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  1. R.O.H.M tren A and Test prop, fake?

    Depends on the dealer and supplier, smaller dealers still have the to buy the same minimum quantity from the supplier as dealers who turn it over at a much faster rate. And rohm is a big lab, there is no shady reason why some dealers might sill have a few old style vials. BTW OP, it's not the lab you need to bash, it's the dealer, nothing wrong with rohm, iv'e used it from the same guy for nearly 14 years. @darren.1987 No its not the guy that sells three labs!
  2. Best restart protocol?

    The best way would have been to use an AI and HCG all that time. It makes me laugh when guys say "I havent needed them", they obviously have no idea of the many benefits these meds have. Its not just keeping gyno away or keeping the nuts full, these meds are helpful in so so many other ways. HCG: 1000iu p/w for 4wks. Then start a standard 4wk PCT of Nolva: 20/20/20/20 Clomid: 50/50/50/50 Vit D: 5000iu ED.
  3. They can...... but it is very simple for MODS to delete them as they stick out like a sore thumb, I did hundreds of them when i was a MOD here. The problem is Admin and the majority of the MODS (there is an exception or possibly two) don't give a sh1t anymore.
  4. PCT hcg calculation

    LOL, talk about a contradiction in terms. Then dont take too much hCG and you have obviously no idea about hCG and CYP450 interactions and the massive benefits it has. Yep, thats a great way to cause desensitization and it does NOT reverse any negative feedback loops, that is not the MOA of hCG.
  5. PCT hcg calculation

    +1. This works and it works very well.
  6. So, did you conduct these tests in a clinically stable environment, making sure you (the subject) did nothing at all differently, you obviously also had blood test before each injection with the emphasis on zinc levels? And what makes you think the one that gives you the metallic taste is the best? iv'e had that taste with an odd amp of Norma (genuine) test, why do you think that happened?
  7. Yep they have, iv'e been on here 14 years and modded for 5 of them and i think i have seen at least 3 or 4 lol, how many of those were just down to the users own hygiene i dont know . So exactly WTF are you on about!
  8. So you dont want to tell the doc even though there is a high possibility you have a life threatening condition, it might not only be that RBC is high causing the blood to "stop coming out", you could also have a platelet issue, it is commonly called sticky blood and causes heart attacks and strokes. I know, i had the former.
  9. Sustanon Clearance time

    You need to be more precise, an answer to either question is impossible. If you just want a general "out of your system" (ignoring metabolites etc) then it's simple, Organ published these figures (eventually) when they finally admitted to the medical world that their new baby (Sustanon) didn't actually do what they initially claimed. PS, you cannot just say it has a 20 day half life, the oil used makes a big difference to it's HL, as does where you inject, as does how much BF you have, you also need the elimination half life and the MRT (mean residence time).
  10. Sounds like a bit of anxiety is all.
  11. Oestrogen crash on TRT

    It will depend on how long you took letrozole for and your exact protocol. You know what you did so you should be able to roughly work it out, all you need is Letro's elimination half life which is 48hrs. As for what to do now, I would suggest an AI and/or nolva every time you do a cycle, or even on TRT if you are that sensitive.
  12. Hcg and nolva

    A suitable PCT starts at the beginning of the cycle by using hCG through the cycle.
  13. Test and fatigue

    Have you got bacterial prostatitis? this alone can cause fatigue.
  14. Best PCT all in one

    My mate used rohm PCT tabs, he reckons it was the easiest PCT he'd ever had, probs due to the prov i would think and at only 15mg it won't cause any suppression.
  15. Another PCT thread?

    It might not be the disgraced Dr Scallys PPCT but its still a Power PCT, why on earth you would want to start another one after already doing 5wks of the above PCT is beyond me, as is an 8wk PCT. You need HCG, which you should have started before PCT.