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  1. Hi, I guess I am hoping to find someone who is clued up about these things... I have been struggling to get a grip on my heart rate training thresholds as they don't seem to follow the expected ranges you tend to see on the internet. I have a max of 189 (tested many times and no matter how balls out I go this is where it obviously and quite demonstrably flat lines). But my cruise pace (1-2 hours) after initially climbing from rest seems to settle out at around 177 (any more and it becomes unsustainable, I can hold this for an hour or more). I guess it just seems that these are too close together? If this is the case how do I calculate the separation between V02 max and anaerobic? I am guessing 177 is my anaerobic threshold (or I wouldn't be able to sustain this) but what would this imply about my aerobic / weight control / warm up thresholds? Where do these fit in? My resting rate is about 56 (depending on coffee) if that makes a difference? Also does this suggest I have a health problem that I don't know about? I'm 40 and I am an on and off kind of fitness guy and I am ashamed to say I am not precisely in peak condition right now. Any help would be appreciated if you could convert these figures into a full range of thresholds that would be great! I have a decent heart rate monitor with a proper chest strap so I am fairly sure the figures are accurate (they are all consistent across training sessions and match against other devices such as my garmin cycle computer and the other chest strap that comes with that). Thanks in advance! Terra