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  1. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    Did you mean your @Fors331skin??
  2. And they’re still more expensive than other sites!
  3. Black Friday

    Games consoles?? Wouldn't that time be better spent going to the gym, with all that tren you're running?
  4. Ephedrine: ever used it?

    Felt very tired for a while when I came off, but no sides while I was on it
  5. Ephedrine: ever used it?

    I took it every day for about 3 years straight, it works for weight loss.
  6. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Only while on tren
  7. HCG

    Freeze preloaded pins
  8. Everyone is a selfish pr**k!
  9. I don't think anyone serious about their training will be isolating after a month off the gym tbh.. covid or not.
  10. HCG year round?

    Any photographic proof?
  11. Don’t overeat. I always used to put on 20kg on a 12 week bulk and got fat
  12. HCG year round?

    There’s nothing wrong with ovigil... how does your U.K. trt doc know what an Indian ugl is / isn’t producing?
  13. i want GYM

    Take that rage out on a fridge!!
  14. Buying for women is frigging hard

    Surprise paternity test!
  15. HCG year round?

    You can’t get another man pregnant you know!!
  16. British Mums

    By that insane logic a man can get the sex on his passport changed and become a woman
  17. British Mums

    If they’re immigrants then they’re not British... your question doesn’t make sense
  18. Clothing

    Why is it spelled wrong?
  19. In comes the expert!! Has your mum even told you where babies come from yet?
  20. Primobolan

    No mate it came from China and bang on a month
  21. So what about that nurse then?

    Would still f**k her but I wouldn’t be staying the night in case I got killed in my sleep
  22. Primobolan

    I bought test e, test p and mast p and every test e vial had a caved in stopper with a hole / cracks in it and oil leaking out, the others were fine. They told me some explanation about pressure from filling vials with hot oil but they should obviously never have passed quality control. the oils all work fine though.
  23. Primobolan

    Pharmacom do skimp, I’ve had some very dodgy looking vials off them (bought direct)