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  1. Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    everyone knows that's not the only factor, but it's a supplement just like everyone else uses and pushes .. he's just making a living.. he retired from the sport early to be healthier and needs to keep his income up for the next 50 years, they dont do pension plans in strongman! I've followed his social media and tv programmes for a good few years now, and never got why people didnt like him, he was a character in strongman, but a genuine normal guy outside of it.. I've met him and spoke to him in the flesh and again, lovely down to earth bloke
  2. Hypertrophy and conditioning phase

    no .. if you do a programme, do it properly
  3. try this mini programme designed to help you peak and hit the pb, deadlifting just once per week .. and always the day after a rest day .. work up to these weights with your normal warmups, but no back off sets or anything heavier than stated week 1; 160 4 sets of 4 week 2; 170 4 sets of 3 week 3; 180 3 sets of 2 week 4; 190 2 sets of 1 week 5; 200 for 1
  4. reps and rest .. to give it some context .. leading up to my first strongman comp it was 200kg deadlift for reps, and I'd never hit a single.. I was so obsessed trying to make sure I could do atleast one rep I went through a phase of trying to hit it every week, and failing. I took a step back and done some rep work for a month, then 2 weeks before the comp (beginning of May) hit a single at 200kg, I didn't deadlift again before the comp.. which was in middle of May, I got 4 reps at the comp. My next couple of comps had deadlift for reps in 60 seconds, 150kg got 17 reps and 180kg got 11 reps .. but the thing is, I never went above 180kg in training, as I was training my deadlift up for reps .. fast forward to a comp I had in October, max deadlift .. after a brief 3 week peaking programme, I pulled a COMFORTABLE 240kg at the comp.. so in the space of 5 months I added 40kg to my deadlift, by focusing on getting the reps in instead of always trying to max out.
  5. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    no, just the productions in new ones banned by then, not the sale or use of them
  6. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    I wouldnt say exceptions .. 100k is barely ran in for a good diesel
  7. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    haha I know what you mean, but his are definitely real, you can see them flexing in and out when he's breathing heavy after a workout .. they will all have massive abs under their power bellies .. it takes insane core strength to do the things they do
  8. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    dont think he's ever not been heavy haha .. he's around 170kg at the moment, and still with abs .. insane
  9. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    was there on the night, 2 rows from the front .. fantastic night
  10. arnold santa monica

    cheers mate .. I'm sure both Licis and Shaw need a win though due to lack of points from barely competing in them last year .. if so, atleast one big name guaranteed to miss out!
  11. arnold santa monica

    does anyone happen to have a full list of competitors and who needs what to qualify for the big arnold classic in ohio? it's no longer invites, only the current champion Thor qualifies automatically .. I'm pretty sure both Brian Shaw & Licis have to win to qualify .. which is easier said than done when Novikov is competing, who I dont even know if he's already qualified or needs to place etc?
  12. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    couldnt agree more.. ban it all
  13. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    but it was still legal to marry them then have sex with them .. still f**ked up mate lol
  14. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    the legal age of consent in the vatican city was 12 up until not so long ago .. and yes, any adult who has sex with a 12 year old is a pedo, regardless whether it was legal or not.
  15. when I was saying the US would obliterate them if Iran retaliated properly, that wasn't a slight on Iran or a compliment to the USA.. it was because the USA are that stupid to not think things through, and would have had no hesitation striking back and causing huge devastation .. I've not once insulted Iranians here