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  1. Culture shock

    Haha I punch better than that n I'd jump on it n rip its head off haha
  2. Culture shock

    I should. Obvs expenses have to remain hidden haha Naaa too much stress workin as leader of UK. I'll defo knock trump out tho 100% someone set it up
  3. Culture shock

    None of them. All the same really, all high end promises that come to nowt. Tory is best one, they in it for da living standard n money. Trust, I'll describe it: Labour world - horrible, dark industry type place, all get just over min wage, health care is down the shitter and education will onli be fore learn industrial practices. Like it was in the 80s/90s horrid crude place. Tory world - clean, light, everything posh and top notch tech. Thinking about their public so loads of BS protection laws will be put in place. Lib dem world - Africa but with less food and water Ukip?? -- come on lads, onli them drunken mugs voted for them. I'd like to see ukips full manifesto haha. Maybe it was a copy n paste job off labour with stricter immigration laws. All the same though really. Just vote for non, and when govt kick off coz no ones voting then tell govt to offer up a real good deal/party that will actually be worth spending a vote on. Tories are best by far. All ways thought it. Bah labour really? Must be desperate
  4. great UK Mystery

    She did all that for my pics
  5. Culture shock

    What makes USA so special? USD, ffs anything to do america thinking their great mates me rage I'm at a 7/10 rage atm coz USD bullsh*t I'd stamp allllllll over trump, he's just a spoiled mug living off daddies hard earned cash. Fat Muppet, all USA are fat, superficial hypocrites (abit like lib dems haha) While on the subject DO NOT VOTE LABOUR OR YOU LIVE FOREVER POOR if anyone votes labour here I'll happily block them out right. Mugs, they vote labour coz they too stupid to tick any other box "My dad voted labour and he died down the pit coz labour care greatly about workers and not the bribes off companies" Mugs I'll stop before I gan full 10/10 raj
  6. great UK Mystery

    UK-M 4 lyf bro
  7. great UK Mystery

    Obvs what's happend They both either hiding from admin or they ran away together @anna1 real life Poor @Matt6210, he will be shooked to see da real anna1 but @anna1 is gan be even more shocked when she sees @Matt6210
  8. Anyone fancy a game of 'Rugby'?

    You couldnt do it. Ud be the ball haha
  9. Must of been sooommmmeeeee munta. All that money and he was still worried about tiny winky
  10. Culture shock

    I keep looking at the currency exchange rate and its down to politics. £ strongest anywhere u gan though. Iv never ever ever seen a country were u needed a pound or more for one unit of currency
  11. Haha, an actual pic during my enlargement surgery
  12. Anyone fancy a game of 'Rugby'?

    Hahaha ma gainz bro. U dnt work mate, ur broken - pending refund
  13. Anyone fancy a game of 'Rugby'?

    If u squint ur eyes u cn see one non-white face at the back
  14. Anyone fancy a game of 'Rugby'?

    This is the earliest iv ever woke up, in ages haha I'm gan down a shake n get back to bed..... Ma gainzzzzzz All day I'd join in, better on the grasses tho
  15. Culture shock

    Not that much ripped off £1 = $1.6 (roughly) So about same!e pay really.