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  1. Giving blood on cycle

    I donated first time last week mate, Lyed about ever using steroids otherwise they wouldn't of done it. Even though I have obviously but like others above have said it's good to do it if your using steroids.
  2. Seeing fat people training in really tight clothing that shows way to much fu**ing skin. Each movement they make Looks like bread baking around twine. Cover the f**k up. Nobody wants to see that
  3. Watching newbies lift weights is like watching a young whale trying to unbeach itself. Lol not my joke bro but I feel your anger.
  4. Do what I do mate, when someone asks just act dumb and say what's gear? Then they'll say steroids how do I take them? Then you say no idea bro first I'm hearing about them. They look very dazed and confused after.
  5. No mate its from Family guy, Peter Griffin lol. Glad you like it Haha.
  6. People doing barbell curls in the squat rack then posing in between sets. Grinds my gears.
  7. Triumph Labs Uk

    I remember a while back when triumph labs was doing well and popular there was some fakes going around. Tell it was fake from the s**t labelling and font size. Frustrating when it happens.
  8. Triumph Labs Uk

    I'd say if you have doubts about Rohm use a different lab mate, sphinx labs, neuro pharma, nexus labs, dunning labs are all good ones to choose from. All get great reviews on here when you search for them.
  9. Triumph Labs Uk

    The new test e was good for me mate, but went to order more and the test e was out of stock for months. So I Asked my source is he getting more in and he said no because there quality really went down hill and really underdosed because of the new different cook. Shame that because they were great at the time. I never used the npp though.
  10. DG Topics and opinions

    Is it true mate that the only way to get DG stuff is only if you were a customer of the old TM gear? Read before on here people got emails sent out to them about DG because they were customers of TM. I got loads of stuff of TM when he was around, shame he got busted. The whole SG DG is mind f**k to me like why SG is readily there to order but DG isnt. I've used the old and new SG with great results but never DG.
  11. DG Topics and opinions

    There was a post put up here a couple of months ago of a guy that was using DG test cyp and he put 2 pictures up of it. Within about a week the post was gone. I've never tried DG just so hard to get.
  12. Quite alot of people on here and other forums are saying that the new batch of nexus test e 300 is giving bad pip. How you getting on with there tri tren 400 mate?
  13. I was hoping it was just a bad batch lol, icon labs test e is pip free as is nexus deca I'm on. I still have some bottles of old TM test e haha, I bought loads of them before they got raided. Funny I never got pip from TM test e. f**k your brave man, I've only ever done quads twice and hated it!
  14. You getting any pip from it mate? When there new site first opened I got there test e 300 and got really bad pip from every injection. Test worked great for me other than pip. Maybe there newer batches are better.
  15. ICON Brand

    Hi mate I'm using icon labs myself and its def doing the job for me, I was previously on the new the triumph labs test e but it never got restocked again so I switched to icon test e. There was a post put up here about icon labs and few other guys where saying they were getting on well with it too.