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  1. Correct bracing technique

    sorry but I disagree.. you should be able to move around whilst being properly braced, therefor making the stance irrelevant watch the videos bensif suggested .. I'm terrible at wording things like that, but I try think of it as breathing into my belly by actually using my diaphram to draw a big breathe rather than my chest, then locking that shape there by activating all my core muscles .. remember the core isnt just abs, it's all the small muscles around your spine etc and even the pelvic floor
  2. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    not all we'll agree there lol .. but no amount of fat is going to help you run with 125kg sandbags and load them on a platform, or run 20m in 10 seconds carrying 200kg in each hand lol .. even things like atlas stones are now dominated by the leaner athletes, the sport has evolved
  3. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    are you a weak small man? I suggest you have a look at strongman these days, gone are the days of fat men standing still 90% of the time
  4. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    cant quite tell if you're trolling or just thick as f**k .. hmm
  5. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    strongman cardio is the best cardio .. not just for strongman either, I'd encourage anyone to give it a go .. it makes cardio more fun and you're still working the muscles with heavyish weights farmers/frame carries, duckwalks, sandbag carries, super yokes, arm over arm pulls, loading medleys .. etc
  6. Road to 5 plates

    atleast you got something done, better than nothing! .. did you see my 6 plate attempt? failed just after the knee as well haha
  7. peak programme

    looks decent, although sets of 10 and 8 is disgusting haha .. to be honest I'm thinking of chopping it down to a mini 4 week peak, as I have no patience and already know I can hit it .. Week 1Deadlift : 2x2 @ 230 kgWeek 2Deadlift : 1x2 @ 240 kgWeek 3Deadlift : 1x1 @ 250 kgWeek 3Deadlift : 1x1 @ 260 kg +
  8. after my next comp I'm going to be reattempting 260kg as seen in the below post .. however this time I'm actually going to run a peak/deload and not do a max squat two days prior haha.. so in reality I actually want more than 260 what's everyones favourite deadlift peaking programmes? no 12 or 16 weeks, aint nobody got time for that .. more like the one I have planned below Week 1Deadlift : 3x3 @ 205 kgSpeed deads : 3x3 @ 170 kg Week 2Deadlift : 2x2 @ 220 kgSpeed deads : 3x3 @ 180 kg Week 3Deadlift : 2x2 @ 235 kgSpeed deads : 3x3 @ 195 kgWeek 4Deadlift : 1x2 @ 245 kgSpeed deads : 3x3 @ 180 kg Week 5Deadlift : 1x1 @ 250 kgSpeed deads : 2x3 @ 180 kgWeek 6Deadlift : 1x1 @ 260 kg +
  9. Novice Strong(ish)man

    couple of decent sessions to report on from last week apart from the boring mundane stuff .. first up on Friday was a squat PB, finally a 5 plate squat .. my previous PB of 200kg moved like fresh air so went for, and hit a 220kg, that was all I dared do without a spotter though haha next up, just two days later on sunday was deadlifts, I wasn't planning on a max, but they were feeling ok and it's my last heavy session before the comp so I thought f**k it, and went for a 6 plate dead, 260kg, which would've been a 10kg PB .. It moved well until after my knees then just hit a wall haha.. still taking the positives from this though, best 260 has ever moved and I believe had I not fried my CNS two days prior with a max squat session, I would have had this pull in the bag did kind of lose my temper after it a bit though, watch for the cloud of chalk hahah
  10. Puffing chest out during exercises?

    you're thinking of it wrong, dont focus on puffing your chest out, you can do that without your scapula moving.. you want to retract and depress your scapula (back and down) this will open up the shoulders and give the illusion of a full 'puffed out' chest
  11. that's fair enough, obviously you have your own battles and disadvantages so it makes it very unique to you
  12. what's wrong with your hips? 5 plates isnt that much ATG is a stupid goal for most anyway, there is a reason it's not used in powerlifting or strongman etc .. MOST people dont have the mobility to go ATG safely, just been made to seem important by social media PTs
  13. Road to 5 plates

    yeah, just aim to PB on it and then focus on your good events haha to be fair at the time of the comp I'd only ever done it for a single from the floor, so I was happy with 4 .. currently my best floor to overhead is 105kg on both axle and log .. but I haven't peaked and tried in a little while
  14. Road to 5 plates

    you'll be surprised how fast the time goes haha.. I had 90kg axle for reps last year, I got 4 which was a PB, but I honestly do not recall even having any breather breaks .. it just took a lot out of me so the time flew! I'd be good for double that now though, easy.. so progress atleast lol
  15. Road to 5 plates

    it's all relative to the individual, but at a lighter weight were you are looking to get into double figures I would definitely be trying to one motion as many as possible before moving onto continental cleans as you tire .. but what's important is to judge each rep before you start.. as for example if you've done 4 reps and are tiring, you go for the 5th but dont have the energy to complete the power clean and it drops, that's wasted time and wasted energy .. you need to be smart enough to say right, I think it's time to switch to continental/belt cleans, before you fail a rep