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  1. Advice please

    Hi mate, I didn't have anyone to help me when I started. But the guys are right, research 1st, I was reading for over a year before I finally decided to jump on cycle. I am now confident in almost all compounds and what to expect. Knowledge is power and the learning never stops. If you are so light, you need to 1st work out your DIET and gain some weight, how tall are you? (sorry if I missed this bit). You dont need steroids to put on some lean mass from 67kg if your anywhere around 5'10-6ft. Cut out the cross fit and spend the extra hour actually training ! What is it you feel like you need help with? Information on training/nutrition and steroids are all on the forum and elsewhere on the net. For me personally, I was training for 2 years before I started my 1st cycle, great progress before I started using steroids, make sure you do the same. As others have said, you do not sound like you are educated enough on this to take the plunge (YET), and there is no rush mate , and coming off isn't so easy either, not in my limited experience. What has made you decide that you want to do this?
  2. Jeez bro that's rough! How often are you pinning 3ml?? Only time I dont aspirate is when I forget (Rarely), rather be safe than sorry! I assume Tren cough? Or does this happen on other compounds?
  3. Maybe I wasn't clear, I wasn't trying to give the impression I was saying it was a bad batch, so my apologies. I am in the camp that crashed gear is highly potent (usually), seems like our american brothers on another forum trash crashed gear, most of them wouldn't chance it for some reason. Seems like us Brits are much more easygoing lol. Likewise, it doesn't bother me, although it will be the 1st time I am having to go about pinning gear in this way so I am just hoping that the PIP is minimal or non existent, I think my NPP is only 200gm/ml, which isnt highly dosed compared to the Rohm NPP I previously used, but that was fine. Makes me wonder if there are any other factors at play here, im no brewer so wouldn't know where to begin!
  4. Uber banned in London

    I never really have a need in London anyway, but at the end of the day, I do think its a bit harsh for the guys who work for Uber, they have families to support, foreign or not. All stemmed because of a few rape cases and seems like it has forever given Uber a bad name. Anyone is capable of these things. In terms of health and safety, Uber drivers aren't allowed cars any older than 5 years as far as I know. A mate of mine is a technician at Toyota and told me that most of his customers are of course Uber drivers. The cars are maintained and are not the problem. I dont really know what else that leaves in terms of health and safety... background checks yes, should be more in depth, poor gits!
  5. I got some from what must have been the same batch. I was reluctant to take the advice given to me (boiling in a pan of water), but it worked wonders! 3 weeks later and its completely crashed again... so I guess just boil and pin, boil and pin I dont see any reason why you couldn't do the same with Tren, even though that color looks horrendous!
  6. Fake dating profiles

    Fair play bro, just out of curiosity... how did you find it?!
  7. Fake dating profiles

    Simple catfish bro, contact the site as you have and leave it be lol. or contact the person on the profile that could cause some fun! What app is it? chances are im already on it
  8. Gym Fails (your own)

    Headbutted the Pec Dec machine, lucky no one saw, no idea how, right in the middle of the damn gym. Doubt that constitutes a gym fail, but all else I got is failed 1RM on bench. Or spending 10 minutes trying to pick up some heavy @ss Dumbells to try for a shoulder press... hardest part was getting them up, once I managed that it was clear sailing lol... weird
  9. piana off his nut

    Interesting vid, but tbh I dont get why everyone is trying to read into it so much. This was practically me throughout my early 20's every single weekend, not proud of it. But not necessarily a problem, just a guy enjoying a nice high. I guess none of us actually know how frequent this was or if he actually had a problem with it. I had to watch this at work, so not sure if I missed anything important via audio, not even 100% sure what he is taking, Ket?
  10. Whats the best way to cook a steak?

    To be honest mate I throw in a little of everything and make it up on the spot every time.. Garlic, ginger, pepper, salt, whatever green herbs I fancy. Pour some lemon Juice in a large bowl, add some water, mix it up with the herbs and season the steak in the mixture. Comes our lovely =]
  11. NPP dose and frecuency

    I done 10 weeks of it pinning Monday morning and Thursday evening. Great stuff! When I run again, it will be the same at 2x pw.
  12. Whats the best way to cook a steak?

    20 seconds a side, f**k loads of seasoning. A good rump/angus or fillet
  13. I never had an issue pinning anywhere including quads tbh, you pinned the upper outer portion I assume? Either way, for future reference, all I can really suggest is if something doesn't feel right, pull out, swap pins and go somewhere a cm or 2 out.
  14. x

    X - Definition - A bitch you never want to see again. XXXXXX - Definition - Dude....sort out your life choices! (Also a possible STD)
  15. I remember your post a while back regarding the gambling mate, I am glad you got out of that dark hole. Any addiction isn't a nice feeling.