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  1. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    In. Also got to agree with this, two of my main gyms I've trained in, the two I trained in years back before I moved, and where I train now were/are both pretty serious places with a few titles to names etc, but I think the most I regularly see people lift for reps is 120-140kg if that. Usually it's only if I get chance to train in the day/morning when the serious lifters have the gym to themselves do I see anything more than this/3+plates etc. Your warm up weights are my PB's at the moment
  2. Demon's Journal

    19/8/17 Pull tonight. Started out with deadlifts, no PB's this week. Stuck with pure gym so the weights on the cables (of which a lot of my back work consisted of) isn't really comparable to my regular gym as the resistance is different. For Pure gym I seriously knocked the weight down for most things and did 3:1 reps. Did Lat pulls at different grips, rows and some single arm rows again from different angles. Finished with some EZ curls alternating between wide and close, some preacher curls and then some high rep rear DELT flyes. Not sure if I'll make it tomorrow for legs due to commitments so probably Monday now. Hopefully I can sneak a quick session in tomorrow though.
  3. Demon's Journal

    First time doing 5 day meal preps this week and I utterly failed. Usually do it day by day. Didnt buy enough stuff, going to have to double it next week!! 285 cals meal doesn't quite cut it
  4. Demon's Journal

    Thanks for the advice Uryens I'll keep it in mind. At the moment, as fatigue is definitely a thing for me now I'm almost 30, I'm going to be having a rest day in between each PPL cycle as well as a cardio day in between pull and legs as active recovery. At least while I'm cutting. So I'm doing something really similar to your post.
  5. Demon's Journal

    Had a weigh in this morning. Despite my poor training form this last week I'm down to 78.8 kg and 23.7% body fat. Was expecting to have been pushed back over 80 again so I'm well happy.
  6. Demon's Journal

    It's been over a week since I've been in the gym. Started off as some work stuff, out of my control but then I just struggled to get the motivation and get myself back in. Got myself down there today for a Push workout to smash past the poor motivation. Not a great workout, no PB's and a lot of failures, but I got through it and I have this feeling of rock bottom that should be enough for me to look back at next time I want to take a day off. Massive migraine all the way through as well. Pull tomorrow, hopefully I feel a bit better and can get my PB's out. Don't want to feel like this again.
  7. Running on the AM

    Nice one thanks. Work is going to be quite sedentary for a few weeks so wanted to make up for it.
  8. Running on the AM

    If I were to start running in the AM g(etting up at 5 and getting a morning workout in before work), what sort of distance should I be looking at? Haven't done much running in a while but when I do a bit of running I usually do 30 mins paced one day, 45 mins steady another then a third day of sprints. If I'm doing 4-5 mornings per week though, what distances should I aim for to maintain a decent fitness level alongside lifting? Very consious that my dad used to do a lot of running/played semi pro football and he had endless knee issues so I dont want to be doing over an hour a day.
  9. Demon's Journal

    UPDATE THE BAD Missed another workout today due to work related stuff. Training Legs/Abs tonight and then from tomorrow I'm going to have to approach my training a little differently: Im on night shifts and all sorts now for a while so I am not going to be able to commit to a 6 day split constantly. Im going to keep on the 12 week cut and training 4+ times a week still, but I can't follow a strict Mon-Sat programme. Im going to go back to a Push Pull Legs for a few weeks until my work schedule calms down and my oppo is back working full time again. I had a nice framework I was set up on 2-3 years ago by a friend who I worked with briefly and is now a part time PT. He gave me Push, Pull, Legs, Repeat, day off, I am going to chuck a 4th day in there as cardio between pull and leg day as I need it. If I miss a day this way I'll just continue for 4 more days from the next workout and still have a balanced schedule and high volume. GOOD TIMES: Despite the struggle to get to the gym more than 4 times a week I'm looking at the positives: -Still training 3+ times a week which is more than I did before I started. -My bf% is definitely still dropping despite weight loss overall stalling a little. I'm sticking to a diet (although it's a bit IIFYM) and it's working. Diet was never my strong point before so this is a big step forward for me. Everything is weighed and logged. -Despite being on a cut, other than a couple of lifts I'm getting stronger on every single workout, however marginal. So it's a bit of a mixed bag, but I'm sticking with it and hopefully I'll have some decent 12 week progress to share when the cut ends. Going forward I'm going to just be giving summaries and weekly updates/goals reached as it's taking too long to update and nobody wants to read every set and rep.
  10. Demon's Journal

