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  1. Hopeful statistics?

    Here is Korea's top doc explaining things
  2. Home Gym Upstairs

    i live in Thailand and people are put into prison for hiking prices during " a state of emergency" i had one of these delivered yesterday. can take 180 kg and cost about 375 quid. got a great quad pump last night i have a treadmill and a ski machine upstairs with my weights: i have concrete floors so no problem.
  3. Cv-19 when will it pass

    it is interesting that they are going after Assange when the US constitution expressly protects the press in matters like this.
  4. Cv-19 when will it pass

    So far cases seem to multiply quicker in cooler countries. Here in Thailand it seems to get people in Air conditioned environment. The worst day we have had is 180 cases, 121, 111,101,91 we are at 1200 or so when we has 30+ cases when the UK had 1. We are almost on lock down here restaurants, cinemas, massage, bars all closed. because we have a culture of buying daily cooked food restaurants and food stalls can be take away only. if any public transport is running you must wear a mask. i went to the supermarket yesterday and had my temperature checked at the door and a squirt of hand sanitiser. I suspect Africa may be even worse than anything we have seen so far
  5. What is a reputable and trusted vitamin brand?

    if the pro joint contains chondroitin and glucosamine you have wasted your money! if you insist on buying it buy it from here and save yourself a fortune 20 quid a kg for glucosamine hcl
  6. power walking is much better for you
  7. What is a reputable and trusted vitamin brand?

    for me its https://th.iherb.com/pr/Source-Naturals-Men-s-Life-Force-Multiple-180-Tablets/11096 but they are out of stock at iherb https://www.vitacost.com/productsearch.aspx?ss=1&t=mens life force multiple ( their own stuff is okish) i have also used rsp biovite as a cheaper option https://th.iherb.com/pr/RSP-Nutrition-Biovite-Advanced-Multivtamin-180-Tablets/78897
  8. What is a reputable and trusted vitamin brand?

    jarrow are low grade thorne not much better Source naturals are not bad: life force multi are the only multi i have ever used that i felt have a look on iherb shipping is very cheap epa/dha i always used Life Extension, Mega EPA/DHA,
  9. Drinking Collagen

    it will be broken down and the body will use it where it sees fit! on the skin the molecule too big to get to where it is needed
  10. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Here in Thailand we are due to get a curfew and cancellation of all forms of public transport from Thursday. they are also setting up field hospitals despite there only being 700 or so cases.
  11. Good web site for gym equipment?

    stay away from Decathlon. their weight stuff is cheap but incompatible as they use 1 1/4 inch.
  12. Anyone else getting pissed off

    no shortages over here in Thailand although we have seen a bit of panic buying. i expect things to change soon as the numbers are going up.
  13. China - suddenly no Covid?

  14. China - suddenly no Covid?

    search and see https://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2014/04/23/hong-kong-howls-but-88-of-mainland-chinese-dont-mind-public-urination/ ( wall street journal) we only have your past history of supporting the regime to go by and ignoring what the rest of the world knows.
  15. China - suddenly no Covid?

    you are nothing but an apologist for an authoritarian xenophobic regime! ask the Christians, Moslems, Tibetans, journalists, lawyers et al : name anything the Chinese have been transparent about? I doubt there is anything! it is a virus originating in China after all! The Chinese are one of the most disgusting people on earth with many habits such as public defecation which 35 million people practice, public urination with 88% of the population seeing no problem with this. They also practice wide scale public spitting and nose picking etc, do not wash their hands after using the toilet and then go and handle fresh meat, fish etc.
  16. China - suddenly no Covid?

    we get closer to vaccinations without killing hundreds of thousands in the process!
  17. China - suddenly no Covid?

  18. China - suddenly no Covid?

    and lots of videos of the Chinese getting under or around barriers. Don't believe anything an authoritarian state tells you. They are now doing the usual Chinese thing of fostering xenophobia and blaming the Americans for the Wuhan virus. so ill take anything an apologist says as bull crap
  19. Well that’s it I’ve got it

    that is doing the rounds. i have no idea if it carries any weight but its easy enough to avoid just in case. i checked this and it seems to be being widely reported that anti inflammatory drugs may exacerbate the Wuhan virus. OP swift recovery m8
  20. Well that’s it I’ve got it

    they have been saying in Thailand that a combination of two HIV drugs seems to do the trick. so far only one death out here and he had Dengue also. They are only reporting a total of 150 cases here.
  21. i think we will be looking at a population explosion in 9 months or so it always happens when there are power cuts
  22. Own up. who's been panic buying?

    always have a couple of months worth of food and toiletries on hand. i only buy what i use regularly and as i use one i buy another. have a 5 stage water filter at home so don't need bottled water. presently here in Thailand you can't buy Dettol, hand sanatiser, alcohol, face masks
  23. Coronavirus financial fallout?

    you need fixed term investments https://learnbonds.com/uk/bonds
  24. Tattooists the most corrupt industry?

    as someone who has managed tattoo shop i can tell you most people are interested in price over quality so you must do research rather than just get a tattoo on a whim. you probably can't sue as most if not all shops will make you sign a waiver first