Unless I am missing something here.