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  1. So what about that nurse then?

    Would still f**k her but I wouldn’t be staying the night in case I got killed in my sleep
  2. Primobolan

    I bought test e, test p and mast p and every test e vial had a caved in stopper with a hole / cracks in it and oil leaking out, the others were fine. They told me some explanation about pressure from filling vials with hot oil but they should obviously never have passed quality control. the oils all work fine though.
  3. Primobolan

    Pharmacom do skimp, I’ve had some very dodgy looking vials off them (bought direct)
  4. How do these look?

    They do rattle but it's just a noise and I can't hear them over headphones. Handles do feel wrong, they're too thick and an odd shape.
  5. How do these look?

    I use adjustable dumbbells, they’re alright. I prefer the proper sets of rubber coated ones in the gym
  6. Can this be real

    Is that what Dunning labels look like? Why have they just ripped off Pharmacom labels?
  7. Whose squatting today??

    Need one of these ramps
  8. Whose squatting today??

    Did squats and front squats, missing the gym though
  9. Equilia can anybody help

    I thought you were happy with rohm why are you starting new threads every day (sometimes multiple times a day) about labs if you’ve found one you’re happy with!
  10. Dating someone much younger than you

    What are you on about?? The only sleeping around you do is sleeping in your mums bed when you've had a bad dream
  11. Dating someone much younger than you

    Nicking a dirty mag from cost cutter doesn't count as getting girls you know
  12. ml-mg Conversion

    no one can tell you that without more information
  13. Dating someone much younger than you

    What’s the reason you’re still single then iridium? Apart from being a massive bell end
  14. Cardarine and endurance

    Cardarine is amazing for endurance. I ran a half marathon on it with no cardio training at all.
  15. A very very hard man. Look at him take on this fridge
  16. CAR Insurance renewal

    You do realise that when you get a new car you can keep your existing insurance policy.. just call them to change the car
  17. Everyone get the final gym session in?

    I woke up at 4 yesterday to get to the gym as early as possible, good thing I did as when I left shortly after 6 it was rammed
  18. Life without Gym!

    Is one arm pull ups a euphemism? If so I did a lot off those last lockdown!
  19. You're posting one picture straight on and one with flared lats and pushed out chest, need to see two the same to compare
  20. What’s the condoms for?? So you can have a posh wank after jabbing?
  21. Blues are fine for glutes depending on the length, should be at least 1" really Shocking that people working in a chemist don't know that you don't cook your steroids on a spoon!!
  22. Lockdown plan

    I've got better than most, but I'll really miss the cables and machines at the gym.
  23. Does anyone know about the fancy fitness watches? I've got a £20 huawei one that does my sleep and steps and works fine but my girlfriend is after one that does a bit more. She wants one that does accurate sports tracking for running, walking, open water swimming and maybe golf too (or it can just record it as walking) as well as the usual steps, sleep, heart rate etc. I was thinking of getting a refurbished apple watch 5 as it seems like it does all of that but what's the difference between GPS and Cellular? do you need to buy a sim card and top it up to use the cellular one? or is there a better one entirely? I was going to go for this because she's got an iPhone so it should all work together well