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  1. Protein Juice?

    pea protein, soy will not bloat you. powder, fruit and water. easy quick fix if you don't have the time or inclination to eat
  2. Points based immigration system

    pure xenophobic bullocks!
  3. is it OK to vape?

    should your "partner", housemates, or children also have the right to live in a smoke free environment? when i smoked i never smoked in the house.
  4. is it OK to vape?

    its basically to protect non smokers. Non smokers can call the police if they are abused by smokers. whether or not it is actually enforceable is another matter
  5. Green tea - how good is it really ?

    green tea and black tea are exactly the same plant is one healthier than the other? EGCG is the one we are interested in here. with bodybuilding in mind we note link to research
  6. Thor pulling 480kg

    Eddie Halls 464 on an Elephant bar counted as a world record and the man himself is on record below
  7. General Con Lifters - What type of cardio do you do?

    for me its 20 mins brisk walking 20 mins cycling 20 mins on the rowing machine
  8. Coronavirus conspiracies

    nope it's equal an 80 year old Chinese male tourist kicked it in France. % wise you are correct as that would probably need millions to die to be equal
  9. Is this board dead?

    Forums are cyclical. Members get fed up with answering the same threads over and over again. without new members to take on the task of informing the newer less experienced members of what to do the experienced members will generally only answer interesting, to them, topics. i am an admin on another forum with 10K + members & after 20 years or so there are very few new threads but what there is is a huge resource of information for anyone to find and this is what generally happens. we have a quiet library of info
  10. Anything to make my dick grow?

    your boyfriends mouth may help your balls may shrink due to them not having to make testosterone but dick size is probably all in your mind rather than reality. Others say that Steroids do not impact the male’s penis unless he is still on the growing stage of his development. Some say that the growth stage is basically over at 18 and other at 21. The basic rule is that anything that converts to estrogen (like testosterone, nandrolone and equipoise) could stop your penis from growing and anything that can’t convert to estrogen (like primobolan, masterone and anavar) could potentially make you bigger for life. i suppose we will now have Drwae trying to grow his John Thomas post your trials and tribulations here Drwae
  11. Coronavirus conspiracies

    nope but it does suggest the CP are being less than truthful. in fact you would be hard pushed to see much, if anything, that the CP have been truthful about! Nrich is an idiot period. even the Chinese staff at the wall street journal say 100,000. the guardian 40 but there you go. if i or he named mainland china sources they would disappear and you know it! stop being an apologist for an evil regime!
  12. Coronavirus conspiracies

    There are sheep and there are leaders! ill put you firmly in the class of sheep! what a load of bollocks! believe NR if you think the only source of news should be the communist party of China. so a qualified Chinese doctor becomes less relevant because she has been in the US for a year to have her child? Seeing i have lived in SE Asia for 15 years and half of my family are Chinese I suspect I have a pretty good idea of who to believe and who not to believe!
  13. Coronavirus conspiracies

    if you want to know what is going on in china check out a youtube channel called serpantza he speaks fluent Chinese, his Chinese wife is a doctor and he has lots of medical contacts out there.
  14. Coronavirus conspiracies

    cambodia: nicely fried tarantula
  15. Coronavirus conspiracies

    Vietnamese do the same. Reasonably often, here in Thailand, truck loads of stolen dogs are intercepted on their way to Vietnam. Hanoi