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  1. Great tier 4!

    We're taking action.. "Boris Johnson is a fu**ing c**t" is going to be number 1 in the christmas charts
  2. Great tier 4!

    Many countries are taking the same approach and I haven't heard of any governments being overthrown.
  3. GHB if you don't care about getting addicted... I take it occasionally before going into high anxiety situations.
  4. Colds/flu

    I've never had flu. I normally get a few colds a year, I've had one this year (last week actually) and also had mumps in the spring which was absolutely awful.
  5. Test and fatigue

    @Xyz12 I have personal experience with this; I had a problem for years where I was ALWAYS thirsty, drinking loads of water and pissing it out 5 minutes later. If I went an hour without drinking water I'd be feeling dizzy, dry mouth, dried out lips etc. As @Bensif said, I increased sodium intake through salting my meals about 5x more salt than i used previously, and taking electrolyte tablets intra-workout. I haven't had any hydration issues in months.
  6. The difference between natural and enhanced

    Is your message inbox full?
  7. You're complaining that things are going well?
  8. Taking progress pictures

    Don’t forget to have a hard on in the after
  9. Rant

    Exactly, the Jews, MI5 and the Queen conspired to kill her for being pregnant with an Arab baby, and as punishment for Harry not being Charles'.
  10. Rant

    I don't think they'd let that happen, he'd end up the same way as Diana did.
  11. Omnadren

    Wouldn't touch Aburaihan or Omnadren. Probably fake.
  12. Being ALPHA

    What about your user name?
  13. Being ALPHA

    Never thought about this alpha thing, but what I do tend to notice is sissies with stick thin legs in skinny jeans etc.
  14. Superdrol - not feeling anything

    You'd definitely feel it within a week. I get 24/7 nausea that stops me training and eating properly within a week of superdrol.
  15. I’ve been on ralox daily since June and not noticed any sides mate. I also used it for several months straight last year. I think it’s generally very well tolerated.
  16. I just use 1 tablet raloxifene (60mg) a day.
  17. It's either the Illuminati or the Jews
  18. I only eat home made bread now
  19. Smart watch, lingerie, and various small items makeup bath bombs etc
  20. The New ROHM

    I used a few rohm bits up until fairly recently (month or two ago) and they were fine IMO although I didn't get bloods.. where did you get your bloods, it wasn't medichecks finger pirck was it?
  21. If you want to avoid flare ups run nolva or ralox throughout your cycle. I always do now, even cruising; better safe than sorry.
  22. Buy now, not available after the 1st January
  23. Noticed morrisons now stock these, I'm thinking of ordering 1 of each to try as they aren't too expensive and fit one of my meal macros pretty well if I add a slice of toast to it, anyone tried these yet? Any better than supermarket ready meals (which mostly taste like s**t to me)?