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  1. Drug test

    No idea to be honest mate. If my livelihood depended on not using steroids I wouldn’t use them.
  2. Drug test

    It depends how they're testing it.. if they're just testing the testosterone level, 300mg is far far too high. If they're testing testosterone:epitestosterone ratio or using isotope ratio mass spectrometry then that's even worse for you.
  3. When to stop adex

    I didn't know that you could get vision sides off nolva. One of my mates got it off clomid, he only took it for a couple of weeks and the vision problems persisted for a good while afterwards. Best not to mess with things like that.
  4. Adding whey to oats

    250ml almond milk 50g instant oats powder 30g whey I have as a shake, easier to get down than hot whole oats
  5. Hcg 500iu eod

    Yeah I’ve been using it on cycle since summer
  6. Anyone else getting these?

    I preferred it when they called up about car accidents, at least you could have some fun with them if you had nothing better to do
  7. Hcg 500iu eod

    In a trannys bumhole!
  8. Who Home brews?

    I looked at it recently but was put off by the high cost of the equipment required to do it properly and to produce a high standard product.
  9. Hcg 500iu eod

    No idea about load size as I can’t see it come out but HCG 500iu M/W/F dramatically increased my testicle size after a few years steroid use without it
  10. 2-3 weeks seems like a very short cut, is this assuming the individual only has a couple of kilos to lose in the first place? Or are they basically starving themselves for those 2-3 weeks or taking other things like dnp?
  11. Pharmacom?

    ^ these are all brand new pharmacom test e vials bought direct from them
  12. Some people here have years of experience with different drugs and could tell the difference. I couldn’t.
  13. Pharmacom?

    Their 100% legit videos of their pharmaceutical grade lab
  14. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    It’s a good stim mate. I did half a scoop and I’m speeding off my tits, feels like I’ve taken a couple of Ritalin
  15. Pharmacom?

    Gear is good, vials are poorly made
  16. Is there any reason that test e (or sust) can’t be made at 400 - 500mg/ml in pure ethyl oleate (with BA & BB)? I know some people complain of adverse reactions to EO, but I’ve used a variety of high concentration / different blends, some of which must have contained EO, and rarely had any swelling or pip. has anyone here made gear like this?
  17. Moving on after a relationship ends

    Probably be on tinder 5 minutes later to be honest
  18. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    Just received this, will be giving it a go on Sunday
  19. Squatting shoes

    I've used the same pair of Adidas Powerlift 2.0 for the last 6 years and they still look good as new
  20. You know it’s not yours because he’d be doing the Italian way for that little thing
  21. Quicksters? Is that an even cheaper knock off version of those £1 Rustlers microwave burgers?
  22. Who's had a bad viral infection?

    Wrong user, this is the one that drinks 6 pints a day every day, runs tren and doesn't even train
  23. Go pharma. The price difference between pharma and ugl AI & SERMs is negligible
  24. Running test

    He's back under the screen name @Harry N giving advice on steroid use and relationships