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  1. Noticed morrisons now stock these, I'm thinking of ordering 1 of each to try as they aren't too expensive and fit one of my meal macros pretty well if I add a slice of toast to it, anyone tried these yet? Any better than supermarket ready meals (which mostly taste like s**t to me)?
  2. Home waxing

    I’m thinking of doing my chest and stomach. Any one do home waxing what kit do you use?
  3. Oral Tren

    Is it mtren?
  4. One would generally expect a 250mg/ml test E to be free of PIP unless the person behind it has absolutely no clue what they're doing
  5. Dimension

    Not as far as I know.. I used some of their tren ace recently.
  6. Nothing like making test in the same toilet you make your wine in
  7. I don't understand how this can still be around? the owners got arrested and they disappeared
  8. Have you tried it on toast?
  9. @Sasnak has posted about noticing this IIRC
  10. Sold in Turkey yes
  11. Personally when I start messing around with AI I start getting libido problems. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable can explain why AI is bad in terms of health as well, think it has negative effects on cholesterol among other things
  12. Don’t take AI any more on any amount of test, causes more harm than good. Raloxifene 60mg Ed to prevent gyno and a good diet to prevent bloat
  13. Best HGH

    How many of those are fakes...
  14. All good bro science but doesn’t work the same in reality. I recently got off 8 weeks of tren ace normal test (about 550/wk) no AI, no sides whatsoever.
  15. Clen is a tricky one, because so much of it is just absolute shite. I’ve seen loads of “clen protocols” online that have people quickly tapering up to 160mcg.... on 120mcg I have constant shakes like an alkie with Parkinson’s and a resting heart rate of 130bpm and I have a decent tolerance for stimulants
  16. Home waxing

    Problem with that is I get prickly stubble within hours
  17. Home waxing

    Think you've got the wrong user... in fact, you're probably on entirely the wrong board
  18. Syringe

    Raymed is my go to now, cheap prices and postage is normally £1-2
  19. I’ve tried tren e 100mg/ml subq and it left painful lumps that took a while to go.. I definitely wouldn’t do rip blend
  20. Drug test

    If it's in your contract it's perfectly reasonable.. being a steroid user isn't a protected characteristic in terms of discrimination
  21. Pharmacom ship from China
  22. Rohm 2ttm

    What about if it’s got black tops what about their test e is that any good
  23. Instagram lifters

    Bailey Jay
  24. Wtf how much tren are people actually running to be dealing with insomnia, manic depression, night sweats and aggression??