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  1. Just turn your router off and on again...
  2. Any gyms still open?

    Many 24/7 gyms changed to opening during staffed hours only you absolute mong
  3. Tried to buy drugs online

    Bad machine translation... еби меня в жопу is the correct way to call off a hitman .. address him as "папочка" as a term of respect
  4. For £1200 you can have a half power rack, adjustable bench, 7ft bar, ez bar and 225kg of plates.. I’ll even deliver
  5. Never understood why people drink 10 cans of stella a day, dont train and take tren cycles either
  6. Squatting in a upstairs bedroom

    I do squats, rack pulls, deadlifts, all sorts in a first floor room. I've just got foam matting over the top of floorboards.
  7. Nexus sust bloodwork

    It was SIS actually. Commonly regarded as completely bunk
  8. Nexus sust bloodwork

    6 days after jabbing, I was only doing it once per week and took a trough reading
  9. Nexus sust bloodwork

    Test e but ester wouldn't make such a big difference
  10. Nexus sust bloodwork

    I wouldn't be happy with 27 on 250mg test considering I see 150 on 500mg test
  11. Does it matter to you? You can neck cans of Foster's and not train regardless of any restrictions
  12. Patched in body hair

    f**k mange, are there any AAS that will get me minge?
  13. After cycle

    Only with rohm pct bro
  14. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Your uncle doesn’t count...
  15. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Depends on the woman. Mine made me start saving for a house a couple of years ago and she’s actually got far more saved towards the deposit than I do. We’re looking at houses today. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think it would have been possible. When left to my own devices I buy cars and write them off
  16. 2020 UKM award

    @Iridium aka @SonOfThor aka @Harry N for having a neck that would put a giraffe to shame
  17. Methyl Tren

    You’re talking to the guy who drinks 6 pints of lager a day and doesn’t go to the gym, while running tren throughout. I’m sure it wasn’t fake
  18. 2 and half weeks

    What about the new label ones????
  19. Cruise and pick back up where you were when the gyms open again. I've got a lot of equipment at home and I'm still going to cruise until I can get back in the gym.
  20. Are you getting confused between tinder and tinnies?
  21. Injectable ephedrine has been available for years. From Bulgaria I think. I don’t know of anyone that’s used it considering it has to be IVed. Take it regularly and you’ll end up with track marks.
  22. Apps for hookups, real life for dating IMO - more likely to find someone you get on with if you meet doing a mutual hobby for example.
  23. Good tattoo for the thigh?

    He’d better remember to have his breakfast pint first, wouldn’t want his hands shaking...
  24. Great tier 4!

    I've got this picture of Fors skin off Grindr that he made me promise not to share.. but you can have it as a Christmas present