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  1. Dark Ghost ?

    On it around 2 months now mate, I've used different labs in the past of test 400mg and some even at 300mg and had horrible pip for days. No pip on the DG test 500mg so loving it haha. How you getting on with your cycle mate?
  2. Dark Ghost ?

    Currently using DG test 500 myself mate and it's fantastic stuff to pin. No pip at all, making very good progress using it.
  3. Dark ghost

    It's good stuff mate, Im currently using DG test e 300 and There Mk677. Always gets good feedback
  4. Not for me mate no, I'm in Northern Ireland belfast, I'd gear arrive last week. Amazon still delivering as well.
  5. I like him mate, watch alot of his videos, get some good info and abit of a laugh from them too,. He's the only youtuber I know of that has a pet pig along with loads of other animals lol. Plus he sounds like Gilbert Gottfried when he's on a full blown rant. Stays in really good shape year round and is very outspoken.
  6. Sorry to hear that man that must of been tough to deal with on You and there family and friends. Mentally I really struggled with the fist lockdown because my gym routine wasn't there. Kinda just got creative with training and did more cardio, bodyweight stuff and went cycling alot and did more overtime in work. Good thing about doing delivery driving for tesco is that there's always heavy lifting to do. We are still in lockdown over here in Northern Ireland but luckily I'm able to train in a gym that's letting certain people in a few hours each day. Its sad to see people's mental health going down hill with whats going on. I've been on anti depressants the past lot of years so that's helping me in a way deal with this lockdown nonsense.
  7. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Thats one talented musician, saw them live in Belfast. They put on one hell of a show!
  8. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Have you started using mk677 yet mate? I remember you mentioning you were gonna give it a try.
  9. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    Me neither mate, I've read alot of info about peptides and had my temptations to wanna give them a try years ago just decided to give it a miss. I've never used Actual HGH myself, hear the results are abit hit and miss for some but know you have to use for long enough time to see the results. If I had the choice between using HGH or test id rather just use test lol.
  10. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    I've never actually used any peptides myself mate, there's so many different ones available now. Yeah alot of them have really f**ked up names
  11. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    Good stuff mate!
  12. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    There injectable dbol is supposed to be very good as well. It gets a lot of good feedback.
  13. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    Where you thinking of the peptides Ghrp6 or ghrp2 mate? those are both peptides
  14. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    Im using atomic pharma test atm myself mate but will be using DG test after. Nice! Did you the use the injectable or oral dbol?
  15. Nice feeling to come back from work and see that this has been delivered Already using mk677 30mg from Alpha form labs that my mate gave me because he couldn't hack the sides at 30mg, after will be switching to atomic pharma. I'm using 30mg myself really liking the stuff No lethargy or feeling bloated either At the gym yesterday and Trained legs and the pumps were insane along with 45 minutes of cardio. Using 1500mg of berberine throughout the day with meals and keeping an eye on fasted blood glucose as well. Still getting serious hunger which is a bonus for me, I am truly amazed by the hunger! lol. I knew the hunger was bad for some from what other people have mentioned. I'm taking first thing in morning, im full of energy all day and sleeping like a baby at night. Apologies to mods as well, I posted this similar mk677 thread in general conversation the other day and only realised a day later it was in the wrong section.