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  1. Want to decrease bodyfat

    Picked up some scales, was curious to how much oats i ate in the morning. Weighed it just now, 120g, on portion (40g) is 150cal on box, or 291 cal with 300ml of semi skimmed milk. With that much milk with 40g of oats you must be making soup. i prob add about 300ml of skimmed milk to 120g so 550 kcal total, upped to 600 when i add something sweet. never thought my morning porridge would have been that much
  2. Lateral Raise Advice

    Should have added that if pain is still there for days or weeks after then it most likely will be rotator cuff. you should see a physio and get some resistance bands to help stretch it out Get the meglio resistance bands on amazon, they are identical to the ones the physio give me, different colours for different strengths. i only ever get a slight pain now on the first rep of certain exercises
  3. Garage Gym User

    Its only interlocking foam tiles, 22mm thick, not expensive but do the job. Put a weather defender strip at garage door, fitted a cheap dark red carpet first as floor was just concrete and very cold
  4. Garage Gym User

    Pictures of what i have in home gym. its more cramped than it looks, swapping bodymax squat spotter stands & power tower for a power rack would free up a lot of room at the internal door end. But i would miss the pads on the power tower, good for leg raises. bench is terrible, lot of people sell it under different brand names. Far too light and because of the position of the seat adjustment, the seat slants to the side, makes benching awkward. Would not reccommended to any beginner. very hard finding cheap mirrors in N.I, would 2 large framed ikea mirrors be alright side by side, think one is 65/60cm by 160cm. Would mirrors be best placed behind a rack or anywhere else infront
  5. Want to decrease bodyfat

    Wil try get someone to take a photo of my side. never really had lower back problems, except for pain when i drive for more than an hour. Pulled lower back muscle once, right at the bum, when doing squats, worst pain ever, killed for a few days. take it anterior tilt is just rotating you pelvis forward then chest and shoulders must naturally move back to straighten up. does it just improve by stretching
  6. Lateral Raise Advice

    I have had something similiar, but pain now only in the first rep of right shoulder in a lot of exercises such as lateral raise front raise and presses. Have a slight subluxation in shoulder, had physio for it in past when it hurt all the time, now wouldnt notice it, just for the first rep
  7. Garage Gym User

    Well when i first got the bodymax CF415 the two uprights didnt match. One had 1 inch adjustments, the other had 2 adjustments. Had 2 replacements sent but the bar doesnt seen to sit straight when both sides set at supposedly the same height, pressing seems awkward. Also not easy re-racking. Making the adjustments is time consuming. I have the width set so it can be used with a 6ft bar, i am only 5'8 and find that the width is not good for pressing . A Half rack would have been much better for starting out. Due to injury and time it takes to make adjustments, I stopped using the rack for squats. if i start them again I am going to want equipment that is a lot safer, easy to use, and not need to wait time making adjustment after adjustment. i'm quite light at 67kg with legs that look like they belong in a nest i'm told, so prob will need to do some leg work, photos (upper body only) in my other thread. 30kg hex dumbbells arrived today, should have seen the guys delivering them
  8. Want to decrease bodyfat

    Dont know what my BF % is, but what does it need to be to get visible abs. current weight in 67kg going by the scales i use, and height just over 5'8. when not at work i am minding the wee one so cardio restricted to an exercise bike, 45 minutes a day. eat mainly oats, eggs, chicken salads/stirfrys, tuna, but snack too much i think on dark chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter, alpro yogurt, and a weakness for icecream. any good snack substitutes to help reduced cal intake, or other foods to eat to help reduce body fat %. how do yous' keep track of cal intake correctly and do you go as dar as too actually weigh food
  9. Garage Gym User

    Stopped going to a gym 6 years ago due to family commitments and just not having the time I was able to set up a small gym in the garage a few years ago, nothing big, just the bodymax CF415 squat stand with catchers, olympic rubber plates and adjustable dumbbells. Since then I have added a power tower, 10kg weighted vest, 20kg sandbag and have swapped the adjustable dumbbells for 1kg - 25kg in hex dumbbells. Never actually used the sand bag. Did have a treadmill at one stage but motor went, so recently got a exercise bike (Reebok GB50). I weight around 67kg and just over 5'8 in height. looking to reduced bodyfat and possibly one day have visible abs ready need to update some equipment as the squat stands are terrible for squats, havent dont squats in a long time now, so probably need a power rack of some sort that will fit the garage, which should allow me to get rid of the power tower as well, freeing up some room. what would be the best power rack round the £300 mark. most of the cheaper ones look similar to this: bodymax CF375 But I dont like the look of the spotters and hooks, and pull up bars look far apart prefer the look of the spotters/hooks on the CF475 and the pull up bar attachment on this one sold by savagestrength Has any one used such racks, any input or advice appreciated