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  1. Tips for developing your core...

    Leg raises - either on a bench or hanging (I can't do hanging as it causes a lot of pain in my shoulders) - make harder by holding a dumbbell between feet Sit-ups holding a dumbbell/plate Russian twists with a dumbbell
  2. Drwae’s Facebook game

    When you reach 50 points you are allowed to rub one out to the fittest ones bikini pics from Ibiza
  3. Great game here to keep you occupied during lockdown. open Facebook and scroll through “suggested friends” only looking at the women. You have to make an instant decision of “munter” or “fit”. Every fit one gets you 1 point. If you aren’t sure you can click on their profile and look at some extra photos and this will give you 5 points if they’re fit or you lose 5 points if they’re a munter. Note: make sure you don’t accidentally “like” any photos there is also a male version which is “nonce” or “normal” but I find the female version more fun
  4. Yeah but most people can take pills a couple of times a month with their mates, or decide not to if they don’t want to, but no one uses heroin recreationally and in control for very long!
  5. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Love Cooper, just put 2ml of it in my leg
  6. Test cycle?

    Where's the tren and the orals?? pussy
  7. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    @wylde99 they're both house rabbits, I took my boy and my last girl (she died suddenly a few months ago) to the park on leads though and they loved it need to do that again soon I've had the boy since he was a baby and he's affectionate and allows me to pick him up and hold him but I got the girl a few months ago from someone who bought her at pets at home and decided within a few weeks that she couldn't look after her. I think she must have been raised in some sort of rabbit factory for pets at home and then she was kept in a perspex box without any human contact so she doesn't let me pick her up. I need to work on that. She still comes to see me though is the first cat coco lying on his/her back? I've never seen a cat lie like that before
  8. Maybe he didn't come into contact with anyone outside his family, maybe he wore a face mask and disposable gloves and did pay at pump and wiped it all down after, but regardless of level of risk I don't think he should have done it because it's against his own rules.
  9. It is, I'll give it a go then. I actually got that off the gripit website FAQ, they said its not suitable but if it works for you it'll work for me
  10. These are my two the girl on the left and boy on the right, they are proper hard and will f**k up anyone that tries to burgle me
  11. Gripits only work if there's a bracket your attaching, doesn't work if you just want to hang it off a screw
  12. fu**ing hell! Thought he must have been dieting there, lost a lot of fat
  13. You remember Helios/Inferno injection? Mixture of clen and yohimbine iirc
  14. Satan Pharma

    Just stick to something tried and tested like Nexus or Inone...
  15. Nice job, I don't think it's fair to say it was tren that did that. you obviously put a lot of hard work in what sort of deficit were you eating at?