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  1. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    you are a %#cking idiot, all the most successful countries at treating this virus are countries with mandatory face mask usage but you keep right on believing your own bullshit. bull that has seen 50,000 people die there against 58 here in a bigger population that had infections before the UK. oh and allegedly third world.
  2. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    the idea is to stop coughing spittle. what you are showing is air flow not moisture. u can have it you way if you wish but here in Thailand we have been wearing masks since the start. We had infections weeks before the UK and it was made mandatory to wear masks outside the house. We also have a larger population and live closer to each other than there. So far we have had 3200 infections and 58 deaths. we have also had no locally transmitted infections for over 56 days a: it is still mandatory to wear masks outside your house. you keep right on believing your own bollox if that what suits you.
  3. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    Go out in the cold and see for yourself
  4. What is a reputable and trusted vitamin brand?

    be careful who you listen to! i have been researching this stuff longer than most of you have been alive!
  5. Lifting weights before breakfast?

    i always did my daily cardio before breakfast. only because i had to take the mrs to her yoga classes at 7.30 am always did 20 mins walking, 20 mins cycling and 20 mins on the rowing machine. weights were 90 mins or so after my 3rd feed
  6. Eddie halls new house

    You only had to see the difference in lifting 500k between him and Thor. Eddie was in bad shape yet Thor was absolutely fine. There comes a time when you have to listen to your body and decide if you want a future. He will be financially secure if the UK Arnolds takes off.
  7. Where can I find a decent bench

    look at china will be able to pick up a good un for half that price
  8. White lives matter

    i lived there in the mid 80's and loved it.
  9. White lives matter

    these are criminals who should be dealt with under the law! they should not, however, be executed in the street!
  10. White lives matter

    they were not murdered by the state!
  11. White lives matter

    aha here we go again right wing assholes blaming the far left for anything they don't like!
  12. White lives matter

    so you are advocating summary execution just because someone has convictions? Nobody is suggesting anyone was a good person but this does not give police the right to execute unarmed or unarmed fleeing people in a "progressive modern society" i have no problem with someone getting shot if they are clearly brandishing a gun, someone waving around a knife can get tasered at 5 metres. all people are doing is attempting to muddy the waters when people are getting executed by representatives of the state! That is racist.
  13. We could have a civil war on our hands

    lol you mean him when he used to wear a beret
  14. Mods of past and present

    i thought he said the thread was closed