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  1. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Ex dude yeah, the things I would do
  2. Compounds enough?

    Subtle brag? You look good f**got.
  3. Eddie halls new house

    I bet he makes insane money, crazy because I remember when he first started his channel and thought he'd never exceed 20k subscribers, you just never know. Good on him though.
  4. Compounds enough?

    Full body 3x a week all you need
  5. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    I'll be joining metroflex, f**k all those rules. Just limit the people and clean equipment after use, easy as piss. Not doing booking slots and all that s**t.
  6. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    Metroflex done well
  7. Eddie halls new house

    What am I doing with my life!?
  8. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    I knew large commercial chain gyms would, didn't think the private owned smaller gyms would. Cant be arsed, I'll keep looking for a gym that doesn't implement strict covid measures or just make my own gym.
  9. I'd love to do this

    It looks so good, i think i might do it
  10. I've watched porn for years and I've never given a penny away, I just don't get it. Why people are giving 1000s away when anything type of porn you like is free.
  11. Good point, forgot she's on that. His ex said he was addicted to gay porn and it seems more probable now.
  12. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    King's posted this. Tempted to just make a home gym, don't know if I can be assed with this, booking slots 1 hour
  13. Can you imagine how much money he has spent on pornsites, probably $100k±
  14. The day has come... when will gyms open

    Gyms will close again soon, better enjoy those 2 weeks of training and paying a full month for that s**t