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  1. Training Shed

    Got to agree with this. My gym is awesome, but when I’m not working I’m either on call or completely killed off due to the hours or coming from nights to days to nights. Mostly on call. I need to respond on call to the end destination within an hour of the call, that means leaving in 5-10 minutes. Being on all 26-27 days a month means a gym is out of the window. At least if I had a way to train at home I could feasibly get ready and go but it is literally impossible for me to go to a gym or even go for a run further than a mile away from home (if that).
  2. Training Shed

    We are looking but to be honest I’m not too happy with my job situation so we are going to let that play out first. A garage would be more than enough for me, just a bench, a half squat rack, pull up bar and some matting would give me all i need.
  3. Training Shed

    You make a good point. I can store a bench in the spare room and I’ve found a decent squat/bar rack that supports up to 245 and folds down. Could feasibly store them in the house and use in the garden when dry. I’d probably want to deadlift outside anyway. Can get the bench, 200kg BB set and a squat rack for under 500, unless someone can point me to somewhere cheaper?
  4. Training Shed

    Haha I would go down that route but was concerned about its strength with Deadlifts and the like. Don’t know how realistic this idea is as I think on it
  5. Training Shed

    Yeah pretty much it’s in the corner under a big tree
  6. Training Shed

    That thought has crossed my mind but I’m hoping it will pay off
  7. Training Shed

    Not getting any time to go the gym being on call 27 days of the month and working from 0540 to 2300 most days (7 days a week)! It’s driving me crazy, and my physique has gone to nothing after 6-8 months of 4-5 hours sleep, poor diet and no training. Have looked at these yardmaster sheds from screwfix for around £300. Metal, sturdy, can run power into it and can use an RF repeater to extend the alarm into it. Anyone use these as a gym? And what are the smallest sizes people have gotten away with? Also are they built well, I.e if I dismantle it and take it to the next Home will it fall to pieces after second construction? Finally how have people fixed them? I would be looking to do a paved base for it to bolt down on and then put some rubber matting down as flooring with some water proofing around the bottom edges. Any advice welcome, as the other half won’t allow a bench in the house and I wouldn’t trust deadlifting in here ?