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  1. Couldn't even hack 4 days of the Nexus ones with the lethargy so I'd say they're good.
  2. With a lot of difficulty. At best my GP would give me just a serum test level and an NHS steroid clinic did serum test, lipids and LFT.
  3. I do agree we need to redefine "low" testosterone levels in the UK. I find this figure a better metric of good / bad etc.
  4. You're bang on. 500 Test E will give you about 360mgs base whereas 600 propionate will give about 502.3mgs base testosterone. 697.22mgs Test E would give you the same amount of base (502.3mgs) Does still seem to be slightly under what I'd expect. The peak on the graph is 78nmol/l and that's from 250mg Test E once a week. Would have expected 500 to give roughly double but hey we're all different.
  5. I guess he means Nexus
  6. UGLs are generally OK at getting the dose of drug in oil to within a reasonable range, sometimes near pharma spec but sometimes way out too. It's passable for our uses. The greater concern to me of using UGLs as permanent TRT is the lack of quality control in the raws. In pharma we run HPLC or GC / MS on every raw that comes in. If it's out of spec, it gets sent back. For microbial testing, we'd run something like an ISO 11930 test. Enough benzoyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate in a UGL oil should be enough to keep the microbial load low to prevent infection but it's heavy metal contamination that worries me. We see it a lot in Chinese raws - cadmium, mercury, lead. There might not be enough in the end product to cause acute effects in small doses but repeated exposure over the years is not good. If it comes to TRT for me, I wouldn't have a UGL as a long term solution.
  7. Estrogen from TRT

    I'd second getting bloods done. It's the only way you can be sure. At 5mg a day, the amount that would aromatise shouldn't be too much, unless you're especially sensitive. Also, aromatisation takes a while. It would normally be in the magnitude of days rather than hours. There could possibly be a cumulative effect if you started off feeling good and then gradually worse but again, at such small doses with base testosterone, I can't see high estrogen as being too likely. I'd go get bloods to rule it out. I've been drinking more recently and it's definitely affected my mood for the worse, amongst other things.
  8. Have you / they talked anything about a calcified plaque reading? The thing that would concern me is that you're in your 30's and although bloods can come back fine on a cruise or post cycle, it's the potential damage that's being done whilst on cycle doses. Heart disease is something typically not seen until one's 50's and beyond. I would wonder how your calcified plaque score stack up against a non-user of similar age and health. Also, have you had full bloods whilst in the middle of a cycle. If so, how do they compare? Genuinely interested, not trying to have a go. I'm 40 and B&C'd for 3 years from 32-35 and I worry about the potential damage to the point where I wonder if it's worth the risk any more. I ran one 5 month cycle since I quit in 2014 and then my appendix burst. Have thought about getting on it again, but like I say, it does worry me.
  9. Zanamex and Merck gear

    Might be OK, but as said previously, the real Merck don't produce anything of the sort.
  10. 32, only did one cycle. It lasted 3 years. Did 5 months again in 2018 when I was 38. Then my appendix fully perforated. Haven't cycled since. Haven't even been on gear either . I'll get my coat.
  11. They had some really funky tablets and blends too. Methylhydroxy-nandrolone, Trestolone, Cheque Drops, Winstrol in an oil suspension...
  12. It's a classic. That was my first cycle. Did the business. Ran 1000 iu's / week hCG on cycle. Typical Clomid / Nolva PCT after.
  13. That was my first cycle too, Geneza Test, Deca, Dbol, Adex, Clomid PCT. Big triangular tablets if I remember, all from Moldova.
  14. Adex split

    It depends on how much you need to control estrogen when on cycle. Could be anything from a quarter of a tablet E3D to a full tablet ED. I ran clomid as TRT for years and needed a full 25mg tablet of Aromasin ED to keep estrogen in check. It's very person - dependent.
  15. Galenika Testosteron Depo - Real or Fake?

    Their fill levels were really consistent at least . The gear itself was pish.