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  1. My first sarms cycle

    well said mate, if I was that age I'd take your advice myself.
  2. Dimension Labs

    Used there test e 250 and was spot on mate, no pip either. Would use again for sure as its still very popular
  3. Anyone used this

    Have a sense of humour fs mate was only a joke lol. No haven't used it and never would when there's better labs available.
  4. Anyone used this

    I'd probably use it to fry some steaks, send some my way im running low on olive oil.
  5. Samson pharma

    Id definitely use them again to mate, hopefully they'll be up and running again ASAP.
  6. Swlf gyno removal

    He probably saw what Gregg Valentino did to his biceps when they got infected and thought to himself wow i now have the motivation to remove my gyno on my own. I'm sure his chest is proper deformed from what he done to himself.
  7. Swlf gyno removal

    I agree mate lol, when I got mine got i was awake just the whole area was numb but il never forget the smell of burning glandular tissue. He showed me what he removed after the surgery.
  8. Swlf gyno removal

    Thats what surgeons are for mate. I've never heard of someone doing gyno surgery on themselves but I reckon if they did it would be a botched job and a they would have even worse body dysmorphia than before. Sounds crazy to think about someone doing that to themselves though
  9. British dragon (New design) 1mil amps

    Don't know why you wouldn't just go with a respected trusted lab that gets lots of positive feedback on here. There's plenty of better labs to choose from and fairly easy to source mate if you do your research.
  10. Deca, tren ace, and tren e. Used to be able to use them in my early 20's though last time I used deca was really suicidal and my anxiety was terrible. Test only now is best and keeps me happy lol.
  11. How to gain mass

    I'd recommend a muscle suit lol.
  12. Samson pharma

    No worries mate hope you get sorted ?
  13. Samson pharma

    Abit of topic from this thread but I hear triumph labs is coming back again. I used them alot in the past when they first came out with great results, When they changed hands I tried there test e but then struggled to get it again because there quality went down hill from what my source said so he said he wasnt gonna bother to get more in. Think it's the original guy making triumph now from what I've read on here I'm using nexus labs atm but good to know there will be another good lab coming back that has good feedback on here as well. Yes mate your right every lab has to start somewhere all those labs listed were once brand new and over the years they have built up good credibility.
  14. TRT and cycle

    No but I had arimidex letrozole caber and nolvadex just incase. Glad it didnt come back but I did trust him and I did explain to him I use steroids and he did say to me alot of the guys he operated on were using them as well. I think a way it would come back again would be if the surgeon didnt remove enough of the gland it could potentially return. If its from puberty or steroids use it's still a hard thing for a guy to have to deal with. Thanks for the link mate it's interesting to read.
  15. TRT and cycle

    Hello again mate I'd the surgery In 2015, both glands removed, he said he removed it all so it would never come back again, I did ask him has it ever returned with anyone hes operated on in the past and he said no. Since then I've done lots of cycles and been gyno free.