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  1. Inone lab

    Yep, tried a few of their bits, all good.
  2. Dbol

    Iv'e used tubs and tubs of their dbol over the years and always been happy with it.
  3. Nexus anavar

    So what is the point of thread!
  4. The day has come... when will gyms open

    Hate to say it, but yeah, by the end of the month much of the UK could be back in lockdown, now there's something i can thank my peers for .
  5. PCT question

    Nolvadex is a SERM, it doesn't stop estrogen levels rising, it stops estrogen from binding to certain receptors, hence Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator.
  6. This, ^^^^. When i took a forced break after a few years B&C it was 14wks before i started to feel the effects of being shutdown.
  7. The pharmacodynamics are that, Tamoxifen can reduce serum concentrations of Anastrozole, however, in all the relevant studies this has little to no effect on Anastrozoles ability to reduce estrogen, so basically it is perfectly ok to use them together if needs be without being concerned that you won't get the full effect of the Anastrozole. Thus, in the on-going adjuvant trial, one can be assured that for patients randomized to combined therapy, full-dose tamoxifen will be received. In addition, the oestradiol suppressant effects of anastrozole appear to be unaffected by tamoxifen. If tamoxifen has any effect on anastrozole blood levels, such an interaction is clearly insufficient to reduce the oestradiol suppressive effects of anastrozole.
  8. Best labs currently

    I never said it was you, i said "it wasn't me", stop twisting things, and stop calling me a liar. AND look at the post you wrote below showing that yes, you really did say that. Give it a rest eh, i'm fuked off with your twisted bullsh1t, but if you call me out again i can do nothing but respond.
  9. Best labs currently

    wtf, i NEVER said you used ROHM, i said you used to use Prochem, ffs Paul this is getting fukin stupid, show me where i said you use ROHM? So , at least get YOUR facts straight.
  10. Best labs currently

    Ok, that might help, give it a shot . PS: glad you made it Paul.
  11. Best labs currently

    Last go, you are wrong to call people liars and that is what you did, simple, couldn't give a toss if you aren't man enough to admit it. BTW, many years ago when there was plenty of genuine pharma about all you ever banged on about for 3 or 4 years was Prochem .
  12. Best labs currently

    @Pscarb You responded to my 2nd post with this statement "I should know better because of why? you are someone I should know" So i answered with: "Well yeah, you do know me Paul, and you have done since 2007 but that's not the point" So why are you now saying in response and i quote: "Knowing you or not makes zero difference to my opinion" I know it makes zero difference FFS, that is why when you asked me, i said that is not the point, so i'm agreeing with that so whats the problem? As for the next bit and i quote: "point number 2 is not flawed in my opinion maybe it is in yours but why does that mean i am wrong??" Because you are WRONG, you are wrong to tell me i have never done a pharma cycle, but that's exactly what you did do, there is no argument, it's here on this thread in black and white so be as pedantic as you like but don't tell me what i have or haven't done. I'm not the only one in this thread who feels insulted by you telling them what they have or haven't done, instead of arguing why don't you just agree that you should have worded it differently? Tell you what, you never had kidney failure or sepsis because that's not how it works, now see how that makes you feel when someone calls you out as a liar!
  13. Sustanon 250 thoughts?

    Many years ago Organon themselves finally admitted that their brilliant new product didn't do what they purported in regards dosing frequency, there is a memo out there somewhere from Organon conceding this fact.
  14. Storing HGH powder in a freezer

    I would store it per the manufacturers instruction. All the different brands of genuine pharmaceutical Lyophilized powder GH i have seen (i worked in the pharmaceutical distribution sector for a few years) said "store between 2-8c" followed by "Do not freeze". So if that's what the manufacturer advises then that's the advice i would take.
  15. Best labs currently

    Well yeah, you do know me Paul, and you have done since 2007 but that's not the point. The point is (agree or not) your analogy for statement 2. is flawed. My point is, putting it succinctly to your statement : 2. if you believe a good UGL is no different to genuine Pharma gear then you have never used genuine pharma gear for a cycle (No matter what your source says, or the big guy in the gym) You have no right to make a statement that imposes your opinion on my circumstances, because you don't know my circumstances. So please, don't be patronising and hypocritical because you have said very similar to what i just said (highlighted) many, many, many times over the years and you know it .