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  1. 20mg - 60mg ED. You will have judge for yourself depending on sides vs effectiveness.
  2. Why is my post silly? I had both done (after decent bloods) and found out i had moderate/severe LVH and CHD, a few weeks later i suffered a massive heart, if you think that's silly then you're the fool here mate.
  3. That's great but before you jump the gun don't you think an Electrocardiogram and an Echocardiogram would give you a fuller picture?
  4. The New ROHM

    Pretty damn good TBH for a 400mg TT, hardly anything noticeable compared to the hept really
  5. Then you are a prat ("Felt amazing. No gyno, libido and energy sky high")(yeah i felt like that to before i knew what ancillaries were) if you think those other factors i mentioned don't effect you, it's medical fact. Oh and @no-one "but you shouldn't take a whole bunch of prescription pills just because some bloke hiding behind a guise has told you to do so" i didn't say that so cut the crap.
  6. This is old news, personally i have used both those labs extensively and never had an issue with either of them, i'm sure hundreds of guys on here will tell you the same. What were you expecting? a 100000K lab set up with guys in masks and white coats? get a grip and stop telling guys they have no business going near 19nors, especially after you have already pointed out the part i highlighted, what a fookin hypocrite. Last time i checked the UK was still a democracy and a free country, so take your bull5hit ideas back to where you parroted them from
  7. But you do need it for the best outcome even if you don't realise it. It's not all about just gyno mate. I'll post this again. *It can affect your libido and sexual function. *It causes fatigue (ask anyone if they have experienced so called test flu on the first cycles, 90% of the time this is due to the huge increase in estrogen). *It raises TBG, this causes bloat and puts a strain on your kidneys. *It raises SHBG, this leaves less free test for you to grow. *It is also a causative factor in enlarged prostate, do you really need this when exogenous test converting to DHT is also another causative factor in BPH. *It also causes gyno as i'm sure you know. *It's extremely suppresive to HPTA function and will inhibit your recovery post cycle.
  8. Not that i'm aware of mate, i think it's only letro and adex.
  9. Def do add the nolva, dbol converts to methylestradiol and has over 30% more affinity for binding to ER in the breast. Only up the adex by 30% if you feel the need to.
  10. Thoughts on Test EQ and Var

    Yeah iv'e done that cycle with and without the EQ, personally i didn't see/feel a difference so didn't run EQ again. From the many years of anecdotal evidence iv'e read, it seems it's like half the guys get on with well with and half don't feel it does much at all. For you it sounds like it will be a very productive cycle .
  11. Yep, by around 35% but as @stuey99 said, it's still needed (on hand at the very least) if running Dbol.
  12. HCG doses

    There is no correct ratio, 5ml is fine but so is @sasnak with 2ml,
  13. Have you been getting the usual side effects? if not it's bunk. You must take it twice daily with food for best results and you should take it for 4-5 months.
  14. Inone pharma aromasin

    Iv'e used it many times, always does what it should.
  15. NHS contact tracing app

    wtf are you talking about, you took my post completely out of context so your response is irrelevant and foolish.