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  1. By the way, they weren't 'on the shelf' but were available 24 hours after ordering.
  2. Yes, certainly did last time I was in there (about a year ago).
  3. Last time I was in the place next to TIMS they had a good range of pharma stuff. I never buy my oils out there, but I do like to stock up on blue heart dbols when I'm there.
  4. Cycles without testosterone

    I went 9 months without pinning any testosterone. I had deca in at all times and rotated other stuff, tren ace, dbol, sdrol. Had no issues at all, cock worked great at all times too. Some people can handle no test cycles, others cant. You won't know which you are until you try it. I've heard it said that some can make small amounts of test via the adrenal glands, don't know if that's got anything to do with it.
  5. Test/deca/dbol cycle

    Don't get people saying don't use deca just cos low doses. I notice a lot from deca even when I use 300mg. Test, deca, dbol is a classic cycle and will always work even at low dose.
  6. From first contest to blow up

    After 6 weeks I changed the stack slightly. Lowered test400 to 600mg and mast e to 300mg. Added in 300mg deca a week, and 20mg dbol / 10mg winny every day before workout. 7 weeks in now, weight at 88kg, still making steady progress in my lifts.
  7. Is 25 days of winny worth it?

    It should make a big difference. I used 50mg winstrol for just the last 2 weeks of my contest prep and it dried me and hardened me.
  8. Reliable Uk brand for deca and tren ace

    I've used both deca and tren from mts and both are spot on. Two of my favourite hormones right there fella. Enjoy.
  9. From first contest to blow up

    5 weeks in, weight now 87kg.
  10. TTM blends - best going ATM?

    That really surprises me tbh. Everything I've tried from them has been spot on and I know other fellas local to me that also rate them highly.
  11. TTM blends - best going ATM?

    MTS do a good one called 'triple en', 300mg/ml.
  12. From first contest to blow up

    Making good progress with my workouts. Strength increasing, size and weight increasing. Test400/mast e stack is doing what I had hoped. No need to make any changes for now, but at the same time I often think about the various options as and when I need to make a change to keep the progress coming.

    I've travelled there with stuff in hold luggage.
  14. Anadrol while combatting Gyno

    I find masteron useful for stopping gyno developing, not full proof though. Its not just estrogen that matters, but the balance between androgens and estrogen. I once had a small gyno lump develop. I added aromasin and masteron and it completely nuked the gyno. I know that's not very scientific but it worked for me.

    AAS very easy to get in Thailand, but also plenty of bunk around. Pins available at every pharmacy. I've always just put used pins in a plastic bag and put in the hotel bin. Keep my gear stashed in suit case when travelling or staying in hotel, I wouldn't risk it any hand luggage.