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  1. Great advice there. I bet if he was asking advice on picking up under age Thai girls you’d have all the answers
  2. Good lab for masteron

    Don’t know if your just trying to up your post count or what but 95% of your posts are horse s**t!!!!
  3. Yeah that 10 seconds longer you will never get back.
  4. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Only thing that gets kicked in on him is his back door!!!
  5. My journey to 5% body fat

    Good, maybe stop him posting absolute shite!!!!!
  6. One night stands

    Not weird enough to stop her pegging you tho was it.....
  7. Cutting down won’t stop that outcome

    LOL. Yeah that’s defo the way to see if your tren is real
  9. Clubbers Cycle....

    Other forum
  10. Rice info

    What was his name? And was his bigger than yours?
  11. Weird muscle tension/spasm?

    Am saying try to increase your water intake and see if it helps. Failing that taurine is great for getting rid of cramps.
  12. Weird muscle tension/spasm?

    Muscle cramps. Up your water intake.
  13. Joshua is a disgrace

    You must have been watching a different fight than I was ....