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  1. BBC salaries...

    Not sure I follow, sorry. All I’m saying is that you don’t need a licence if you don’t watch live TV or iPlayer. You don’t need a licence to have or use the internet.
  2. BBC salaries...

    Nope. You only need the licence if you watch live TV or watch anything on iPlayer. If you can do without both, you can cancel. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one
  3. BBC salaries...

    I knocked my licence on the head. Unless you use BBC iPlayer or watch live TV you don’t need one. With the exception of the BBC, you can watch live shows an hour later on their catch up services.
  4. You must be joking. There were several members on here who witnessed Lee fight a fridge. Long story short, the fridge one. This pretence of a mental illness is really tiring now. There’s clearly f**k all wrong with him in terms of his mental health. The only issue he has is that he’s and uneducated tit who wants to portray an image of mental illness in a pathetic attempt to evade scrutiny for scrounging off the state.
  5. This guy is clearly just pulling your chain. @TERBO took time to give a considered response and the reply was “okay homie”. Then he asks about DNP for his 54 year old father.
  6. Considering TRT

    Doesn’t dieting interact with testosterone production, especially crash diets? It’s not clear what you calorie intake has been whilst losing your 30lbs, but if you’ve been in a severe deficit, this may explain the normal test levels at the start of the year and the lower readings now. Just a thought. I’m sure others will advise if my understanding is correct. Definitely don’t jump into TRT. I’m in a similar situation having recently had a blood test reporting total t at 4.3nmol. The last thing I want is to be injecting for the rest of my life. I’ve just had a second test from the GP and waiting for those results. I’m going to try and identify a cause before even considering TRT.
  7. Schindler’s List. The main theme has to be one of the greatest pieces ever composed.
  8. Blood Test Results

    Do you drink tea or coffee with milk? Do you supplement with protein shakes? Any other snacks that you eat but don’t add to the tracker? Biscuits etc. Do you use oil to cook the meatballs? if I understand correctly, you’ve only been dieting for 3 weeks. That’s a very short period of time, in which you’ve lost 3lbs. I’d be reluctant to change too much at this stage and give it more time. See where you are in another 3 weeks.
  9. Laptops, what's good?

    Surface Pro
  10. Blood results

    Many thanks for your reply. I emailed the printable version over to my GP surgery earlier so I guess they’ll call me when they have chance.
  11. Morning all, I’ve just had my results back from a male hormone check done with Medichecks. Over the past 8 years, I’ve gone through periods of depression and anxiety. I went to the doctors a couple of years back and was referred to a consultant psychiatrist. That was a waste of time, they accused me to creating symptoms to mimic bipolar. Bizarrely, neither my GP or the psychiatrist ever performed any blood tests. Well anyway, Over the past year I’ve been doing blood tests through Medichecks and Thriva to try and establish if there could be a cause. I had the results of a thyroid check a few months ago and the results come back optimal. I’ve just received my results for the hormone test. Testosterone seems particularly low as does the free test result. I also note that the SHBG results is low. The test was performed when I woke, taken from a finger pr**k example. Have I just found the cause of my mood and anxiety problems? how reliable are Medichecks results? What would you recommend I do next? For info, I’ve never used steroids. cheers
  12. Any lawyers on here?

    Before paying over £5k, are you a member of a trade union? Alternatively, it may be worth checking your home insurance policy. Many of them cover legal expenses and may cover employment issues. Another avenue you could go down in Citizen’s Advice, although I’m not sure how competent their advice is. Depending on what field you’re in, it might be worth giving serious thought to whether you would need to contact ex clients. If you’re unlikely to contact them, it might be worth just signing the agreement if it results in an enhanced payout. Hope it works out for you.
  13. Anyone backpacked

    Explore the UK first, it’s amazing what beauty we have on our own doorstep. Try one of the national parks for a couple of nights. I much prefer camping on my own, you don’t have to accommodate anyone. Apart from the Peak District and Scotland, it isn’t strictly legal to wild camp. Providing you respect the area and leave no trace, you’ll have no issue. If you enjoy it, start looking further afield. For a couple of nights, I take: 40ltr backpack, sleep mat, sleeping bag, clothing (depends on weather what I take), water bottle, water filter, stove, dehydrated food, tent, head torch, small torch, map of area, compass, first aid kit, pocket knife.
  14. Price gouging by rebel strength

    I suppose a lot will also be down to the suppliers. If the cost of materials and manufacturing has increased, rebel strength won’t have much alternative but to pass those costs onto the consumer.
  15. LEGIT natties only

    Searched Ashington on this forum. The first result was AnimalLifter, the second result was a post back in 2019 from LeeDaLifter. Coincidence? I think not.