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  1. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Cheers bro lol I'm a poet but I don't quite know it.
  2. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Thought I'd get involved mate so here it goes Push yourself to limit and rip the muscle apart. Pull that weight of the floor while simultaneously doing a fart. Heavy lifting is for the big lads. Don't be fu**ing around. If that skinny pr**k looks at me one more time il drive him into the ground. He had the balls to look at me and he is now pronounced dead. Didnt even know the bloody guy but I think his name was Fred. Poor Fred is dead.
  3. Captains log!

    I know its terrible to see what's happening with economy. The longer it continues the more f**ked we all are.
  4. Captains log!

    Northern Ireland has went into a 4 week partial lockdown, gyms are still open in Belfast thank f**k!
  5. Captains log!

    True mate, when they read this they'll know to prepare for the year 6057 lol.
  6. Captains log!

    You are the comedian of UK muscle mate hahaha. 10/10 for strange wacky and random as f**k.
  7. Northern Ireland circuit breaker

    f**k all
  8. Northern Ireland circuit breaker

    I do think that way, I'd say alot of others do to mate lol Wish this s**t would end.
  9. Northern Ireland circuit breaker

    Makes no sense that some places will close and others will stay open. Lol to be honest mate I'm just happy the gyms will be open. Do feel bad for alot of businesses though.
  10. Northern Ireland circuit breaker

    After the 4 week lockdown covid will still be here and more people will still get infected after, yeah the infection rate may drop in the 4 weeks but it will all restart again. The sooner a vaccine gets made the better.
  11. Northern Ireland circuit breaker

    Thank f**k gyms are still open here in Northern Ireland, my gym i go to is great, don't even need to book a slot, hopefully it stays that way though. They do have all the safety measures put in place but everyone cleans stuff down after use.
  12. Test only is much better if you get side effects like that. For the ones that don't get those side effects blast away haha.
  13. I know mate as well as Terminator 2 its in the lyrics to the papa roach song blood brothers, check out the lyrics lol.
  14. I know mate lol if you listen to papa roach song blood brothers its part of the lyrics to that song.
  15. Know the feeling mate, last time I used deca I lasted around 10 weeks, had to come of it because felt like I was gonna kill myself, planned it and everything which I fu**ing hate myself for being like that at that time. When I stopped the deca in about 2 weeks or so things started to come back to normal mentally, stayed at 150mg of test every 7 to 10 days and now everything is great mentally and physically.