    CHEST/TRIS WEDNESDAY 9/8/17 BENCH PRESS 5x5 60x5 60x5 70x5 70x5 70x5 INCLINE DB PRESS 4x6-12 20x12 27.5x6 27.5x6 27.5x5 followed by 15x8 DB FLYES 4x6-12 10x12 12.5x6 12.5x8 14x7 SKULLCRUSHERS 4x6-12 (Plus bar) 10x12 20x6 20x7 20x7 OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS CABLES 4x6-12 6 Platesx12 8x6 8x8 8x8 CABLE TRICEP EXTENSIONS 3 Sets/Various 6 Platesx12 DROPSET: 8x6, 6x6, 4x8 DROPSET: 8x6, 6x6, 4x8
  11. Demon's Journal

    TUESDAY 8/8/17 BACK/BICEPS DEADLIFT Increased the heavy working sets by 1, instead of going like 60, 100, 140, and then back to 100 I did: 4x5 60x5 100x5 120x5 140x2 LAT PULL CABLES Wide 4x6-12 6x12 10x6 (Form suffering so went down to 9 plates and slowed it down) 9x8 9x6 followed by 6x12 BARBELL ROWS 5x5 40x5 50x5 60x5 60x5 60x4 PLATE LOADED SEATED ROW 4x6-12 40x12 80x6 80x6 80x6 Then did a set of single arms and per arm did 20kgx16 BARBELL CURLS 4x6-12 No PB here as my arms are usually fresh. Failed on 30's (last time out I did 6 good reps) 15x12 25x8 25x10 30x3 DB PREACHER BENCH ISOLATION CURLS 3x6-12 10x12 12.5x6 12.5x6 HAMMER H-BAR CURLS ON PREACHER BENCH 3x6-12 More of a rep out/finisher than a max effort, just concentrating on the contraction 10+BARX8 10+BARX8 10+BARX8 I've also reviewed my calories as since I've been training 4-6 times a week rather than 2-4 I'm getting symptoms of being further under maintenance than I should be. I lost 4kg pretty damn quick and I've been ill and lethargic. I'm sticking with it this/next week, but comparing it to what Fitbit tells me to eat to see how much less I'm eating. I'll look at where I am at the end of the first 4 weeks in terms of loss and adjust accordingly.
  12. Hot sauce recommendations?

    I quite like garlic infused hot sauces like peri peri garlic etc. Nando's one is nice. Might not be majorly hot but taste wise it's nice and you can add flakes etc on top.
  13. Demon's Journal

    Shocking week last week. No excuses really as I should have pushed through illness and just trained through it. Feeling low as hell having only trained three times last week so I need to get back to it ASAP. Illness never used to be an excuse years ago so I don't see why it should now. Got a few things I need to be tougher on going forward if I'm going to get my physique and strength back.... -I'm not taking my rest and sleep seriously leading me to have nights at <4-5 hours sleep. Minimum of 7 hours from now on if not more when possible. I've missed training due to bad fatigue and I'm pretty sure it's making me ill. -Need to be stricter with workout scheduling (not just saying "some point tonight"). Especially now I've had to give up my second (24hr) gym membership due to money being tight, I'm scheduling in dates and times and being a bit more bullish at work in terms of making sure I'm being given at least a weeks notice for shift changes. Back to it tomorrow, due to being away today and having a shorter week, I'm giving up the arm day on Friday and doing my Biceps on Back Day and Triceps on Chest day.
  14. Demon's Journal

    Haven't posted diet stuff in a while so just as an example from today. Fats a bit on the high side for me but protein is bang on what I'm aiming for.
  15. Demon's Journal

    Much prefer the cable lat raises, the dumbbells don't really give a constant resistance but with the cables I was literally squeezing the muscle hard the entire way through. Will be swapping out DB raises for cables for now on I think.