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  1. Gym rant

    Appreciate the creepy concern but i dont need pecs to suck your dad's cock tho
  2. Using POF

    People still use pof in 2020? Lol. Hinge/bumble is where its at.
  3. Gym rant

    I'll bang your mum and dad u gimp
  4. Gym rant

    Lol that's f**ked if they didn't tell you. Just make sure to clarify rules before you join somewhere. Some places don't even allow deadlifting, gotta find out s**t before you join a gym.
  5. Gym rant

    Out of work sugar tits
  6. Gym rant

    I dont right now but there's plenty of places without slots. It would have to be 2+ hours atleast for me to join. If i wanna do cardio after or something then i dont feel rushed
  7. Gym rant

    Lol at joining a gym with 1 hour slot, you knew it was that bullshit before you went. I would never train somewhere with slots, ever, i dont wanna feel rushed.
  8. Steak steak steak

    £2.75 from aldi Bye asda
  9. Next Gen Consoles

    Once it comes out my mates giving me his xbox one for free, I'll just make do with that, and then I'll take his next gen console when he's done with that in 10 years
  10. Chicken chicken chicken

    I just buy a whole chicken for £2 odd from aldi, cut them up and cook them. Cheaper than breasts
  11. Youtubers

    I watch itv and Channel 4 which are both free (the chase, american dad, gordon ramsay etc). Couldn't give a s**t about having sky ever again. This is basically free netflix and it might come in use for you guys https://bflix.to/
  12. Fight over game of pool

    Chorley, yuck. Used to go visit mates there but never had a desire to go out there when Prestons round the corner
  13. Live anti covid protest going down right now https://youtu.be/xx4gjL62zxI
  14. Best movie you ever seen!

    I love the departed too
  15. Don't wanna riot but dont wanna sit back either, especially if another lockdown happens. I can't take that. And the worst thing is you can't even debate this topic because everyone wants to virtual-signal now - so people just say whatever nonsense it takes to look virtuous to their friends/family. Fake outrage.