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  1. Just turn your router off and on again...
  2. Any gyms still open?

    Many 24/7 gyms changed to opening during staffed hours only you absolute mong
  3. Tried to buy drugs online

    Bad machine translation... еби меня в жопу is the correct way to call off a hitman .. address him as "папочка" as a term of respect
  4. For £1200 you can have a half power rack, adjustable bench, 7ft bar, ez bar and 225kg of plates.. I’ll even deliver
  5. Never understood why people drink 10 cans of stella a day, dont train and take tren cycles either
  6. Squatting in a upstairs bedroom

    I do squats, rack pulls, deadlifts, all sorts in a first floor room. I've just got foam matting over the top of floorboards.
  7. Nexus sust bloodwork

    It was SIS actually. Commonly regarded as completely bunk
  8. Nexus sust bloodwork

    6 days after jabbing, I was only doing it once per week and took a trough reading
  9. Nexus sust bloodwork

    Test e but ester wouldn't make such a big difference
  10. Nexus sust bloodwork

    I wouldn't be happy with 27 on 250mg test considering I see 150 on 500mg test
  11. Does it matter to you? You can neck cans of Foster's and not train regardless of any restrictions
  12. Patched in body hair

    f**k mange, are there any AAS that will get me minge?
  13. After cycle

    Only with rohm pct bro
  14. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Your uncle doesn’t count...