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  1. Winstrol 5mg

    Good shout..will up her protein by another 30g .
  2. Winstrol 5mg

    Yeah...there is a protein shake thrown in too... Dinner does consist of protein veg and complex carbs.
  3. Winstrol 5mg

    So, after a few cycles of 10mg Anavar for around 6 to 8 weeks, my mrs is going to try 5mg Winstrol for a 6 week cycle. She wasn't overly impressed with Anavar but maybe could have given it a longer cycle like 10 or 12. Going to start in February. Brief history on her : Been training for over 10 years bodybuilding. She's 5.2ft and 57 kg....fits mostly size 8 or 10, so quite petite, and diet is pretty clean all year round. ....eggs and oats for breakfast, tuna lunch, Skyre for snack and chicken for dinner....average protein intake of 80g-100g /day.
  4. Primo and Var stack

    My mrs did not run pct after her cycle of Anavar (10 weeks)...she put on 2 kg, but having such a light frame , could not really see the gains...although pec muscles did improve slightly. Tried Primobolin once before for 6 weeks, but she did not rate it. Interested in adding 10mg Winstrol to the 10 mg Anavar for next cycle...
  5. Is Dianabol 10mg okay for ladies?

    My wife has used Anavar at 10mg/day.... ( 3x 6 week cycles) over the last year or so....seems to harden her up a bit and she has put on 3 kg and maintaining that. Her diet is pretty much the same as mine ...low carbs ,high protein and good fats. It not a miracle drug, but dbol is a no no....
  6. Intexpharma

    Yes, pip was horrendous. And I'm sure others will agree.
  7. 300mg primo worth it

    On week 5 of 300 Test and 400 Primo. Not much difference when on 300 Test alone or with 300 Masterone in the mix. Using SG Primo. Guess it's just the ' feel good factor' ...if any.
  8. Gonna do 400 Tri test (1ml) and 400 Primo (2ml)....once per week. ( 3 ml syringe) 12,5 mg Aromasin once or twice / wk
  9. Lol...guess that's why I ain't seen much about it on here.
  10. Is it worth keeping the Masterone or just upping the Primo to 400 mg/wk. 400 Tri test / 400 Primo Or 400 Tri test /300 Primo/150 Mast SG primo is 200 mg/ ml.
  11. Fair one....I changed lab from Intex to Shinx....purely coz of horrendous pip.
  12. Heard mixed reviews on turnable. ...something Id like to try too.
  13. Did u mix it with the Test or Masterone ? Which lab too ?
  14. Already liking the 'less sides' from the Primo... Lol...Need to be watching cholesterol levels at my age.
  15. My usual cycle is 400 mg Tri test and 300 mg Masterone. Thought I'd try deca, so last cycle added 300 mg/ wk to the above cycle. This time back to Test and Mast.....Just looking at Hardening up some more. And No, not doing cardio as don't have the time. I'm on around 1800 - 2000 cals and quite happy with that. I'm 48 at 79 kg (5'3)... Train 3 on 1 off....