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  1. Haha fair play mate I used to plan similar when i was broke as a joke. This was my diet which was like £70 a month (i think) , i was new to the gym and just wanted to make some gains. It did work btw despite being s**t
  2. Old enough for first cycle

    Lol no. I still dont lift. I was going to start but i injured my hand bad. Wouldn't take gear anyway, staying natty until I'm old
  3. Anyone else been in this position?

    Lol wow you're right, my mind read a completely different story. Ignore me OP But yeah, be a sick kunt not a sad kunt. Get back out there
  4. Old enough for first cycle

    I plan to hop on trt around 50. Im 30 now but 100% its the perfect time Hows training going?,
  5. Anyone else been in this position?

    I'm gonna give it to u straight mate. 90% of the time a female has a male friend around thats not a good sign. Dont ever be too naive and take her word when she says he's just a friend. Anyway, just focus on yourself, put yourself out there and do better. 3.5 billion girls out there, you'll find another one. It'll take time but dwelling for too long isn't gonna help
  6. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Bourne identity Fuckin class, hadn't seen it in ages
  7. Being sober is boring

    Start smoking
  8. Blame fitness magazines and websites, i used to think ryan reynolds was 3% bodyfat when i started training because that's what every website stated he was
  9. Grime music is sh1t

    Never heard of him but he actually sounds pretty good lol. Jimi definitely pioneered a sound though which was sort of what i was arguing, and made great music.
  10. Grime music is sh1t

    Lol you guys couldn't even stay on beat let alone write lyrics that keep people engaged. There's a reason he headlined Glastonbury over a ton of singers.
  11. Grime music is sh1t

    Prince, David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, led zepplin, billie joel, Radiohead, Queen, guns n roses etc Just about anything is better than the beatles though. I'd rather listen to westlife and boyzone than them
  12. Grime music is sh1t

    Sorry bro but ive tried several times to like their music and i think its s**t. I understand they have a huge legacy, but its all eh to me. I could think of many refreshing artists before and after them that s**t on their music
  13. Grime music is sh1t

    100% mate