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  1. Test as a contraceptive

    It doesn't really exhibit those effects in western males, hence the program starting and stopping very quickly, this was back in the 70's/80's, it does however exhibit those effects in Asian males and was used with quite a high success rate in China.
  2. Exactly mate, and fcuk knows what @Stroudyo problem is, but the pr1ck with the attitude and nothing but sh1t to say is now on my ignore list .
  3. HCG

    I'm using it too, my melons say it's GTG .
  4. Organon sustanon an deca

    Yeah defo 100% fake. But, they could well be GTG still, iv'e had plenty of them that were just as good as the real stuff
  5. Yes. Here is part of an article i wrote about 10 years ago on hCG. hCG use and the P450 cytochrome: Firstly a little basic info on the P450 enzyme and why hCG use on cycle is extremely beneficial: The CYP450 (cytochrome P450) enzyme system is a key pathway for drug metabolism. Many lipophilic drugs must undergo biotransformation to more hydrophilic compounds to be excreted from the body. The majority of drugs undergo phase I metabolism (e.g., oxidation, reduction) by CYP450 enzymes, this is especially indicative of anabolic androgenic steroids and endogenous steroid hormones. We all know the importance of incorporating hCG into our cycle, this is just another good reason to use hCG. In laymans terms hCG increases the dynamics of CYP450 which in turn increases the rate at which drugs can be metabolized, which in turn increases protein dynamics. Basically by the action of hCG on P450 dynamics it also increases pregnenolone which is the precursor for all other steroid hormones and has many benefits, one of which is that it serves to keep/restore a natural hormonal balance within this key pathway even if the HPTA is suppressed, it also has energizing, anti-stress benefits, elevates mood through the raising of NDMA activity and reduces excess Cortisol, so if we can increase this steroid hormone with the use of hCG, we should.
  6. Damn, this started off well, i thought i was going to have good read then it all turned to this crap. No one is making any comparisons, it was an observation by stuey. Stop talking out of your ar5e mate, you make a Sun journalist look like a real journalist .
  7. HCG on cycle advice needed

    It can, if you do get any symptoms take nolva @ 20mg not an AI.
  8. HCG on cycle advice needed

    There is a lot more to hcg than just faster recovery and fuller nuts.
  9. Inone lab

    Yep, tried a few of their bits, all good.
  10. Dbol

    Iv'e used tubs and tubs of their dbol over the years and always been happy with it.
  11. Nexus anavar

    So what is the point of thread!
  12. PCT question

    Nolvadex is a SERM, it doesn't stop estrogen levels rising, it stops estrogen from binding to certain receptors, hence Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator.
  13. This, ^^^^. When i took a forced break after a few years B&C it was 14wks before i started to feel the effects of being shutdown.
  14. The pharmacodynamics are that, Tamoxifen can reduce serum concentrations of Anastrozole, however, in all the relevant studies this has little to no effect on Anastrozoles ability to reduce estrogen, so basically it is perfectly ok to use them together if needs be without being concerned that you won't get the full effect of the Anastrozole. Thus, in the on-going adjuvant trial, one can be assured that for patients randomized to combined therapy, full-dose tamoxifen will be received. In addition, the oestradiol suppressant effects of anastrozole appear to be unaffected by tamoxifen. If tamoxifen has any effect on anastrozole blood levels, such an interaction is clearly insufficient to reduce the oestradiol suppressive effects of anastrozole.
  15. Best labs currently

    I never said it was you, i said "it wasn't me", stop twisting things, and stop calling me a liar. AND look at the post you wrote below showing that yes, you really did say that. Give it a rest eh, i'm fuked off with your twisted bullsh1t, but if you call me out again i can do nothing but respond.