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  1. I am only pinning delts and triceps right now as i got sick of the bleeding and pain from quads, so im limited to 1.5ml of oil, thats why im preferring high concentration stuff for my next blast
  2. im cruising on sg test 300 and not planning to change what im cruising on, the test 400 is for my next blast
  3. Gyno on cycle hep!

    go for raloxifene, lifesaver for me, shrunk severe pubertal gyno from being obese in my early teens into a pea sized lump over approx 8 months, still taking it to prevent new gyno forming just in case my AI isn't enough you can get raloxifene cheapish from the same place people get SG gear from
  4. are you sure its real proper dosed t3? according to this study t3 should peak at 350 ng/dL (around 5.4 nmol/L) after 4 hours of 50 msg dose https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5167556/
  5. lethargy on anavar

    wear sunglasses when you look upon me so you dont get blinded by my hench brilliance thats my only suggestion
  6. doctor-4-u.co.uk

    do any of these sites do sustanon?
  7. lethargy on anavar

    I'm in no way saying what I did was responsible, for my next cycle i will be using TUDCA and NAC
  8. lethargy on anavar

    is it water based can you just shoot it in a second with a 31g pin?
  9. lethargy on anavar

    ive taken anavar for 4 weeks, dbol for 4 weeks (no break), 4 weeks off, anadrol for 4 weeks, 4 weeks off, anadrol for 4 weeks, 4 weeks off, anavar for 4 weeks, liver values tested perfect at the end of this no TUDCA or NAC
  10. which one do you find better for results ugl sd or otc one?
  11. Favourite seasonings

    what kind of seasonings you mean mixes like peri peri, chicken seasoning etc or individual things like thyme and garlic powders?
  12. afternoon lads, I was thinking of taking a few days away at the end of the summer, I'm going on a beach holiday in a couple of weeks but I do prefer city breaks to be honest, i've done most of the places in the balkans/eastern EU but ive always heard poland is good but never been myself I was thinking of going for around 5 days to Krakow as ive heard good things about it Has anyone here been to Krakow and can recommend it? Is it possible to buy gear like Omnadren and ancillaries like AI and HGH in Poland? I was thinking of staying in the 'little havana party hostel' and going there for a bender basically, should be full of easy birds but are the birds that go to these kind of places fit or just fat and ugly ones normally? Anyone going at the same time and we can meet up and compare our guns?
  13. Dnp is risky but is it more risky than eating no food for 3 weeks? on DNP i wake up at night sweating, and I sweat constantly in any room that has the heating on, but the fat is melting off. I didn't have any shifts for a week and when I went back to work I was surprised to notice my work trousers were falling down off me once i clipped the radio on, after only a week! and I eat normally, I dont do any dieting
  14. sounds as legit as the HCG diet that was popular a few years ago, apparently injecting HCG made you lose weight lol what utter bullshit
  15. Hayfever

    last summer I had to take 20 of those cetirizine tablets to stop my nose running and eyes itching and then i started having hallucinations
  16. thanks for the kind words although I may have achieved godlike levels of henchness i have to admit that at the end of the day i am a mere mortal
  17. Sounds stupid, dnp is melting the fat off me and i dont even have to diet
  18. depends on the person i suppose SIS test e, test c and deca all gave me horrendous pip
  19. Boner whilst shopping?

    Too expensive, stick to indian generics
  20. Would u

    lol what, ive got a lot more muscle than that and i'm not fat
  21. hi, ive been cutting on dnp for 11 days and plan another 14 days, at the moment my top two abs stand out when flexed but my lower belly is still somewhat flabby. what body fat % is this around? id like to end up around 12-14%
  22. im taking 400mg per day and I do sweat constantly in a room with heating and after sex I have to have a shower as im soaked through all over but otherwise ok
  23. I took half a bar last night as i got off work around 2am as it had been a stresful shift 600+ people in the club and severly understaffed and i was feelingg very alert and not like sleeping I m still felling like ive had at leas t 6 pints this is 13 hours later alprazolam dont do this iunless its got cut with some other benz o or research chemical
  24. Anavar only cycle

    stop being a pussy mate inject some test with it
  25. It's booked, I'm going to krakow for 3 nights, planning on having a wild time