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  1. After sex

    I dated one woman who run to the bathroom and clean herself up straight after. fu**ing weird. That and her being crap in bed was why I ended it.
  2. new strongman set up in newark,nottinghamshire

    Sorry for bumping an old thread. Does anyone still train here? Is it still open? They don't have a website anymore and their facebook page hasn't been used for years. Looking for somewhere to train strongman around Nottingham.
  3. Hard Story of a Hard Gainer :(

    Liquid calories. It's an quick and easy way to get calories in. Drink whole milk. 1-4 litres a day. 2 litres is over 1100 calories and doesn't require any prep and a litre can be drunk in minutes. You can add nut butter, protein shake, olive oil, bananas to it for more calories. I can drink 1000 calories in one shake. Stop giving yourself labels such as extreme ectomorph and hard gainer. You just don't eat enough. Eat 3000-5000 calories every day and lift weights for the next 5 years and you won't be calling yourself a hard gainer. Also, someone of your weight shouldn't be worried about fast food or pizza. I wouldn't limit yourself right now.