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  1. Considering TRT

    I had no issues getting my prescription. My private prescription letter arrived in the post around a day or two after my consultation. I didn't face any resistance or questions at my local pharmacy. I just had to wait a day for them to order my Sustanon. They then told me to call them when I'm nearly out so they can order more in.
  2. Considering TRT

    Don't use BMH or Optimale, everyone I have spoken to over the years tell me they are wank. If money is no issue, use the mens health clinic in Poole. If you prefer a cheaper clinic, use the Leger Clinic. I'm currently with them, but thinking about going back to Pharmacom Cypionate as I am not feeling great on Sustanon. I would rather use UGL than BMH or Optimale. I was using Pharmacom Cypionate for nearly two years and felt great. BMH and Optimale will charge you £90 a month for Sustanon. Leger Clinic will charge you £19 a month for a private prescription, you can then go to a UK pharmacy and get 5+ months worth of Sustanon for £45, depending on your dosage. In short, BMH and Optimale are a fu**ing rip off.
  3. If you wanted to inject 170mg in one dose, you would draw 0.68 on your syringe I believe.
  4. Dr Douglas Savage at the Leger Clinic won't mess you about.
  5. Leger Clinic

    The GPs at my surgery are unwilling to work with Dr Savage. They told me because I'm receiving private health care from a private dr, that my blood tests should be private too? Is this common. It isn't a massive issue for me but still.
  6. Sustanon experience?

    Ah okay. I'm also injecting subq, would that make any difference with sustanon? How did you approach Dr Savage about getting your dosage raised higher?
  7. Sustanon experience?

    why does it take 6 weeks can I ask? I would of thought that would be for someone who is new to TRT. I was using Cyp before the sustanon.
  8. Sustanon experience?

    Was self medicating with Cypionate for like two years, 100mg a week. Got fed up with having to buy bitcoin every time so I went down the more legal route, now I'm with the leger clinic. Dr Savage has wrote a letter to my GP asking to run bloods in future etc. My GP surgery won't allow any fucker in the building though.
  9. I've been on Sust for about three weeks now, previously I was injecting Cypionate. My current dosage is 0.25ml on Monday & Thursday so 125mg a week. I don't feel like I'm on TRT though. My libido & boners aren't the same. I don't feel too weak, no real loss of energy but I'm not as aggressive anymore, my partner even told me I'm less of a dick. I wouldn't even know what to think, low estrogen, high estrogen, not high enough dosage etc.
  10. Leger Clinic

    Any reasons as to why it is so cheap? Especially in comparison to Enanthate. Is HCG expensive on private prescription?
  11. Leger Clinic

    @Pez189 I've joined the Leger Clinic, have my prescription for Sustanon 250. Went to my chemist and I paid £44 for 12 x 1ml ampoules. Is that about right? Dr Savage said I should inject 0.25 twice a week? Do you think that is too low?
  12. Leger Clinic

    what dose are you on if you don't mind me asking? I usually inject 50mg Cyp twice a week.
  13. Leger Clinic

    Yeah but doesn't he want £90 a month plus bloods every 3 to 6 months initially? I mean even if he is slightly better, I'd rather pay £25 a month than £90.
  14. Leger Clinic

    @Pez189 Hi, Membership at the clinic is £190 which includes advice, prescriptions etc. But how much is say 1 month of sustanon at 125mg a week?
  15. Leger Clinic

    I saw about 5 GPs and they were all wank. I shouldn't have to go and find some specialist if I had the levels of an 80 year old man. I lost faith in the NHS when one GP told me that protein shakes are causing my low T. From that moment on I started buying Pharmacom T and my life changed for the better. You act like the bloke down the road is just some bloke on the market, these GPs should be sent back to University. They train for years and are dumber than people like us when it comes to male hormones. Not to mention they get 80k+ a year.