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  1. White lives matter

    i lived there in the mid 80's and loved it.
  2. White lives matter

    these are criminals who should be dealt with under the law! they should not, however, be executed in the street!
  3. White lives matter

    they were not murdered by the state!
  4. White lives matter

    aha here we go again right wing assholes blaming the far left for anything they don't like!
  5. White lives matter

    so you are advocating summary execution just because someone has convictions? Nobody is suggesting anyone was a good person but this does not give police the right to execute unarmed or unarmed fleeing people in a "progressive modern society" i have no problem with someone getting shot if they are clearly brandishing a gun, someone waving around a knife can get tasered at 5 metres. all people are doing is attempting to muddy the waters when people are getting executed by representatives of the state! That is racist.
  6. We could have a civil war on our hands

    lol you mean him when he used to wear a beret
  7. Mods of past and present

    i thought he said the thread was closed
  8. Mods of past and present

  9. We could have a civil war on our hands

    i'd like to seee you try Babs in his heyday
  10. We could have a civil war on our hands

    yup knew babs personally as lived next door to him in 71. Tough man
  11. We could have a civil war on our hands

    no believe me they are racists. the far right was quite big at football in the 70's and 80's
  12. BLM Riots in the UK

    so everyone who is against racism is far left? what did you not understand about
  13. BLM Riots in the UK

    wow! someone who has no idea of how much of a racist Churchill was. oh well he helped beat the Germans so everything else is ok also. Churchill's views views on race are not compatible with modern society and such should mean that if he held racist views then they are subject to modern debate and ridicule if necessary!
  14. We could have a civil war on our hands

    i am on a FB page about Chelsea in the 80's and a fair few of them are refusing to watch games now because the players will have BLM on their shirts. they will tolerate blacks as long as they are their "pet blacks" playing for Chelsea.