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  1. It was either the day before injection or two days before so I've dropped the dose to 100mgs and my libido is even better.
  2. It's exactly that ^^^^^ Even suppliers of analytical grade chemicals like Sigma-Aldrich can't claim absolute 100% purity. It's listed as ≥99.0%
  3. Pharmacom - Results from 125mgs / Week in the pic below Nexus Test E 300 -No bloods to back it up but libido was every bit as good as the Pharmacom at the same dose.
  4. Tren really worth the sides?

    IMO, there's nothing quite like it in terms of outright strength gains - I think it sits on it's own but as others have said, think about reducing the dose and see if it becomes more tolerable. I used to run about 325 / week and the results were astonishing but I got terrible lethargy for the first month or so and the rest of the time I was not a pleasant person to be around. Having chatted with a few heads on here, if I were to run it again, it'd be sub-200mgs / week plus I might experiment with higher test or some Mast in there too.
  5. T - BOL

    It gets a lot of flak but I ran 80mgs / day and loved it.
  6. Opus Diazepam

    Is there an address / contact for the manufacturer?
  7. Galenika test E serbia

    They can be either blue or red. It seems the more current batches have blue dots.
  8. Outdated Juice ..

    I think that's this one: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/drug-expiration-dates-do-they-mean-anything#:~:text=It's%20true%20the%20effectiveness%20of,ones%20tested%20by%20the%20military. OP, yes even pharma tablets / oils at worst lose potency over time. They won't turn to dust right on the expiry date.
  9. Wonder why the peak and area under curve from 4ml is less than 1ml of Deca?
  10. I don't know of any doctor that would prescribe Nebido to a healthy 22 year old on the basis that a guy in a gym gave him cypionate. Who is this doctor, the Good Samaritan?
  11. Thanks for that detailed response. Much appreciated.
  12. I flirted with Mast at about 100mgs / week just to see what it did on top of a TRT test dose and my cardio was incredible. Granted, I haven't weight trained in ages but from pure cardio performance and with no attention paid to diet macros other than a calorie deficit, the difference was there in the time, effort and calories burnt figures.
  13. Yep got you. Thank you.
  14. There's defo something not right with UK-M's "Hot" definition
  15. Cool, but could you clarify? I thought Bensif was advocating higher test, moderate 19-nors with minimal Mast, no? What you've described would be closer to my approach - TRT Test, Moderate Tren and Mast.