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  1. Fake Merck I didn’t order!

    It’s 100% fake. Merck is an international company with billions in revenue, they don’t make tren ace
  2. Scaffolding Power Rack

    They’re 5-32.5 and I paid £257 for the pair new
  3. Primo Dosage During Cut

    I worked up to 3 tabs malay (120mcg) which should be manageable in any other brand but started getting daily nosebleeds and took my resting (lying down in bed) heart rate at 125bpm..
  4. Tren acid reflux

    Lansozaprole I got it from the GP, one tablet every time I get acid reflux which is only once every week to every two weeks to be honest. I'm not on tren any more though.
  5. Pharmacom have 200mg primo
  6. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    Impossible to tell if I’m also running tren and winstrol, doing fasted cardio and eating in a deficit
  7. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    I have used black tops for months and got some sides like tingling hands when breathing out hard Etc. I will now be coming off as I’ve been advised it’s a waste of money!
  8. Difficult to find at the moment, but diverted UK pharma stock is available in the right place.
  9. I’d love to be able to eat that
  10. Anyone backpacked

    Forget the backpacking s**t. Rent a car and stay in a hotel and you’ll have a much nicer time.
  11. What’s yours looking like?

    I prefer the girth of an aubergine
  12. Anyone been in Bucharest ?

    I heard you can get a blowjob for £5 or full service for £20
  13. Pin boner

    You have to be careful, now I can only get hard after jabbing gear. I have a girlfriend that wants sex twice a day, meaning I have to be on 2g test and 2g tren a week just to get hard.
  14. I bought a bean to cup coffee machine 4 years ago, best investment ever. £250 upfront and I have probably saved £2500 on takeaway coffees in that time!
  15. Gyms Open - How was it?

    That is a diet for me I used to have 6 greggs sausage rolls as a pre workout snack