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  1. Help spec me the juice

    Sounds good, I know so many riders around me were juiced when I was at the level, it was open talk, I still managed to. Compete clean, will be great to level the playing field
  2. Help spec me the juice

    I'm a sprinter, so your absolutely right, I need thst extra explosive kick at 40 mph at the end of a 120-150 ride
  3. Help spec me the juice

    Brilliant thanks buddy, am I allowed to ask for a suppler here or no?
  4. Help spec me the juice

    Anywhere to look for a guide to taking winny? Such as dosage, storage, anything to avoid while taking it and if course cycles to take it in would be great buddy thanks
  5. Help spec me the juice

    Yup I'm totally clueless, that's why I posted asking for help No offence taken at all, we've all gotta learn somewhere eh mate
  6. Help spec me the juice

    Ah winny is tablets?
  7. Help spec me the juice

    So much information to take on board thanks all. I'm a total noob at test and winny, does it need to be stored in a fridge, how do you inject it? The clen is helping the endure ceiling and recovery and the T5 is crashing the appetite Thanks Thanks
  8. Help spec me the juice

    What would classify as a low dose? Thanks
  9. Help spec me the juice

    Not currently tested, at my height I was semi pro, would like a boost to get back to where I was,so would eventually need to stop, don't currently have a biological passport, don't fancy EPO, too many friends have had blood turned to sludge plus I doubt I could afford it, just want to build as much as I can before I'm spotted against, I'd say within 12-18 months
  10. Hey all. I'm. Currently losing on clen and T5, going really well, need to get a little lower but it's at the point now whereby I can start to look at gains. Never used tests , am a cyclist so don't want HUGE bulk but want power and explosives when called upon, training wise I'm spot on and without juice I've done really well on the past, but what would you recommend for me going forwards to build muscle and power but not overblown bulk Cheers yall
  11. Because of a hang over of the illness I've suffered in need something to kick start me again, the T5 has helped, and I'm ready to push though the barrier now but I just need a little help this time. Time constraints are around a family something I've got to do by a certain date, aware of the dreaded excess skin but. I'm not looking to push a CRAZY amount over a few weeks Started a diet /healthy eating last week and so far dropped 9lbs,most likey that's water and little fat, managed 3 good days at the weekend but now it's been a couple if days whereby I need that extra push forward and pull back (appetite wise) Cheers Cheerd
  12. Been outta the game for a few years owing to illness and injuries etc Got a few stone to drop before I start Looking for a pre cardio for a stupid boost and appetite suppressants I've managed to drop a huge amount of weight before naturally but I need help this time owing to time constraints, Currently using T5 and I've ordered clen for when I start properly, but I guessed the safest bet and the most efficient way, was to ask the experts here Cheers mucckas