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  1. 6 Months Bulking....should I cut back?

    Thanks for your reply. Did you begin doing heavy type 5x5 compounds & then move to more hypotrophy work after several months? Is this when you started to notice the best gains? I have just started doing the PHAT program so from a 3 day routine which was mainly based around 3x5 compound exercises to a 5 day more hypotrophy routine with a lot of volume but with power lifts still mixed in. I have just finished my first week & all is going good so far. Last night was a bit challenging with a total of 11 exercises with 28 sets mostly based around 3x15 - 20 but I am hoping this will bring some good gains eventually.
  2. I did look into pelvic floor exercises a while back & I will refresh. So in your opnion do you think it's just a case of keeping going but maybe increasing my volume of training? I know you advised against PHAT but I did start it Sunday & I will give it a go for a while. I do honestly think I just need that extra volume.
  3. Yes 71kg. To be honest I do not have a problem with putting more fat on as long as I gain muscle too then I will cut down when I have achieved a good amount. Most of the fat I have gained seems to locate itself around my lower back & everywhere else is pretty lean so I can live with that.
  4. I am 38, 5'8" & currently 157lb. The back end of 2016 I weighed 118lb. I was cutting on 1500 back then.
  5. The only physical activity I do get are the 3 gym days. Any other day I’m pretty inactive. I dieted down to 118lb which was a bad idea & when I started to increase my calories to around 2000 my weight shot up over the matter of weeks but I was very skinny & underweight. I have been slowly increasing my calories over 6 months & I am gaining on average 0.6lb per week on 2800 calories.
  6. I am a contracts engineer so office based. I work sat down for 8 per day although I did do a very manual labour intesive job around 7 years ago since i was 16.
  7. This is tricky as I am almost 39 so anything I am experiencing maybe just my age. However, last year I was experiencing some bad sexual symptoms such as loss of interest in sex, inability to maintain an erection & fatigue but I put this down to my diet. I was dieting on around 1000 calories per day & very little fat. Once I started increasing my calories & gaining weight this improved. Although, still now I can sometimes have problems maintaining an erection but this is generally if it’s early hours of the morning such as 2am but I assume that this could be because my test levels would be very low at that time? My girlfriend is pretty honest & she says that our bedroom action is good apart from it seems to take me a while to get aroused again after we have had sex once. My hair is thinning but again this could be my age. As you know I have been lifting 6 months & although I have not gained a massive amount of muscle I believe I have gained some & this could just be my genetics / training ability? Regarding how I put fat on. This can be easy if I sway from my calories such as go over by 100 per day. I am bulking on around 2800 which I have been told is low but again this could be just my genetics? I do tend to get tired through the day but I train late at night & I only end up having around 5 hours sleep on average per night. So, to sum it up I cannot actually say whether this all is normal for my age or not?
  8. Thanks for your input on this & there is a lot to take in. I have little faith in my doctors listening to any concerns that I may have especially when I have had a "normal" test reading according to them. They are very stretched like most of the NHS are & over a year ago I was told that the pains in my hand were “old age”, turns out I had a subluxation of both thumbs when I eventually got them to listen. Anyway, if I went down the medichecks route what would I actually look for? Is it just the Testosterone test or would I ask for something else also? Then when the I have the results & if they are not normal would I just take the results to the doctors again? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for you reply. Are these standards tests that I can ask for at the doctors? I get the feeling that my doctor isn't very corporative when I ask for any test that isn't standard. I asked for vitamin deficiency test & I was declined.
  10. I assume 5/3/1 is more strength orientated? I agree. I think I will give the squatting a miss until I can get some professional help from someone who is familiar with hypermobility. I am also using another leg press machine with a narrower stance for the outer quads & will probably incorporate the leg curl machine too. Thanks for that. I have actually come across his stuff before when I was looking at how much volume I should be doing for shoulders. I am going to give it a good read & digest it. Would you take the advice which he gives & then put that into a program or am I getting confused & jumping the gun without reading it properly?
  11. Thanks for taking the time to read through it. I just wanted a second opinion from someone who is far more experienced than me to confirm what I though which was positive too.
  12. Yeah I understand that there are two main types of fat subcutaneous & visceral but visceral is found more in the stomach area & around organs so I would assume that any fat around the thighs would be the subcutaneous type therefore if I cannot pinch much around that area & the measurement has increased by a total 7cm then wouldn't that indicate that the increase is mainly muscle mass? I have had someone else say the exact same & suggestions of a 1st week PPLxPPx , second week LPPxLPx for 5 days or 5/3/1 or PHUL on 4 days. I just feel I need more volume but I have no idea what would be best. I have been doing 3 day full body now for 6 months & I feel my deadlift stalling soon at 250lb but think I can keep increasing on my bench at 155lb. All my other lifts are progressing but they are more isolation & accessory lifts. I have deloaded on my pendlay & are working back up to where i stalled at 180lb hoping to add to that. My back squat has never been good & I am sort of stuck around a poor 140lb because of poor form so I swapped for 45° leg press which I am now at 275lb. Like I said previously I am looking more for aesthetics rather than strength. I would rather keep bulking for another few months and hopefully pack on some noticeable mass before I cut so thats why I am thinking of changing my routine. What would you suggest?
  13. I understand. Just for reference I took a measurement of my left thigh back in February & it was 51cm. I have just taken a measurement now & its 58cm. That surely cannot be all fat? It definitely does not feel like fat. Your comment on why some people may over estimate what is normal makes perfect sense. I can see why some people would give up if they did not get the results they expected in a short space of time. Luckily I really enjoy going to the gym & look forward to it so as long as I know that I am heading in the right direction I will continue for as long as I possibly can. I am considering moving to PHAT on Sunday so from 3 day full body to 5 day power and hypertrophy. Also there is a report that I will link below of a small pilot study of how resistance training effects tendon & skeletal muscle with people who have got the same condition as me. I would really appreciate it if you could take a quick read & give me your thoughts. It does appear that resistance training is effective although I am not sure how this collerates to strength training? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4241422/ Thanks.
  14. So, do you mean the initial increase in strength could just be getting better at the skill of lifting heavy? I have added size to my quads & my arm measurements have increased by an inch. My arms & legs are still lean therefore I assume that the increase is in muscle mass? Also my chest has definitely increased in size. My father who also has the condition as it is hereditary used to weight train & he said he did gain muscle but it took a very long time. I have not looked into the tendon issue that you talked about but I will when I get home.