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  1. HCG in your cycle

    I recommend @ 500iu 2 x wkly whilst on cycle to anyone and everyone, especially those that might want a family down the line and/or those that do PCT. You will find it makes recovery come PCT time much easier. It also does much more than ppl think, have a read.
  2. Out of date

    +1 ^^^^. Hormones in oil are very stable and last well past the EXP date.
  3. Studies (peer reviewed and double blind) show gyno reduced or eradicated in 80% of patients using gyno @ 20mg for 12wks. I have told lots of guys to try it and all of them were very happy with results, try it.
  4. Rohm 10mg var Possibly fake?

    If you look at rohm orals they are all dome shaped, if you look at both the brown ones the they have a relief, (much like a coin but in reverse) and apart from the relief around the edge they are also flat. This would also explain why the guy who used the 50mg ones in the thread quoted thought they were bunk.
  5. Rohm 10mg var Possibly fake?

    They are fake, they are the wrong colour and they have the wrong relief.
  6. Less than 0.1 in 100 would be a conservative guesstimate. There are very few veins in the upper outer quadrant of the glute and they are deep, that's why it is used for IM injections. You will however hit capillaries but this isn't an issue.
  7. Rohm Thermo Lipid?

    Yeah, spot on mate, my GF starts on 1/2ml and works up to 1ml.
  8. Like i said, you will know in 7 days. Lab results are easily faked or manipulated. Just take what you read and hear with a pinch of salt, read between the lines, and there's no substitute for experience so it might just pay you to listen to the guys who have been at this for more years than you have been on this earth. Oh,,, and read the damn rules.
  9. Forget strength or gains, if it's your 1st cycle ever and the gear is legit and properly dosed (remember it's balkan so doubtful) then within 7 days if you libido isn't through the roof i would not buy it again.
  10. Rohm test e

    It looks fake, it's not real ROHM, only the product name should have a slightly bolder print, not the dosage and not the vial size. In 12+ years of using ROHM i have never had, used or heard of any genuine ROHM product being underdosed.
  11. Air bubbles in syringe

    It don't mate, OP thinks we still in the 19 century maybe , all needles are silicone coated these days.
  12. Air bubbles in syringe

    Don't worry about it unless you are thinking of injecting into a vein or artery and even if you are for some dumb reason, then it would take a lot of air to do any damage, and i mean a lot, at least 20ml of the stuff.
  13. Cheapest place to buy a Rolex?

    Not anymore, aint you heard about the ban .
  14. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    Yeah! maybe for you it is ffs, i'm all good ta .
  15. Do you have information from the testing lab telling you what the upper limit of their testing is? some labs don't do a ceiling test for testosterone.