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  1. @Bish83 with ur experience with peptides can u tell me what the side effect i can suffering? and what the benefits i can see on my body ? thanx
  2. @Dave_shorts @Bish83 thanx lads i'll build up first with half dose then increase it to full dose like this: week 1: 50mcg ghrh+50mcg ghrp before bed week 2: 50mcg ghrh+50mcg ghrp before bed and 1st thing in the morning week 3: 100mcg ghrh+100mcg ghrp before bed and 1st thing in the morning that's good plan or what you think???????
  3. @Pscarb i trust your advice what you recommended to use?
  4. First thanks for the great information and advice about peptides from the great lads in UK-M forum. 1- im going to use this ghrp + ghrh for first time.suggested dose is 1mcg/kg ,im 80kg so i need 80mcg,is that right.As first time user can i take it twice/day or need to be 3 times ? or half dose three times for a week to adapt then full dose ? 2-I know that most are advised using (purepeptidesuk.com) what about this peptide (life-tech labs) anyone try it or hear anything about it? Thanks