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  1. %BF Formula

    just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped me understand the workings to get to the answer and found some interesting recourses along the way. much appreciated. :-)
  2. %BF Formula

    what a great site... added my results as a pdf fitmatic-results.pdf
  3. %BF Formula

    Thanks but I think this is 10% less of my total weight. Rather than 10% body fat of my weight
  4. %BF Formula

    okay appreciate your point on the second reply, to aesthetically look good I just need to try to lose enough to get the look I want. just for my own mathematical interest. the calculation would be.... Roughly speaking....... To be at 10%BF, currently weighing in at 182lb basing on I'm 17%BF.... would be 151.05lb of LBM / 0.9 = 167.8lb of LBM Goal thanks
  5. %BF Formula

    amazing... perfect gives me all the goals. do you know the how they are calculating this?
  6. %BF Formula

    Hi Ultrasonic, how would you suggest I calculate this, I would like to know... if I wanted to be at 10% BF from 17% BF how much weight would I need to loose
  7. %BF Formula

    no it doesn't really matter, I just want to understand the process and formula oh how I calculate what I'm trying to do. so I if wanted to be at 12% Body Fat all I need to do, is work out my Lean Body Mass then + 12% i.e. 151.05 + 12% = 171.64 thanks
  8. %BF Formula

    thanks for the answer, what the math of how you worked this out based on my figures.
  9. %BF Formula

    Hi, im trying to calculate roughly what weight I should be at 10%BF. I'm 182lb (from bathroom scales), 17%BF (from an online calculator). (my current weight * body fat) 182 * 0.17 = 30.94 LB of Fat (leaves Lean Body Mass remaining) 182 - 30.95 = 151.05 LBM For a Given BF% what is the formula to calculate what my weight should be if I want to be 10%BF thanks
  10. thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't mentioned before so just wanted to say that I do feel knackered and tired after a gym session... the mrs is always complaining that I'm tired and ready to got to bed at 10pm. she even asked me if I'm okay hahaha, tnx
  11. wicked well that's great, ive been missing my beans on toast :-).... guess whats on the menu tonight!!! or would I be better with something like 50g of oats in the café at the gym straight after a session, then my tea a hour or so later? (salmon, 50g rice, 100g broc, 100g peas, 100g asparagus) yes it was an online calc as sedentary for work, but like you say didn't account for training in the week.
  12. okay thanks, so just to clarify... the reason I'm probably aching in bed is because I'm not eating enough?
  13. Aching.... I will wake up aching, i'll turn over and drop off again, then I wake up a while later still aching . i.e. after push session.... I'm asleep I'll wake up with my shoulders muscle hurting (mil dumbbell press) I drop off to sleep then wake up later with triceps aching (close grip bench press), and so on, this can happen 3 or 4 times in a night.... from about 4am I don't wake up. just to point out this does not happen every night, it just seems to be on hard sessions so I think it is muscle recovery related.
  14. my weight isn't moving much... at the mo as ive only been doing this for 5 months I cant work out if I'm loosing fat and gaining muscle "Are you making progress in the gym?" I assume you mean is my body getting definition/bigger.... if so yes, my arms are bigger and more defined.
  15. I keep to 2000 cals as I have a desk job so not very active, I make the coffee once in a while :-) my aim is to lean bulk "slightly bulk" i.e. only bulk by 20lbs or so but mainly to shred and drop BF % yes I'm making gains (which I guess is why I'm aching) I'm finishing at 7:30pm bed at 10pm waking up aching anywhere from 12:30pm - 5hrs or so after workout. thanks