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  1. Careful with underhand pulls

    I think we've had a slight misunderstanding here mate .. I know it will massively effect the forearms and biceps differently and supinated puts WAY more stress on the bicep but I just dont agree it effects the back differently, as the bar path/movement itself can remain exactly the same .. maybe when you alter your grip it's inadvertently just making you alter this path/movement?
  2. Careful with underhand pulls

    not being a dick here.. but basic biomechanics would tell you supination/pronation of the wrist has absolutely zero baring on the movement pattern of the row itself if you're feeling it in the lats better with a supinated grip, it's more than likely because you're using a more suitable weight due to the bicep being more involved, and/or executing the movement better try this .. with no literally no weight in the hands, but mimicking a supinated grip, go back into the contracted position and really squeeze the lats so you can feel that, whilst holding this switch your grip to pronated .. I can almost guarantee you will not feel an ounce of different in the lats
  3. We all have to Self isolate at our house.

    but at the same time if they didnt advise that, they would get crucified for not taking it serious enough .. people are just expected to use common sense with it, unfortunately that's lacking these days!
  4. We all have to Self isolate at our house.

    his team of scientist advisors, he wont be making any of the decisions .. people do realise this right lol
  5. Anyone do trap bar deadlifts

    it does recruit different muscles, but I wouldnt say more .. trap bar is more quad dominant and you may feel it more in the upper traps due to being more upright .. but done properly the BB deadlift is more hamstring/glute dominant, but also includes almost every muscle in your back as well as your core
  6. Anyone do trap bar deadlifts

    they have their place and can be useful, but they're certainly not king over BB, not even close .. what are you basing this off, just being able to pull more weight? everyone can pull more with a trap bar
  7. Gym changing rooms

    to bum them to death, no homo
  8. why are you even attempting 1rm's every week?
  9. Gym changing rooms

    there is no contract with puregyms
  10. Fixing deadlift technique?

    working up from a light weight is definitely a good way to ensure your form stays good, but it will only work if your form is spot on from the start .. are you sure it is?
  11. I was quite concerned where this conversation was going at this point
  12. strong .. but there's far too much homo s**t going on in this video
  13. Mark Felix - Natty or Not?

    to be fair to him, this was 8 years ago he was claiming to be natty, not recently ..
  14. World record Bench

    the old record was his too! he's chasing 800lb which is ridiculous