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  1. TRT advice.

    My test isn’t low, it was medication side effects. I’m going to clean up my diet and really try over the next few weeks. After that I’ll do a 5 week epistane cycle with a proper pct. If I can get my self looking half decent again it will do my mental health a lot of good.
  2. Jesus weeps. ‘People that believe in old religion are bad enough, yet they are usually brainwashed from birth. To believe in a book when we actually know which idiot wrote it (science fiction author) is lunacy.
  3. Epistane

    Is this legit?
  4. TRT advice.

    You miss my point. I can’t motivate myself to lift at the moment. I think I’ve made my situation pretty clear. Working out is great for your mood generally I agree. Used to love it. Not easy to do when you’re on your ass, lost a load of strength and everything is a bit shite. I need to do something positive over Xmas.
  5. The theory seems to be that if you cram all the calories into a 4 hour window you build more muscle mass. ‘Doctors noticed that some cancer patients who were being fasted (as eating continuously feeds tumours continuously), noticed that some patients were gaining muscle mass rather than losing it, and it all stemmed from that As I understand it in very simple terms. If your body spends all it’s time processing food. It can’t build muscle, fight disease etc as effectively. From the moment you eat or drink anything with calories the lipids(not sure if that’s the right word) are activated in your liver. It is better to condense this time frame to as small a window as possible. Many top MMA fighters are now fasting. They say body fat goes down and muscle mass goes up. ‘In studies with mice ( I know we are completely different in metabolic rate etc). Mice that are fasted in this way gain 10% more muscle mass and live longer than mice fed six times a day. George Saint Pierre (yes I know he believes in ufos), is a strong advocate. He believes it’s due to evolution as hunter/gatherers which makes sense. We evolved to hunt and gather whilst in a state of hunger. If muscle wasted not being fed protein 6 times a day we would be extinct is his and many others argument. Im not saying it’s right but it makes sense.
  6. TRT advice.

    I’m not looking for a miracle cure. But I know if I am on cycle I’ll lift. Ive recently lost over a stone of fat caused by mirtazipine.
  7. I always read “eat, eat and eat” when bulking. I used to really struggle with it. Curious to know what people think about fasting while bulking? Seems to be some evidence to say it increases muscle mass.
  8. TRT advice.

    Mate. I’m not proud of it but I’ve been shagging birds off POF and fab for the last 2 years. It was great at first but it’s just messy now. It’s the only thing I have had any enthusiasm for which is sad as f**k at my age. They have tried me on all sorts. Lack of emotion/empathy and weight gain is what has made me stop. Cialis solves any dick issues they cause. It doesn’t surprise me when I read that these kids that shoot their schools up in the us are on this s**t. Its hard to motivate myself to do anything at the moment. I used to think”lazy fucker” when I read s**t like that in the past. ‘Intermittent fasting got rid of the weight I gained through mirtazipine. I feel better eating this way.
  9. I’m done a 30 day epistane cycle before a holiday in 2012. I didn’t really know what it was (sold over counter), took milk thistle with it and some crappy test booster for pct. I just believed what the guy in store told me. I didn’t really train that hard but gained 20lbs. It wasn’t lean mass, it was a bit bloated. I lost virtually all of the weight on the holiday. I thought prohormones had been banned but it seems they haven’t from what I’ve read in recent posts? If I do it properly this time and maintain training after. Am I likely to keep any gains? Im 40, 5’10”, 12 stone. Looking to gain lean mass and don’t want to look bloated in my face.
  10. TRT advice.

    If chicken and steak would solve my problems, I would not have any problems. I don’t want a huge build by any means. Steak and chicken don’t cure depression unfortunately. I need something to motivate me. Difficult to understand unless you have suffered clinical depression. The medication they give you does the opposite. Turns you into a zombie and make you gain weight. Not taking the medication makes s**t difficult to deal with. It’s a bad situation. Everyone thinks they get depressed now n then (as did I before I became ill). That’s called being pissed off or fed up. It’s not depression.
  11. TRT advice.

    I’ve had a really rough time since I posted initially. Mum passed away and brother diagnosed with ms. Once I ditched the mirtazipine my sex drive come back and I lost excess weight I’ve never had before. Im in a s**t situation. The lack of mirtazipine makes my mood low and sleep difficult. I’ve not been dealing with my issues at all. Im looking at various cycles now rather than trt. I need to give myself a boost. The amount of strength I’ve lost is scary. In the past when I’ve been on something (even alri Pro anabol) years ago. It gives me a huge incentive to train. I know a lot say products like that are s**t but I got really good results from it. I’m not sure if it was placebo or spiked. The only Pro hormone I ever done was epistane. I got really good results in terms of size and weight gain. But i looked “puffy” and I lost the weight very quickly after cycle. I took it just before a holiday, so to be fair I was not training once the cycle stopped. Im 40, 5’10” and 12 stone. I know most say get yourself in peak shape before using anything. But I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose at the moment. Im 41 in December, life has been shite for a few years and I really need to get out of this rut. It seems the prohormone market as gone completely. Probably a good thing for me as having hemacromotosis is harsh on your liver anyway. Sarms seem a bit strange. I don’t fully understand them. Gyno also seems to be a issue. ‘I’m not asking for any advice on where to source anything. But advice on what to stack would be welcome. Its like I lost my 30’s to depression and I’m having a midlife crisis. I want to do a test cycle but I’m not sure what to stack with it.
  12. TRT advice.

    I too have haemochromotosis. Not been on here for a while.
  13. The only cycle I’ve ever done was epistane around 6 years ago. I was naive and the guy in the store told me I wouldn’t need pct. luckily I was ok. Im considering running a anavar only cycle. Considering it’s “mild” and doesn’t reduce sex drive, why would you need a test base?
  14. TRT advice.

    Not at all mate. I was being genuine.
  15. TRT advice.

    Thanks for that mate.